2015 APAN Star Awards – Nominees List


The nominees for 2015 APAN Star Awards have been released. All dramas aired in terrestrial channels, cable channels plus Web TV from 1 October 2014 to 31 September 2015 are eligible to be nominated, covering most of our loved KDrama for the past year. This annual award ceremony is part of drama festival and will be held in Wonju, Gangwon-do this Saturday, 28 November 2015. For the third year in a row, T-ara Soyeon will be hosting the ceremony with actor Lee Hoon. International drama fans can watch the ceremony live on V app, starting from 7PM KST.

Nominees List


Top Excellence Actor

– Kim Rae Won (SBS Punch)
– Kim Soo Hyun (KBS2 Producer)
– Lee Sung Min (tvN Misaeng)
– Joo Won (KBS2 Tomorrow Cantabile, SBS Yongpal)
– Ji Sung (MBC Kill Me, Heal Me)

Top Excellence Actress

– Gong Hyo Jin (KBS2 Producer)
– Kim Hee Sun (MBC Angry Mom)
– Kim Tae Hee (SBS Yongpal)
– Soo Ae (SBS Mask)
– Park Shin Hye (SBS Pinocchio)

Excellence Actor

– Park Seo Joon (MBC Kill Me Heal, Me & She Was Pretty)
– Lee Sang Yoon (tvN Liar Game & Twenty Again)
– Im Siwan (tvN Misaeng)
– Jo Jung Suk (tvN Oh My Ghost)
– Ji Chang Wook (KBS2 Healer)

Excellence Actress

– Kang So Ra (tvN Misaeng, MBC Warm & Cozy)
– Kim Sa Rang (JTBC My Love, Eundong)
– Park Bo Young (tvN Oh My Ghost)
– Shin Se Kyung (SBS The Girl who sees smells)
– IU (KBS2 Producer)


Feature-Length Drama

Top Excellence Actor

– Kim Sang Joong (KBS1 Jingbirok)
– Yoo Joon Sang (SBS Heard it through the grapevine)
– Jang Hyuk (MBC Shine or Go Crazy & KBS2 The Merchant: Gaekju 2015)
– Ji Jin Hee (SBS I have a lover)
– Cha Seung Won (MBC Hwajung)

Top Excellence Actress

– Kim Jung Eun (MBC Make a woman Cry)
– Kim Hyun Joo (SBS I have a Lover)
– Yoo Ho Jeong (SBS Heard it Through the Grapevine)
– Chae Si Ra (KBS2 Unkind Women)
– Han Ji Hye (MBC Legendary Witches)

Excellence Actor

– Song Chang Ui (MBC Make a Woman cry)
– Lee Sang Woo (KBS2 All About My Mom)
– Lee Joon (SBS Heard it throught the grapevine)
– Jae Hee (KBS1 Save the family)
– Ha Suk Jin (MBC Legendary Witches)

Excellence Actress

– Go Ah Sung (SBS Heard it through the grapevine)
– Kim Min Jung (KBS2 The Merchant: Gaekju 2015)
– Kim Sung Ryung (MBC Queen of Flowers)
– Eugene (KBS2 All About My Mom)
– Han Chae Ah (KBS2 The Merchant: Gaekju 2015)


General Category

Best Supporting Actor

– Kim Dae Myung (tvN Misaeng)
– Kim Tae Woo (KBS1 Jingbirok)
– Park Hyuk Kwon (SBS Punch & Heard it Through the Grapevine)
– Jang Hyun Sung (SBS Punch & Heard it Through the Grapevine)
– Lee Geung Young (tvN Misaeng)

Best Supporting Actress

– Kil Hae Yeon (SBS Heard it Through the Grapevine & KBS2 Assembly)
– Do Ji Won (KBS2 Healer & Unkind Women)
– Honey Lee (MBC Shine or Go Crazy)
– Hwang Seok Jung (MBC She Was pretty)
– Chae Jung Ahn (SBS Yongpal)

Best Rookie Actor

– Kang Ha Neul (tvN Misaeng)
– Nam Joo Hyuk (KBS2 School 2015)
– Park Bo Gum (KBS2 Tomorrow Cantabile & I Remember you)
– Byun Yo Han (tvN Misaeng)
– Sungjae (KBS2 School 2015)

Best Rookie Actress

– Lim Ji Yeon (SBS High Society)
– Chae Soo Bin (KBS2 Bluebird’s House & Sassy Go Go)
– Seolhyun (KBS2 Orange Marmalade)
– Lee Sung Kyung (MBC Queen of Flowers)
– Baek Ji Yeon (SBS Heard it Through the Grapevine)

Is your favorite actor / actress included in the above list? Who’s your favorite contender for this year’s Daesang award? Last year Jo In Sung took home the grand prize award while Song Hye Kyo won Daesang award 2 years ago. I’m torn between Ji Sung and Kim Sang Joong, I’ll be very happy if either man win Daesang award this Saturday.

credit: Daum


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