All About My Mom Episode 36 Brief Recap

Marriage is a life changer not only for the parties involved but also for their families. Regrets for the past, secret revelation, long-awaited apologies, forgiveness, pure joy, all mixed in together as Kang Hoon Jae and Lee Jin Ae embark on a new life as husband and wife. The hardship Jin Ae went through are pale in comparison when she discovers how protective, loving and caring her family is. Prepare some tissues because this is one of the most heartwarming & tearjerker All About Mom episode.

Episode 36 Brief Recap

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Only after reading Mom’s diary Jin Ae learns what really happened that day. Sanok (who knew it was also her fault) kept the hot pot incident from her daughter so she wouldn’t blame herself for hurting her oppa whom she heat up the soup for. While Jin Ae didn’t realize she caused the incident, Hyeong Kyu figured it out before he went to the army – begging dad to pretend nothing happened. Dong Chool believes that a family pretends to know when they don’t and pretend not to know when they do. So even though she knows now, Jin Ae should pretend of not knowing because it’s all in the past. Jin Ae tears up finding out her family protecting her from getting hurt T_T

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Hyeong Kyu is applying miracle cream to scar on his legs when Jin Ae comes to his room. She tearfully backhugs her oppa but her pride still hasn’t fully forgiven Hyeong Kyu who promises to pay his debt with interest. She sincerely asks oppa to take care their parents T_T But don’t worry Jin Ae ya, as oppa Hyeong Kyu said before, he’ll be here to take care the house and their parents. He then stretches out his arms awkwardly, giving Jin Ae a signal to hug him. So adorable. He hopes his younger sister who’s suffered a lot will tell him whenever Hoon Jae makes her upset. Both of them apologize for giving each other a hard time all these times.

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Today is gown fitting day. Everyone is in awe looking at Lee Jin Ae wearing her wedding gown. Chae Ri on the other hand is envious so they let her to try on a gorgeous party dress. Eagle eyes Sanok should’ve notice Chae Ri isn’t pregnant because she almost trips while wearing a high heels! Whilst looking at her pretty daughter, Sanok tearfully regrets for making Jin Ae suffered T_T Jin Ae is staring at her mom from head to toe and decides to treat mom with new clothes from Aunt Nam Sook’s store (PPL time ^^).

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She refuses of course despite Hoon Jae, Chae Ri and Jin Ae’s persuasion. Hilariously she runs around in the store until Nam Sook catches stops her 🙂 Unable to object anymore, she finally allows her daughter choosing and buying a new warm jacket.

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I totally forgot about Yoo Hee. She complains to Young Sun who mentions she could do nothing to change Hoon Jae’s feeling although she really wanted Young Sun to be her daughter-in-law. Refusing to accept defeat, Yoo Hee vows to wait for oppa Hoon Jae. Young Sun dissuades, encouraging her to meet a good person & get married.

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To Cheol Woong’s mom who’s hoping to know her hidden grandson, Young Sun brings up the ill treatments she got when she was still dating Cheol Woong. She’s no longer Miss Hwang that grandma knew back then, she’s now this company’s CEO! She worked so hard to achieve all her accomplishments while looking only at her son Hoon Jae. Despite grandma’s heartfelt apology, Young Sun refuses to acknowledge either Grandma nor Cheol Woong. Last time grandma rejected her – now it’s Young Sun’s time to reject her.

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Young Sun won’t never accept their apologies because if she doesn’t have Hoon Jae, they would never apologize to her! She wants Cheol Woong to tell his mother that she should never see her again and never treat Hoon Jae as her grandson! Cheol Woong begs her to give him another chance – he’ll repay her while atoning his sins for the rest of his life but she firmly refuses. On her way out, she looks to be in so much pain – clutching her stomach. 🙁

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Hye Joo needs to stop giving Seo Hyeon a glimmering hope to date Hyeong Kyu because she’s indirectly hurting herself, her and him. She can’t hide her happiness when Hyeong Kyu declines Seo Hyeon’s invitation to go on a date tonight. He bumps into both Kim San & Hye Joo outside Seo Hyeon’s office so he treats them for a jajangmyun date. 🙂 Hye Joo shakes her head, reminding him about his trial tomorrow but he reminds her back that he’s not working tomorrow because it’s Jin Ae’s wedding day. Seo Hyeon is late by few seconds, she can only look at this happy family walking away.

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Hyung Soon has been sincerely gave his pretty heart to his noona so Jin Ae returns the money he gave her for her wedding. Jin Ae even put in more money for him and Chae Ri. She believes Hyung Soon will live very well so does Hyung Soon who wishes her to live a happy life. I love this family so much. Chae Ri who overhears their conversation, realizes how hard her husband has been working lately – trying his best to be the head of his little family. He is aware he’s irresponsible & immature – because of their baby lamb, Chae Ri couldn’t continue her study and has to go through many heartache. But inside her heart, Chae Ri knows it’s all because of her.

