2014 SBS Drama Awards – Actors’ Attendance are Unconfirmed

SBS is currently facing a crisis as the actors who acted in their popular drama this year, possibly will be absent from the end-of-year award show.


Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun received a lot of love & praises after starring in fantasy rom-com You Who Came from the Stars. Both of them are the strong candidates for Daesang award & Best Couple Award. It’s possible they’ll win most popular actor/actress. Jun Ji Hyun’s agency stated that her schedule is fully packed so it’s undecided if she’ll attend the ceremony. Kim Soo Hyun’s agency also cited about his busy schedule, but their agencies mentioned they’re trying to readjust their schedules so they can attend the ceremony.

Last summer, it was Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin who dominated the small screen through their breathtaking sizzling chemistry & solid acting in It’s Okay It’s Love. Although the ratings were not as good as YWCFTS, but this drama received so much love from the viewers. Both of them are also the top contenders for Daesang award. Gong Hyo Jin is currently busy with her first theatrical play Educating Rita, which is running from early December – February 2015. If she doesn’t have a performance on the 31st December, maybe she’ll attend the ceremony. Jo In Sung’s agency stated that they’re still adjusting his schedule.

Park Hae Jin who impressed the viewers on You Who Came from the Stars & Doctor Stranger is currently filming his upcoming Chinese drama Secret Society of Men- Friends in China.

It’s also uncertain if last year’s daesang winner Lee Bo Young who’s so deserving to receive acting award this year after her mind blowing acting in God’s Gift -14Days will come. Due to her pregnancy, her agency can’t confirm her attendance – it’ll depend on her condition.

Schedules conflict are inevitable. But if I’m the agency, if I knew my artist is the strong contender for top prize / daesang award, I would try my best to clear his / her schedule for that important day. But it’s possible they don’t bother to come to >4 hours long award show (I’m still baffled that SBS decided to combine all their three end-of-year award shows into one large-scale show “SBS Awards Festival”). It’s gonna be a very very long show, it’s better for them to spend their precious time elsewhere (ie. CF shooting, musical practice / performance, etc).

After checking the official website, SBS Gayo, SBS Entertainment Awards & SBS Drama Awards will be held on three different dates although SBS still calls these three shows as “SBS Awards Festival”.

With their top actors likely be absent from the show, will SBS re-evaluate their “no attendance no award” rule? Last year Song Hye Kyo was absent but she still received two awards. So they already made the right move. Although it’s no longer a big secret that award shows are unfair, but it’ll be very regrettable if SBS decides not to give awards to the most deserving actors/actresses only because they can’t (don’t want to) come.

A representative from SBS said they will make a fair evaluation & judgement. (Can we trust you, SBS?)

SBS Award Festival will be held on 31 December ’14. Park Shin Hye and Park Seo Joon will join MC Lee Hwi Jae as the hosts of the ceremony.

credit: tvreport, Naver, Osen

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