All About My Mom Episode 10 Brief Recap

Honesty is the best virtue. All About Mom teaches us that the longer we lie, the more painful it’ll be and the harder our loved ones will accept the truth. People in this drama has secrets, like the majority of us do. And their reactions when the secret is finally being revealed, is understandable. They are in denial, mad, upset, disappointed, heartbroken. Grab your tissues, the last part of this episode will break your heart 🙁

Episode 10 Brief Recap

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Hoon Jae and Jin Ae are inches away to their first kiss when they hear Young Sun’s voice! Panicked, they crouch down as she’s walking to her office. As she passes Jin Ae’s desk, she’s wondering where did her secretary go because based on hundreds invitation cards she’s currently working, it’s clear she’s still here. Fortunately Young Sun doesn’t see two people hiding under the desk, trying hard to be as quiet as they can despite very uncomfortable squatting position.

But they didn’t do anything wrong so why are they hiding? Hoon Jae can tell Young Sun he’s here because of work he had with the marketing team. Of course she doesn’t know (yet) that he’s her son so he points out her CEO may misunderstand he was hanging around in the secretary office. She recalls her CEO asked if she has a boyfriend so she understands his concern.

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To avoid any suspicion, she quickly gets up when Young Sun didn’t look at her desk. Young Sun knows evil secretary Gong is bullying her junior hence she advised kind-hearted Jin Ae correct her colleague’s action if she think it’s wrong because it’ll be better for Secretary Gong in the end. To make her job easier, she suggests Jin Ae to print out the rest of the invitation.

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Drunk Chae Ri is upset oppa Jae Min didn’t come. She stumbles, bumps into the door when her savior arrives & catches her. He belatedly finds out the guy on the picture was Jae Min who confesses Chae Ri is his style! Oh no…

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Hyung Soon drops Chae Ri home, she’s too drunk to remember oppa came. She gives him the couple ring, with their initials J&C but he refuses to wear it so she forcefully put it on his pocket. Chae Ri thanks him for taking her home safely & kisses his cheek. After she left, he stares at her huge house then realizes that she’s a princess who comes from different world than him. Chae Ri belatedly realizes how messed up her face & mascara was when she was with oppa Jae Min.

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Sanok is wondering why all her kids come home late tonight. Where’s everyone? She prepared a mosquito net so her youngest son won’t be bitten by mosquitoes again tonight. Hyung Soon doesn’t know what he should do with the couple ring especially because it’s not his initial. Should he come clean?

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Hoon Jae complains he keeps treating her while it should be the other way around. So he makes meal coupons based on how many meals she owes him as a repayment of helping her. He teases his meal debtor Jin Ae still owes him lucky 7 meals! He can use meal coupon anywhere anytime and there’s no expiry date.

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Sanok is suspicious our OTP arrive home together so Jin Ae explains they bumped into each other in front of the house. She was working overtime, so did he. Of course Sanok instinctively knows something’s going on, she advises her daughter to be extra careful because people will spread rumor especially because she’s at the age of marriage. Our OTP is thinking about their (almost) kiss.

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There’s only one bathroom at Dong Chool’s house so everyone’s fighting to use it first in the morning. Hoon Jae patiently waits for his turn but he always loses! Poor boy hasn’t taken shower since last night so he washes his face in the yard and he goes to nearby subway station to use their public toilet. Hyeong Kyu reminds Dad they have a spare bathroom in the yard that they use as a storage room. Because our OTP is living together, awkwardness happens 🙂 He’s startled when he sees Jin Ae coming out of the bathroom. :p

Grandma is envious Hwang Young Sun has a son while her son doesn’t. Cheol Woong points out a daughter nowadays is better.

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Young Sun orders Secretary Gong to stop being mischievous as she praises Jin Ae for working hard writing invitation card. Of course Secretary Gong accuses her for spilling the beans. Annoying girl. As advised, Jin Ae stands up for herself, refusing to do what she orders her to do. Yeah girl!

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Chae Ri goes to hospital to give lunch box for Jae Min oppa but bumps into real Jae Min who advises he’s in surgery room so she asks him to pass on the lunch box. Jae Min then calls Hyung Soon asking when will he break up confessing he’s falling with her the more he sees her – he’s single as he broke up with his girlfriend last night.

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After playing hard to get then regretting her own game, Chae Ri meets with Hyung Soon who lectures her for being too friendly (& flirty) with an oppa she just met. Chae Ri teases he’s jealous. When she sees he’s not wearing their couple ring, she checks his pocket & then forces him to wear it. The ring is too small for Hyung Soon so he can’t take it off which is good for Chae Ri who declares he’s hers, promising he’s the only oppa for her.

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Hae Joo applies for a job at Hyeong Kyu’s office. At the same time, Ji Eun sends her mom’s friend (who’s) working at the hotel to be interviewed too but unfortunately due to family emergency, this person doesn’t come to the interview and forgets to tell Ji Eun.

So Hae Joo is the only job applicant. Mistakenly Hyeong Kyu think she’s the person Ji Eun sent! When he asks, hotel… she nods (because she worked in a hotel before). Hae Joo doesn’t want to disappoint her son so despite she doesn’t really like her prospective boss after they bumped into each other twice recently. She swallows her pride when he mocks she got this job interview because of someone else’s recommendation because she mistakenly think it’s her son San’s referral! OMG. So messed up.

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Hae Joo doesn’t have enough qualification nor experience but she promises to learn & study hard. Talk about the right timing, Ji Eun sends a message begging him to hire her so he gives her one month trial period. You’re hired, Hae Joo! But don’t expect any special treatment. She gratefully thanks him over and over again. Hae Joo is so excited telling her son that she got the job! Thank you, Kim San.