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It’s the night before the big day. Young Sun is reminiscing & looking at her son’s photo albums. Hoon Jae sweetly tells his mother to lay her head on his legs. Young Sun is really enjoying this because it’ll be her last time – Jin Ae won’t be happy if he lends his legs for her mother. But Hoon Jae promises that Jin Ae will be okay because they’re mother & son. He’s getting worried that mom is having a fever but she assures him she’s fine. He sweetly thanks mom for raising the whiny kid into a (handsome) man who’s getting married tomorrow, making Young Sun almost cries when he mentions about her suffering. What a beautiful mom & son moment.

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Meanwhile, Dong Chool shoves his wife to Jin Ae’s room so the women can have a precious mother & daughter moment before Jin Ae’s leaving tomorrow. Sanok pours out her regret for mistreating her only daughter, didn’t do anything for her and focused on her golden child although her heart said otherwise. She knew Jin Ae is her closest child and she could depend on her but she took her for granted. She apologizes for scolding her, always hating her. Jin Ae knows mom isn’t a bad mom, she knows mom really loves her. She hugs mom, apologizing for giving her hard times and not figuring out about her true heart.

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The big day is here. Aunt Nam Sook complements her cousin’s beauty that she’s not even losing to the bride. Her fever is still high, Nam Sook think it’s because she’s too stressed out or nervous because not only her only son is getting married, Cheol Woong’s mom will also be there. Young Sun asks to keep her illness from the happy couple so she won’t ruin her happy day. Hoon Jae reluctantly greets his father and grandma who come to witness his wedding & wish him happiness.

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Sweetheart Sang Hyeok comes to the bridal suite, lavishly praising gorgeous bride Jin Ae who wishes him to meet a good woman soon. I have no idea why Hoon Jae keeps seeing his bride-to-be on her wedding gown before the wedding ceremony but don’t worry Hoon Jae ya, Sang Hyeok won’t steal her from you. 🙂 It’s so adorable when their eyes meet and Hoon Jae praises her beauty.

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Sang Hyeok presides over Hoon Jae and Jin Ae’s wedding ceremony. Everyone’s happy except Yoo Hee who glares sharply at handsome groom Hoon Jae. Snapshots of her never-ending confrontations with mom because of golden child Hyeong Kyu who took her for granted, her ill mother&daughter relationship which started to improve after Hoon Jae came into her life, her sweet relationship with maknae Hyung Soon flashing back as Jin Ae’s walking down the aisle escorted by her loving parents.

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Despite going through many hardships, Jin Ae experienced many things which made her happy too. The happy couple pledge their vows to love each other forever. Congratulations Hoon Jae and Jin Ae!

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During the flower bouquet throw, the bouquet surprisingly lands on Young Sun’s lap! Excited Chae Ri yells out CEO Hwang will be the next one who’ll get married 😀 Sang Hyeok teases she’ll have to get married within 6 months, making Young Sun chuckles nervously.

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Before they leave for their honeymoon (in matching jackets), Sanok asks him to take a good care of her daughter. Of course he will 🙂 Young Sun congratulates her new daughter-in-law, hoping they’ll live happily and will have a safe trip. Hoon Jae notices mom is unwell but Young Sun shush them to go.

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Nam Sook is worried Young Sun’s fever is getting worse. There’s a red rash on her neck and she didn’t even eat anything at the wedding earlier.

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Eun Ok ran off with Dong Chool’s money so she tries to stop Aeng Doo from falling in love with Hyung Soon. She’s not working today because Hyung Soon isn’t there she’s not feeling well. Hyung Soon believes her because he saw her taking medicines before but Chae Ri think she’s faking it. When Hyung Soon leaves (to meet his friends), Chae Ri follows him. Aeng Doo who’s waiting for him, trying so hard to flirt with him but he ignores her so pretending to get a fresh air to get rid her dizziness, Aeng Doo walks beside him. This is a drama so of course Chae Ri sees them together and accuses her husband of lying to her!

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Because Hoon Jae couldn’t reach neither his mom nor his aunt, he’s overly worried. So he calls Mom’s secretary who reveals Young Sun is sick with shingles. Their plane to Guam is leaving soon so they must go to the boarding gate ASAP. Jin Ae decides to postpone the honeymoon because they can’t leave his sick mother. Of course she’s not 100% okay with it but what else can they do now? She looks annoyed when Hoon Jae quickly drags their luggage out to go home.

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Hyung Soon actually isn’t meeting up with his friends – he’s working overtime (not even taking any day off) saving money for the sake of his little family. Chae Ri is too upset her husband is working too hard, confesses she’s not pregnant! She’s been lying all along because she really wanted to be with him.

