51st Baeksang Awards Nominations (Television Category only)



Baeksang Awards is the annual major award ceremony for Korean movies and Korean dramas, established and presented by IS Plus Corp. Dramas aired between 1 April 2014 – 31 March 2015 across multiple channels (big three channels and cable channels) are eligible to be nominated. Last year’s nominations in drama category were quite questionable but surprisingly this year’s nominations are decent. I look forward to Baeksang this year, hoping the most deserving winners will take home the award.

Like what happened in the past, the most popular actors & actresses categories are very competitive with most leading actors & actresses are nominated. I was on holiday when the nominations were released few days ago so I didn’t know if the organizer added more names into the mix like last year. The organizer is known for milking fans’ money, many fans have boycotted voting in this category in the past, opting to donate the money to charity instead. As far as I know, fans can only vote a maximum of 20 votes per day (per account) – 20 votes = 4000 points = 4000 ₩ + 10%. Voting can be done through Baeksang Awards voting app on Android.

This year’s award ceremony will be held on Tuesday, 26 May 2015 and will be aired on JTBC.


Best Drama

 photo 2015BaeksangAwards_BestDrama_bc1_zpsel75wvat.jpg

– Misaeng (tvN)
– Yoona’s Street (JTBC)
– Kill Me Heal Me (MBC)
– Punch (SBS)
– Heard It Through the Grapevine (SBS)

Best Educational Program

 photo 2015BaeksangAwards_BestEducation_bc1_zpsuww4jz15.jpg

– Family Shock (EBS)
– Revolt of the Climate (MBC)
– World Theme Travel (EBS)
– Food Odyssey (KBS)
– 스페셜-인생횡단 (SBS)

Best Variety Program

 photo 2015BaeksangAwards_BestVariety_bc2_zpsjgz45kir.jpg

– Running Man (SBS)
– Infinity Challenge (MBC)
– Abnormal Summit (JTBC)
– Three Meals a Day (tvN)
– Superman is Back (KBS)

Best Director

 photo 2015BaeksangAwards_BestDirector_bc1_zps7lkfmcp9.jpg

– Kim Sang Hyup (MBC Mama)
– Kim Won Seok (tvN Misaeng)
– Kim Jung Min (OCN Bad Guys)
– Kim Jin Man (MBC Kill Me Heal Me)
– Ahn Pan Seok (SBS Heard It Through the Grapevine)

Best Actor

 photo 2015BaeksangAwards_BestActor_bc1_zpspfvd2oca.jpg

– Kim Rae Won (SBS Punch)
– Lee Sung Min (tvN Misaeng)
– Jo In Sung (SBS It’s Okay It’s Love)
– Cho Jae Hyun (SBS Punch)
– Ji Sung (MBC Kill Me Heal Me)

Best Actress

 photo 2015BaeksangAwards_BestActress_bc1_zpsqmvon8ak.jpg

– Kim Ok Bin (JTBC Yoona’s Street)
– Moon Jung Hee (MBC Mama)
– Park Shin Hye (SBS Pinocchio)
– Song Yoon Ah (MBC Mama)
– Lee Yoo Ri (MBC Jang Bo Ri is Here)

Best New Actor

 photo 2015BaeksangAwards_BestNewActor_bc1_zps9r4x1pcn.jpg

– Kim Dae Myung (tvN Misaeng)
– Do Kyung Soo (SBS It’s Okay It’s Love)
– Park Hyung Sik (KBS2 What Happens With My Family)
– Lee Joon (SBS Heard it Through the Grapevine)
– Im Si Wan (tvN Misaeng)

Best New Actress

 photo 2015BaeksangAwards_BestNewActress_bc1_zpsfndpmew0.jpg

– Go Ah Sung (SBS Heard it Through the Grapevine)
– Kim Seul Gi (KBS2 Discovery of Love)
– Nam Ji Hyun (KBS2 What Happens With My Family)
– Baek Ji Yeon (SBS Heard it Through the Grapevine)
– Han Sun Hwa (MBC Rosy Lovers)

Best Scriptwriter

 photo 2015BaeksangAwards_BestScriptwriter_bc1_zpsdnd2xakv.jpg

– Kim Woon Kyung (JTBC Yoona’s Street)
– Noh Hee Kyung (SBS It’s Okay It’s Love)
– Park Kyung Soo (SBS Punch)
– Jung Sung Joo (SBS Heard it Through the Grapevine)
– Jin Soo Wan (MBC Kill Me Heal Me)

Most Popular Actor

– Do Kyung Soo
– Lee Jong Suk
– Ji Sung
– Eric Moon
– Hyun Bin
– Kim Jae Joong
– Lee Joon
– Ji Hyun Woo
– Im Siwan
– Jo In Sung
– Lee Sang Yoon
– Park Hyung Sik
– Lee Sung Min
– Kim Rae Won
– Park Seo Joon
– Seo Kang Joon
– Kim Young Kwang
– Kang Ha Neul
– Kim Dae Myung
– Shin Ha Kyun
– Lee Je Hoon
– Yoo Joon Sang
– Lee Hong Ki
– Im Seulong
– Cho Jae Hyun
– Jang Hyuk
– Jung Il Woo
– Rain
– Chun Jung Myung
– Ha Suk Jin

Most Popular Actress

– Krystal
– Go Hye Sun
– Han Ji Min
– Jung Eun Ji
– Kang So Ra
– Gong Hyo Jin
– Hwang Jung Eum
– Lee Sung Kyung
– Lee Yoo Ri
– Hyeri
– Jang Na Ra
– Jung Yoo Mi
– Go Ah Sung
– Choi Kang Hee
– Choi Soo Young
– Kim Seul Gi
– Kim Ah Joong
– Kim Ok Bin
– Kim Hyun Joo
– Kim Hee Sun
– Nam Ji Hyun
– Moon Jung Hee
– Baek Ji Yeon
– Son Dam Bi
– Song Yoon Ah
– Shin Se Kyung
– Oh Yeon Seo
– Han Ji Hye
– Han Sun Hwa

Best Male Variety

 photo 2015BaeksangAwards_BestMaleVariety_bc1_zps6xnriy8f.jpg

– Kim Sung Joo
– Sung Si Kyung
– Yoo Seo Yoon
– Jun Hyun Moo
– Jung Hyung Don

Best Female Variety

 photo 2015BaeksangAwards_BestFemaleVariety_bc1_zps2yf5fjsk.jpg

– Ahn Young Mi
– Lee Guk Joo
– Lee Yeong Ja
– Jang Doyeon
– Heo Anna

 credit: ISPlus
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