All About My Mom Episode 16 Brief Recap

All About Mom realistically portrays the hardship and struggles of many single people out there who’re juggling their work and relationship. Many believe love is a luxury because of various reasons: don’t have enough time to nurture their relationship (to make ends meet), give it up for the sake of their career and / or past trauma. It’s okay to stay single as long as you are happy with your own choice. This episode, our characters are facing similar issues. Will they choose their career and accomplishment or will they choose their love?

Episode 16 Brief Recap

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A kiss takes the OTP’s relationship to a whole new level. Jin Ae reciprocates, showing that Hoon Jae’s feeling is right. Hyeong Kyu spots the lovebird on the street, smiling maybe because it’ll help him to approach Hwang Young Sun. He even defends Jin Ae, telling mom to let her decide on her own when Sanok’s talking about the blind date she set. But her plan backfires as Jin Ae comes home with Mr Fix It (again) 😀

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Sanok tries to convince Jin Ae that Sang Hyeok is the best husband’s candidate but she tells her to stop meddling into her life. Knowing Jin Ae’s stubborn personality, Sanok only wants the best for her daughter. She won’t accept any man who’s like her own husband, including a single mother’s son Mr Fix It (who hears it!). But what’s wrong with Dong Chool? Jin Ae will marry the man who’s like her dad but unfortunately she hasn’t found one yet and she wants to focus on her career. Her answer drives Sanok crazy.

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There’s no way Young Sun will tell Hoon Jae about his father, who always chooses his mom over her and his own son (even when he was missing). But if he finds out and hates his dad, then it’s okay because his dad caused their hardship.

Meanwhile, Hoon Jae keeps thinking about single mother’s son remark that Sanok yelled earlier. Jin Ae cutely smiles thinking about the kiss, will they start dating then marry? 🙂 But her mom’s remark is ringing on her head. It’s driving her crazy too.

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So she imagines their marriage life, a career woman juggling her work, family & never-ending household chores (including a very demanding mother-in-law) in which Hoon Jae repeatedly asks her to quit working because she doesn’t earn much anyway. She wakes up from her imagination, vowing she won’t let it happen because she worked so hard to be where she’s now. Career over marriage for her (for now).

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The next morning, two men are fighting for her affection again as Hyeong Kyu scolds his friend for being too unproductive by coming here every morning without having any sense (ehm she has a boyfriend, you know). He then tells Hoon Jae to work hard ୧༼ ͡◉ل͜ ͡◉༽୨ Surprisingly, Jin Ae chooses Sang Hyeok! Hoon Jae will be bullied at work (again).

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Jin Ae begs Sang Hyeok to please stop picking her up because it’s burdensome yet she can’t promise she won’t ride Hoon Jae’s car (it’s her own business!). He then advises that a split second decision will affect the rest of her life as he brags he’s the best husband candidate and his family gives freedom to their daughters-in-law so she can continue working as a career woman. So don’t date anyone because her future will depend on her decision. Young Sun spots Sang Hyeok drops her off, assuming he’s Jin Ae’s boyfriend. She straighten things out he’s her oppa’s friend.

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It’s worrying that Kim San’s dad found them, he follows Hye Joo around even when she donates the toys he sent. She’s clearly disturbed and worried but she won’t move again this time.

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Hoon Jae came to JY Group to prove his skills so although he regrets his decision (after finding out about his boss and his mother’s bad relationship), he’s determined to stay to get acknowledgment. He believes he’s a wise businessman without any ulterior motive so he won’t block his path. Their new project to develop floor noise cancellation item will the criteria used to assess their promotion so Sang Hyeok delegates the job to the team members excluding newbie Hoon Jae who’s assigned in the construction site… alone. His bullying continues as he smacks newbie’s butt. Their cat-and-mouse bromance is adorable.

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To Young Sun, Jin Ae confesses she can’t balance work and love. Moreover, her mom doesn’t like the fact that her boyfriend is a single mother in which Young Sun understands although she’s a single mother too. And she can be a bitchy mother-in-law too in the future. She shares that people who’re in love become braver thinking they can do everything if they’re with their special person. Many working mothers are successful too so don’t be too narrow-minded by measuring everything instead of loving her boyfriend more.

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Because he just opened his new office, Hyeong Kyu doesn’t have any client so Hye Joo kindly advises to post an ad. But his pride doesn’t let him to do it in front of her! He excuses himself to see a client while he’s actually sitting in the park trying to post an ad! This man needs a good slap. Hye Joo decides to spread flyers to nearby offices, not knowing it’s a violation of law especially because she’s not a permanent employee yet. It makes her a broker! He slowly falls for her kindness when she’s comforting ajumma in the park. It’s sweet he buys food after hearing her tummy’s grumbling.

After begging and begging, Dong Chool finally gets a job from his friend, he’ll be working graveyard shift at nearby convenience store. He tries to ask his wife’s permission but she shuts him up. Don’t work two jobs, don’t do it!

Curious Chae Ri comes to Hyung Soon’s home, surprised to see Sanok there – belatedly realizing she’s her oppa’s mother. Sanok rudely tells her the truth while Dong Chool let them to sort out their issues themselves especially because Chae Ri looks really pale.

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Straight away she wants to know why he deceived her and why he never told her. She called the department store & found out he was fired on the day they met. He explained he planned to get revenge but… before he can explain, Chae Ri cut him off and accuses him for lying because of this & his status. But whatever the reason was, he still lied to her and it really hurt her. Did he like her that much? Does he? She takes off the couple ring & leaves it on the table. That’s it, it’s the end.