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Jin Ae wants to use the meal coupon today but Hoon Jae is busy repairing the bathroom (at her yard). Awesome! He’s a skilled tradesman. Dad declares this is gonna be the men’s bathroom while the women can use bathroom inside the house. Sanok is impressed, especially because it’s free. She gives him a nickname Mr Fix-It. Hoon Jae is in a great mood tonight so dinner is on Hoon Jae! Awesome awesome! It’s cute that our OTP is fighting for the same piece of beef, cheeky Hoon Jae yells out CEO’s name to distract Jin Ae and steals her meat. Mom is saving a whole tray of meat for her golden child.

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When Hoon Jae is asked about his parents, he reveals his father passed away long time ago but he can’t say anything about his mom who is currently in the neighborhood! Oh no…. He runs to see her because he’s not ready to reveal his mom to Jin Ae and her family. He takes mom to the chicken and beer place. choking himself with fried chicken when Young Sun says she went to this restaurant with her Assistant Manager (now secretary) who lives nearby. He changes the topic to his aunt’s surprised look when they bumped into Cheol Woong at his office. Young Sun’s expression changes.

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Jin Ae and Hoon Jae fight to wash dishes, in the end Hoon Jae wins. She thanks Mr Fix-It who continues doing favors to this family. Hyung Soon who spots them together, smiles. He knows it 🙂

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Nan Seok is wondering if Cheol Woong still doesn’t know…. About what???

Young Sun meets Cheol Woong at his girlfriend’s cafe, who is clearly jealous. Cheol Woong doesn’t think it’s worrisome for him to look for her son especially because they’re working in the same field but Young Sun feels uncomfortable and doesn’t want him to run into her nor her son again. He considers Hoon Jae as his son’s friend so he’d like to give him advice but Young Sun doesn’t want him to do it. Young Sun hasn’t forgiven his past mistake.

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While cleaning up her golden child’s room, she spots her son’s lawyer firm’s boxes of business cards. Thinking his CEO has finally let him go, she brags to her husband that Hyeong Kyu has been appointed a new branch. Sanok think it’ll be good idea to visit his CEO to thank him. For a wealthy man like him who can buy more delicious side dishes, she decides to make rice cakes he loves. Dong Chool cheekily praises his wife because there’s nothing she can’t do, she replies, she couldn’t pick a better husband. Ouch that’s hurt.

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Dong Chool keeps eating the rice cakes so she tosses him away and accidentally he bumps into (hugs) Yoo Ja who arrives to beg her to come to Cheol Woong’s house again (every two days) because Cheol Woong’s mom wants her to come. But Sanok is bitter over the lies Yoo Ja told to this family, so no. When Yoo Jae brings up about their friendship, she orders her to get lost. Her husband is on her side now after knowing his ex-love treated her like a maid.

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News are spreading fast. Joon Yeong finds out Hyeong Kyu stole his woman & his case. He has the photo evidence so Hyeong Kyu can’t deny but he only smirks at the pictures, mocking they came up well.

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Joon Yeong is inches closer to punch his friend when Sanok arrives at his office. Why do you keep visiting your children’s office, mom? Joon Yeong quickly changes his tone & greets her who comes with his favorite home-made rice cakes. She blurts out she’s grateful he gave her son a branch office! Oh no mom 🙁

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Hyeong Kyu tries to drag his mom out but it’s too late, she saw the pictures. Joon Yeong furiously points out her son stole his fiancée & snatched his case. It’s time Sanok knows the truth but it’s heartbreaking to see a mother hears what kind of jerk her son is. She’s clearly mad Joon Yeong calls her golden son a jerk, a rat. He doesn’t even appreciate her for making rice cakes & sweating on the way here to deliver it to him.

Joon Yeong stabs her heart by mocking that Joon Yeong inherits his mom’s delusional by shamelessly disregarding the reality – she should be embarrassed to have this jerk as her son!

You went too far, Joon Yeong! Hyeong Kyu punches & chokes him, slapping him with the truth that it’s not okay for a man born with a silver mouth like him to look down on others. Sanok grabs the rice cake back, yelling on her way out that he’s a bastard.

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Sanok tearfully asks why her golden child is being treated like this, he doesn’t lack anything (sadly he’s not born in the wealthy family, mom).

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Hyeong Kyu comest home hours later. When he finds the rice cakes in the table, he stuffs his mouth with his mom’s gratitude, pride, joy, sweat & tears. Sanok who couldn’t sleep join her son and she can’t help but cry.

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She’s heartbroken to see her son received unfair treatment from his wealthy jerk boss. Life is indeed unfair. His eyes brimming with tears, he then start to cry. Probably this is the first time he expresses his emotions. That’s it, Hyeong Kyu. Cry it out! Don’t hurt yourself with your pride anymore. Share your pain to your loving mother. T__T


To see your golden child cries will make any mother cries. I believe Hyeong Kyu loves his mother so much that he didn’t want to disappoint her so instead of admitting the truth, he kept it himself alone while he tried hard to use anyone (and any chance, any opportunity) to win this unfair race. He’s more talented & capable than Joon Yeong who reached this position because of his background but he’s too impatient so he chose the dark path by stealing his competitor’s fiancee and case. Hopefully this will serve him as the wake up call and he’ll start over by proving to his family and everyone else that he can be successful through fair game.

Sanok’s the only one who continually bragged about her son so it’s more fitting for her to be the first one in the family who knows about his secret. I love it that he broke down in front of her loving mother, the person he hurt the most and the person who loves him the most. They will surely be fine because they have each other and they have their family cheering for them.

Based on Hoon Jae’s aunt reaction, 99% Hoon Jae is Cheol Woong’s son. It’s also clear he inherits Cheol Woong’s boldness so I can’t wait to the big revelation. 🙂


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