2014 MBC Drama Awards – Winners List


2014 MBC Drama Awards was held on 30 December 2014, the first award show for the big three channels. Choi Soo Young opened the show with a sexy salsa dance before she joined Shin Dong Yup to host the award ceremony. They then announced the three nominees for the grand prize award, the viewers voted the most deserving winner by text messages.

Rating-monster weekend drama Jang Bo Ri is Here was the big winner, taking home a total of nine awards (Daesang, Best Drama, Best Scriptwriter, Top Excellence Actor & Actress, Best Child Actress, Golden Acting Actor & Actress and PD Award). Lee Yoo Ri who gave a chilling fantastic acting as an antagonist received the most votes to win Grand Prize (Daesang) Award. She also received PD Award (chosen by PDs from all 3 big channels).


2014 MBC Drama Awards – Winners List




Daesang Nominees: Song Yoon Ah (Mama), Oh Yeon Seo (Jang Bo Ri is Here), Lee Yoo Ri (Jang Bo Ri is Here)


Best Drama: Jang Bo Ri is Here


Top Excellence Actor (Serial Drama): Kim Ji Hoon

Nominees: Kim Ji Hoon (Jang Bo Ri is Here), Kim Ho Jin (Everybody Kimchi), Park Yoon Jae (Shining Romance)

Top Excellence Actress (Serial Drama): Oh Yeon Seo

Nominees: Oh Yeon Seo (Jang Bo Ri is Here), Lee Yoo Ri (Jang Bo Ri is Here), Lee Jin (Shining Romance), Jung Yoo Mi (Mother’s Garden)

Top Excellence Actor (Special Production Drama): Jung Il Woo

Nominees: Lee Dong Wook (Hotel King), Lee Beom Soo (Triangle), Jung Il Woo (Night Watchman Journal), Jung Joon Ho (Mama)

Top Excellence Actress (Special Production Drama): Song Yoon Ah

Nominees: Moon Jeong Hee (Mama), Song Yoon Ah (Mama), Han Ji Hye (The Legendary Witch)

Top Excellence Actor (Mini-Series): Jang Hyuk

Nominees: Kam Woo Sung (My Spring Days), Kim Myung Min (A New Leaf), Shin Ha Kyun (Mr Back), Jang Hyuk (Fated to Love You)

Top Excellence Actress (Mini-Series): Jang Na Ra

Nominees: Lee Min Jung (Cunning Single Lady), Lee Yeon Hee (Miss Korea), Jang Na Ra (Fated to Love You, Mr Back)


Excellence Actor (Serial Drama): Lee Jang Woo

Nominees: Ki Tae Young (Make a Wish), Oh Chang Suk (Jang Bo Ri is Here), Lee Jang Woo (Rosy Lovers)

Excellence Actress (Serial Drama): Kim Ji Young

Nominees: Park Shi Eun (Hold My Hand), Oh Ji Eun (Make a Wish), Kim Ji Young (Everybody Kimchi), Jo An (Shining Romance)

Excellence Actor (Serial Production Drama): Choi Jin Hyuk

Nominess: Jung Yun Ho (Night Watchman Journal), Choi Jin Hyuk (Pride & Prejudice), Kim Jae Joong (Triangle), Ha Suk Jin (The Legendary Witch)

Excellence Actress (Serial Production Drama): Baek Jin Hee

Nominees: Baek Jin Hee (Pride & Prejudice, Triangle), Oh Hyun Kyung (The Legendary Witch), Lee Da Hae (Hotel King)

Excellence Actor (Mini-Series): Kim Sang Joong

Nominees: Kim Sang Joong (A New Leaf), Lee Sun Kyun (Miss Korea), Joo Sang Wook (Cunning Single Lady)

Excellence Actress (Mini-Series): Choi Soo Young

Nominees: Park Min Young (A New Leaf), Park Ye Jin (Mr Back), Jang Shin Young (My Spring Days), Choi Soo Young (My Spring Days)


Golden Acting (Actor): Ahn Nae Sang (Jang Bo Ri is Here), Choi Min Soo (Pride & Prejudice) [Baek Jin Hee accepted the award]

Golden Acting (Actress): Kim Hye Ok (Jang Bo Ri is Here), Lee Mi Sook (Miss Korea)

Lifetime Achievement Award: Kim Ja Ok [her son Oh Young Hwan accepted the award]

Drama Special Acting Award: Byun Hee Bong

Nominees: Kim Seul Ki, Byun Hee Bong, Lee Jong Hyuk, Jang Hyuk, Heo Jung Do


Most Popular Actor: Shin Ha Kyun (Mr Back)

Most Popular Actress: Jang Na Ra (Mr Back, Fated to Love You)

Best Couple Award: Jang Hyuk & Jang Na Ra

Nominees: Jang Na Ra & Shin Ha Kyun (Mr Back), Jang Na Ra & Jang Hyuk (Fated to Love You), Kim Ji Hoon & Oh Yeon Seo (Jang Bo Ri is Here), Choi Jin Hyuk & Baek Jin Hee (Pride & Prejudice), Jung Il Woo & Go Sung Hee (Night Watchman Journal)


PD Award: Lee Yoo Ri (Jang Bo Ri is Here)

Best Scriptwriter: Yoo Yoon Kyung (Mama), Kim Soon Ok (Jang Bo Ri is Here)


Best Child Actor: Kim Ji Young, Yoon Chan Young

Nominees: Kim Ji Young (Jang Bo Ri is Here), Yoon Chan Young (Mama)

Best New Actor: Im Si Wan, Choi Tae Joon

Nominees: Seo Kang Joon (Cunning Single Lady), Lee Joon (Mr Back), Im Siwan (Triangle), Hong Jong Hyeon (Mama), Choi Tae Joon (Mother’s Garden)

Best New Actress: Go Sung Hee, Han Sun Hwa

Nominees: Go Sung Hee (Miss Korea), Seo Ye Ji (Night Watchman Journal), Wang Ji Hye (Fated to Love You), Choi Soo Young (My Spring Days), Han Sun Hwa (Rosy Lovers)


credit: MBC


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