2014 KBS, SBS, MBC Drama Awards Schedule & Hosts


Frankly speaking, 2014 is not a great year for Korean dramas in the big three channels. Ratings were hovering in low 10s. The media should start to report the online (streaming) ratings because nowadays younger people are watching their favorite dramas online / on their cellphones. CPI (Content Power Index) is also a great tool to measure the drama’s popularity based on direct search ranking, news subscription ranking & buzz ranking. Quality-wise, there were few stand-out dramas such as It’s Okay It’s Love, Fated to Love You, Jeong Do Jeon, Mama and the currently airing dramas Pride & Prejudice, Pinocchio. I also love God’s Gift 14 Days, A New Leaf and My Spring Days.

In the past, broadcasting stations generously awarded high rating dramas & had joint awards despite never-ending complaints from drama viewers.

MBC changed their strategy this year by getting rid of the joint awards (except for newcomers & Golden Acting awards) so rest assured there won’t be joint Daesang winners again. For Daesang, they will choose the winner based on viewers’ real-time text voting. Grand Prize winners for MBC Drama awards were too predictable in the past, lead actors who acted in that year’s MBC anniversary dramas usually were chosen as the winners. This year MBC didn’t have any anniversary drama, I feel like they’re shifting all the responsibility to the viewers. MBC dramas did well this year, especially their weekend dramas (Jang Bo Ri is Here, Mama, Legendary Witch, etc). I think there’ll be a very tough battle for the Grand Prize winner.

SBS decided to combine all their end-of-year events (drama awards, entertainment awards, gayo awards) in one event “SBS Award Festival” – although these three shows will be held on three different dates. KBS is the only one who didn’t make any changes to their drama award ceremony.

2014 Drama Awards Schedule & MCs:


Hosts / MCs


31 December 2014 (8:30PM KST)

Kim Sang Kyung, Seo In Guk, Park Min Young


30 December 2014

Shin Dong Yup, Choi Sooyoung


31 December 2014

Park Shin Hye, Lee Hwi Jae, Park Seo Joon


Last year’s Daesang winners Ha Ji Won and Lee Bo Young have confirmed their attendance in MBC and SBS drama awards respectively to continue the tradition of presenting the Daesang awards to this year’s winners. Kim Hye Soo is also expected to present the daesang award in KBS.

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