She confesses she thought she’s pregnant because she had all the symptoms but the doctor told her it’s am imaginary pregnancy. Hyung Soon is furious she didn’t tell him earlier but Chae Ri tearfully explains her agenda. She didn’t realize he would suffer like this. But he’s more worried about their parents’ reactions 🙁

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Hoon Jae rushes to see his mother who’s just back from a hospital. Jin Ae checks on her MIL who feels sorry they came back because of her. Young Sun is surprised when Hoon Jae revealed it was Jin Ae who wanted to postpone their honeymoon but she doesn’t have the strength to say anything. She politely asks them to leave because she wants to sleep but asks her son to stay with her. Jin Ae belatedly realizes what her mom predicted was true.

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Back at Jin Ae’s place, her mom comes to her daughter’s empty room and sits on her bed. In front of her husband, she denies missing her daughter while Dong Chool is happy imagining Jin Ae is currently enjoying her honeymoon trip to Guam (awww it’s Eugene’s hometown :)).

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As they’re discussing about Hoon Jae and Jin Ae’s wedding, Kim San discloses he wants to see mom wearing a wedding gown because he couldn’t see it when she first wore it. Awww cutie. 😀 The truth is… he wants mom to get married again… with chocolate bread ahjusshi.

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Suddenly, Seo Hyeon calls wanting to meet up. She also called Hyeong Kyu to meet at the same place. Hyeong Kyu arrives first then Hye Joo before Seo Hyeon joins these two lovebirds who’re confused what’s going on here. Bizarrely, Hye Joo and Hyeong Kyu ask the same questions at the same time, making Seo Hyeon realizes her intuition may be correct. She bluntly asks if they like each other because she can’t approach Hyeong Kyu with a clear mind if he likes another woman.

Hyeong Kyu stutters so Hye Joo helps him by lying that their relationship is strictly a business-relationship. But she excuses herself (to go home because Kim San is alone) because she doesn’t know how to answer Seo Hyeon’s question if she can date Hyeong Kyu. Although Hyeong Kyu asks her to stay, she still leaves.

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He chases Hye Joo who tries to convince herself that she doesn’t have any romantic relationship with him. Hyeong Kyu asks if it’s true he’s just her boss (for her). She boldly nods making Hyeong Kyu (and I) frustrated. He’s not letting her to leave before he gets the answer he wants to hear.

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He’s going to confess but is stopped by his mother who’s suspicious why they’re together. Suddenly President Kim joins them so Hye Joo cheerfully runs to him & holds his arm, making Sanok mistakenly think she was waiting for President Kim. What are you doing, Hye Joo sshi? Stop with this push-and-pull relationship. Hye Joo is leaving with President Kim while Hyeong Kyu is staring at them. Sanok clearly can senses her son is in love with Hye Joo!


One thing that this drama does really well is their portrayal of family dynamics. Family fights with each other over silly disagreement or even misunderstanding but at the end of the day, we forgive – we forget. We still love each other. We pretend not to know when we do to protect our family member from getting hurt. Throughout her life, Jin Ae has been treated unfairly by her mother and her oppa – working tirelessly hard to support her oppa without receiving anything back. Little did she know that Hyeong Kyu and her mother protected her from the incident which caused him to have a scar for the rest of his life – because neither of them wanted Jin Ae to carry the immense guilt which wasn’t entirely her fault. Sanok suppressed her anger & regret far too long though. It’s only because Jin Ae would leave soon that Sanok finally realized how unfair she’s to her only daughter. A lot of times, regret comes way too late isn’t it?

The OTP spent their last night before their wedding with their mothers – symbolizing that they would soon leave their mothers (and family) to build their own family. Those moments were beautifully done & really sweet. Their wedding was simple yet very beautiful. It’s awesome the whole family (minus the two con-artists) attended the wedding. And it’s so cool Sang Hyeok hosted the ceremony. His heart is as pure as gold. I used to ship him with Yoo Hee but unless Yoo Hee grows up, I prefer him to meet a better woman. He’s too kind and nice for Yoo Hee.

Chae Ri’s conscience woke her up from the fantasy world she created herself. Thank God! It’s hard seeing Hyung Soon worked so hard to support his little family without knowing that his baby lamb doesn’t exist. The huge responsibilities he bears himself while Chae Ri continually nags, scolds, accuses him for cheating on her show the imbalance in their relationship. They need to work on to get their relationship on equal footing, which we’ve seen on Hoon Jae and Jin Ae. It’s annoying seeing her whining wanting to wear a nice wedding gown like Jin Ae. Girl, you put yourself in this situation, you need to grow up! For Hye Joo and Hyeong Kyu, please make up your mind. Stop lying, stop pretending, and be bold.

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