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Hyung Soon may be lacking compare with his mighty older brother but is it a sin to like a girl from wealthy family? Does he have to keep living miserably unlucky life? What about Hyeong Kyu hyung who pretends to come from rich household? But he studied and worked hard to be where he’s now, he’s not a con-man! Hyung Soon tearfully confesses he sincerely likes her! Mom, Hyeong Kyu is not your only son, there’s another son who’s crying & hurting right now! So please stop taking your golden child’s side.

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This golden child even lectures the head of this household, his father! Dong Chool may be an incompetent father but he’s still his father, not an invisible father. Without Dong Chool, he wouldn’t be here. Dong Chool wants all his children to do well and he always be there for them no matter what it costs.

Jin Ae has been avoiding Hoon Jae ever since they kissed last night, what’s going on? He advises her to follow her heart but she doesn’t know either so please give her some space & time. Back at home, mom once again warns she’ll end up like the person she hates (aka her mom) if she chooses Mr Fix It. Mom, your daughter is an adult who can make her own decision. Moreover, not all single mothers-in-law are wicked.

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Hyung Soon spots his dad’s working hard late that night. He’s determined to forget about his feeling and love (which is now a luxury) as he needs to find a job soon. Cheol Woong calls him back, offering a full-time job depending on his performance so he decides to return especially because Chae Ri already knows the truth now.

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It’s heartbreaking to see Dong Chool sneaking out every night to work. He’s working to save money to give his children when they need it. He’s an awesome dad! Tonight, it’s Hyeong Kyu’s turn who spots dad working graveyard shift so he surprises dad at around 3AM after he finishes his work/study. Dong Chool is fighting sleepiness, dozing off. He tries to stay awake when Hyeong Kyu comes to look after the store, giving his dad one hour sleep. Dong Chool initially refuses his son’s help because he has to work tomorrow morning but after he threatens to tell mom, he reluctantly agrees although he can’t sleep!

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Time passes, Hyeong Kyu is sleeping behind the cash register. Sweet dad whispers to a customer, not wanting to wake up his son (he cutely brags that he made a great guy!). Little did he know Hyeong Kyu is awake, touched hearing the things Dad said.

After dropping off Cheol Woong, Hyung Soon finds out Chae Ri is still broken-hearted. She stays in bed almost all day and can’t say to her worried dad what’s wrong. She goes downstairs, tears streaming down her face as she can’t see Hyung Soon there (he already left). Then she looks outside, hoping he’s still there waiting for her as she tearfully calls her oppa. He’s still there, hiding.

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Because Jin Ae has been avoiding him, Hoon Jae wants to know her exact reason. Is it because of her mother or herself? Her mother is very precious for her so she listens to her opinion. Hoon Jae think it’s not entirely because of her mother or her future mother-in-law but it’s because she’s scared of losing the career and things she’s accomplished over a relationship. Seems like she only loves herself. She argues that people should love themselves more instead of investing and pouring out their love in a relationship (because it may not work). He argues back that love is sacrificing things for the sake of the person they love. Hence she explains that she’s too prideful to give things up so please stop confusing her. He realizes he’s obstructing Jin Ae’s path who’s already walking her own path so he shouldn’t be on her way and it’s best to disappear from her life. He’ll move out today and won’t be on her side anymore. Are you happy now, Jin Ae?

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He packs up his bags & leave, much to Hyung Soon’s confusion. He then calls out noona as if she’s standing behind them (to distract Hoon Jae and take his bags back to his room).

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As Hoon Jae leaves, someone’s grabbing his wrist. It’s Jin Ae! Tearfully begging him to stay, please don’t leave.

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He hugs her assuring he won’t go. Their sweet hug is interrupted by Sanok and Sang Hyeok!

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Hoon Jae’s winning smile is priceless 🙂


Thankfully Jin Ae realizes her real feeling sooner, otherwise we’ll have painful few episodes of noble idiocy. The conflicts on her mind is understandable, realistically many people especially career woman / man don’t want their hard work and accomplishment to go down the drain only because of love and relationship. For them, love is a luxury not a necessity. Moreover, her mother’s awful hardship dealing with her wicked late mother-in-law still gives her nightmares. I guess it’s great Jin Ae has another mentor in her life, Hwang Young Sun who went through similar paths and keep encouraging her to follow her heart leading her to choose Hoon Jae. I hope Hoon Jae can tell the truth about his mother because it may affect their relationship. The longer he drags it, the deeper the pain he’ll cause her and his mother.

Like Hyung Soon. Both Chae Ri and him love each other, their love is palpable and real. But he stabbed her heart by deceiving her, it’s like he took her to the moon then painfully dropped her in a very high speed to the dark valley. It hurts to accept the reality, especially because he’s not the kind of man she imagined he’d be. I wish Chae Ri would stop accusing him and let him talk, that way she’d know he truly loves her. Avoiding each other isn’t gonna work but at the moment, they need it to sort out their feelings.

Cutie couple Hye Joo and Hyeong Kyu are adorable & sweet. He’s clearly attracted to her kindness so hopefully their relationship will flourish before the stalker man gets his way back to Kim San and her.

Sang Hyeok is quite annoying but he’s an endearing character. I’d love to see more of his bromance with Hoon Jae because their interactions are entertaining & fun to watch. 🙂

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My favorite character in this drama is Lee Dong Chool. His sincerity and love toward his wife & children is beautiful & heartwarming. Despite having not much money, skills and talents, he makes it up by working extra hard supporting his family by standing by their side, defending them and protecting them. He loves his children equally and don’t push his opinions on them trusting them to make their own decisions. He has a heart of gold. It’s heartbreaking to see him juggling two jobs but it’s sweet to see Hyeong Kyu lending his help and witnessing his dad’s love for him. I need more dad & sons moments 🙂 It’s obvious Jin Ae and Dong Chool adore each other, a daughter is usually daddy’s little princess (✿◠‿◠)

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