2015 SBS Drama Awards Best Couple Nominees


SBS revealed 12 OTPs nominated for this year’s Best Couple Award. You can cast your vote (SBS ID is required) starting from 7 December to 31 December 2015 on SBS official site.

2015 SBS Drama Awards Best Couple Nominees

 photo a9f0b938-113e-46d0-bb4c-a88bb64b3d1f_zpsfpt50jm1.jpg photo 23ac60f9-c52c-4700-b245-2cc192fba7b7_zpskanvmbkb.jpg
Yoo Ah In ♥ Shin Se KyungJoo Won ♥ Kim Tae Hee
(Six Flying Dragons)(Yongpal)
 photo 373d1130-8254-43e2-a918-904f63446050_zps1tat4aqf.jpg photo 254f20e2-036a-493d-ba7b-0a9a8b7dff49_zpswyoq7xwv.jpg
Lee Joon ♥ Go Ah SungYoo Jun Sang ♥ Yoo Ho Jung
(Heard It Through the Grapevine)(Heard It Through the Grapevine)
 photo 4aa8ae70-f7fb-496f-bde7-b17e0dd20b09_zpsff0fdcve.jpg photo 55b56fef-4dfe-45bc-b9a7-d251607c2c39_zps0tlsrvio.jpg
Park Hyung Sik ♥ Lim Ji YeonUee ♥ Sung Joon
(High Society)(High Society)
 photo 116f3a7d-d48a-445c-8ff7-cc4451c668de_zps1cjdagij.jpg photo 4340d4e4-3725-44e0-b5f3-687d3b1a39cc_zpsubmh55ds.jpg
Ji Jin Hee ♥ Kim Hyun JooKim Rae Won ♥ Kim Ah Joong
(I Have a Lover)(Punch)
 photo 8f3a56b9-a022-455d-a894-819ca454388a_zpsx8ierrlq.jpg photo 6574f99e-3570-44d1-a5d7-56e8ed6f6e39_zps70ai5gip.jpg
Ju Ji Hoon ♥ Soo AeLee Jin Wook ♥ Ha Ji Won
(Mask)(Time We Were Not in Love)
 photo 776d41fd-1bc4-4851-b8f8-7efe17b26be0_zpse88rqafv.jpg photo 579cd36c-6869-4c63-a40b-2381d4e54c2d_zpshl90rdgo.jpg
Hyun Bin ♥ Han Ji MinPark Yoo Chun ♥ Shin Se Kyung
(Hyde, Jekyll, I)(Girl Who Sees Smell)

SBS Drama Awards will be held on New Year’s Eve. While there’re conflicting news about the MCs (Lee Hwi Jae, Yoo Jun Sang & Lim Ji Yeon), the confirmed hosts (so far) are Lim Ji Yeon who’ll most likely take home Best Rookie Actress Award and Lee Hwi Jae.


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