2015 APAN Star Awards – Winners List


The fourth APAN Star Awards was held today in Wonju Gymnasium at Gangwondo. This annual award covers Korean dramas aired in 3 big three channels (MBC, KBS, SBS) and cable channels from October 2014 – October 2015. T-ara Soyeon and actor Lee Hoon were hosts of this award ceremony.

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Kim Soo Hyun who won Top Excellence Award last year, received the grand prize tonight. The casts of tvN office drama adapted from popular webtoon Misaeng reunited & they took home a total of 4 awards. Kim Hee Sun won another Top Excellence Award this year, she received her award from Wonderful Days’ co-star Ryu Seung Soo. Congratulations to all winners!


Winners List

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 photo 3e19127a-8106-4409-9b91-2b6c18369a52_zpszup2ofqb.jpg  photo 105dc05a-4ada-49b2-8e25-47269221920a_zpsgixfdusw.jpg

Top Excellence Actor: Lee Sung Min (tvN Misaeng)

Top Excellence Actress: Kim Hee Sun (MBC Angry Mom)

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Excellence Actor: Im Siwan (tvN Misaeng)

Excellence Actress: Park Bo Young (tvN Oh My Ghost)


Feature-Length Drama

 photo 5828d888-3503-4bd7-b43f-427da3a2a9a2_zpscyjq53bl.jpg  photo 1a1ab45b-700e-4bae-b8e6-44d9114c4034_zpshpnsz2kt.jpg

Top Excellence Actor: Kim Sang Joong (KBS1 Jingbirok)

Top Excellence Actress: Kim Hyun Joo (SBS I have a Lover)

 photo 67f04f10-39a8-459e-a3f2-894ae6c9ad64_zpsrvtvmas1.jpg  photo fe410ff2-13dc-44e3-85d9-7177e32293f7_zpsupvanjbr.jpg

Excellence Actor: Lee Joon (SBS Heard It Through the Grapevine)

Excellence Actress: Kim Min Jung (KBS2 The Merchant: Gaekju 2015)


General Category

 photo b0ca8fab-d0b1-4a71-9734-18dde26712c2_zpsbuzxvv7g.jpg

Achievement Award: drama Inspector Chief (award accepted by PD Lee Yun Hyun)

 photo 6c6f8549-36e6-42d9-b513-a1684b06c360_zpstehh2smo.jpg

Best PD: Jo Soo Wan (SBS Pinochio)

 photo 01b96a15-d2b3-4960-8a41-55a495043d78_zps8dbhqe9h.jpg

Best Scriptwriter: Park Kyung Soo (SBS Punch)

SNS Web Drama: Xiumin

 photo 362f31bb-6d53-463f-96a2-64438aac5a3a_zpst9fcuoin.jpg

Popularity: Son Ho JoonYoo In Young (SBS Mask)

 photo ab586c6c-ee54-4efe-a3a7-d94ea9bdf551_zps65zxdpos.jpg  photo 8b9ac5ba-f589-488c-b6f4-ab2c38f242f2_zpsoobmrfsb.jpg

Best Global Wave Star: Lee Dong Gun, Hong Soo Ah

 photo 812af103-f7ff-4db8-a3a8-6f83b06468f0_zps9dtuggvu.jpg  photo 97eb1231-f59e-4c14-a287-cc9ddd80050e_zps5a42gj40.jpg  photo 29ed3759-4798-4584-98fe-cd803ec2cdbe_zpsnvx48xzh.jpg

Best Supporting Actor: Lee Geung Young (tvN Misaeng)

Best Supporting Actress: Gil Hae Yeon (SBS Heard it Through the Grapevine),  Chae Jung Ahn (SBS Yongpal)

 photo 566d8df6-ba14-4aac-ab26-76cca30f426d_zpsql7h0wie.jpg

Best Child Actor: Nam Da Reum (SBS Pinocchio), Gal So Won (MBC My Daughter Geum Sa Wol)

 photo 6b2c5f3e-d1b9-4a3b-964c-8475be199205_zpschfhutxu.jpg

Best Rookie Actor: Nam Joo Hyuk (KBS2 School 2015), Byun Yo Han (tvN Misaeng)

 photo 2767632a-aaa5-44ce-9068-5ce5a9f6a568_zpsywr7qcjv.jpg  photo a696408a-3b27-4d6f-94b8-d2f06fbaa1f4_zpso51byoqn.jpg

Best Rookie Actress: Lim Ji Yeon (SBS High Society), Chae Soo Bin (KBS2 Bluebird’s House & Sassy Go Go)

 photo dfc46b38-849c-40f6-be58-7b194470fa56_zpspw0zd9jf.jpg

Best Fashionista: Oh Min Suk & Choi Yeo Jin

 photo ec896a95-cc3f-4fa9-8570-17754940b466_zpslz290drn.jpg  photo 4dca3c9a-6fce-4318-8b69-fc2a27825922_zpst0xldjma.jpg

Best Manager: Shim Jung Woon (SIM Entertainment)

Best OST: Roy Kim (Pinocchio)


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