All About My Mom Episode 19 Brief Recap

A lie is still a lie regardless of any good motive wrapped inside. Once something is done, nothing Hoon Jae can do to undone it. Now his mother finds out the truth about all his lies and Jin Ae, what can he do to protect his lover and the relationship they work incredibly hard to nurture? Young Sun’s and Sanok’s real feelings as a mother (and mother-in-law) are revealed this episode. One will accept their relationship while the other will give the couple (mostly Jin Ae) a hard time. Meanwhile, the other two couples’ relationship are going from strength to strength, thanks to the creepy stalker (for Hyeong Kyu & Hye Joo) and a suspicious over-worrying father (for Hyung Soon & Chae Ri).

Episode 19 Brief Recap

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After following her son (to his) home, Young Sun gets the shock of her life: catching her son and Jin Ae together! She burst in anger, blaming Jin Ae for dating her son and scolding Hoon Jae for hiding the truth (இ﹏இ`。) Meanwhile, Jin Ae is shocked that her CEO is her boyfriend’s mother! Finally the revelation…

or not…

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The above scenario was only on Young Sun’s head. She silently peeks on our OTP, can’t bear to see her son kissing Jin Ae ヽ(´ー`)ノ Just then, Dong Chool yells out Hoon Jae’s name from afar so Young Sun hurriedly leaves while our couple’s private moment is unfortunately interrupted by sweet Dong Chool who came to help carrying the heavy flooring.

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Young Sun is stressed out realizing she indirectly played as their matchmaker. As she’s trying to calm herself down, Hyung Soon politely greets her (they met once at the chicken shop). He confirms that Hoon Jae is his sister’s boyfriend and it seems like he became their lodger to get closer to Jin Ae.

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As a reward for his hard work, Sanok cooks delicious baby octopus Hoon Jae requested but it doesn’t mean she approves his relationship with Jin Ae. Okay. Business stays within the business boundary, it has nothing to do with his personal life. Just then, the childish Sang Hyeok arrives to give Hoon Jae another hard time. But this weakling man loses against muscle man Hoon Jae’s threat ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ

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Sang Hyeok joins Lee family for dinner and it’s hilarious to see Dong Chool staring fixedly at him. But the person who asked for the meal isn’t here, where is Hoon Jae? Sang Hyeok sent him to the work site (which isn’t his responsibility in the first place). Nobody (except Sanok) wants him to be here. Hyung Soon tells his noona that he saw Jin Ae’s CEO but Sanok jealously pokes that she came because she missed Jin Ae. Dong Chool blurts out his wife is a goddess of jealousy 😀

To ensure her (and their secret) is safe for now, Young Sun asks her blabbermouth cousin for not telling Hoon Jae that she came to his place tonight. She’s annoyed her son lied and hid the truth, moreover, why did he even lie to Jin Ae about his mom? Or does Jin Ae know?

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The screen color goes vintage again, it’s another Young Sun’s imagination about Hoon Jae telling Jin Ae to keep their relationship a secret from his mother. Jin Ae wore dark red lipstick, painting her as a cunning gold digger who tried to make her CEO fall for her (hidden agenda). And Hoon Jae naively agreed.

Because the trust is broken now she’s overly suspicious, she doesn’t believe anything Hoon Jae said to her. Then she realizes she actually has the upper hands. It’s the kids who lied to her.

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When Hoon Jae arrives tonight, she coldly greets him. No hug. Without beating around the bush, she wants him to introduce his girlfriend so he replies there’re lots of things happened so he couldn’t introduce her sooner and he needs more time but will do so as soon as possible. It’s so annoying to see her keep jumping to negative conclusion (on her head), painting Jin Ae as the bad girl. She’s also upset her son’s trying so hard to earn brownie points from Jin Ae’s mother but couldn’t get any.

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Dong Chool finally has enough with Sanok’s non-stop complaints about Jin Ae, Hoon Jae and him. He complaints that it feels like he lives & serves a ferocious stubborn master instead of a wife. He shuts his mouth & leaves to his favorite place in the yard when she suggests him to find a gentle woman.

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Jin Ae’s waiting for Hoon Jae to make him delicious bibimbap. She refuses to eat as she’s already brushed her teeth but who can resist handsome Hoon Jae? 🙂 Just as he’s spoonfeeding her, Sanok suddenly appears in the midst like a ghost. She orders Jin Ae to go back to her room while she’s heating up food for their lodger. Urgh.  Stop interrupting their cute moment >.< They’re not the only ones who can’t meet, Chae Ri and Hyung Soon miss each other so much too. He cutely confesses his love to Chae Ri, making her jumping for joy. Cute.

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When Sanok sees Dong Chool is having a nosebleed, she can’t help but comes to his rescue. She wants to switch & works behind the counter by playing rock, paper & scissor but she keeps losing (they’re so cute whenever they’re not fighting 😀

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Jin Ae is currently still dealing with her mom so she’s not thinking too far ahead of whether Hoon Jae’s mom will like her or not. Moreover, it’s not like they’re dating to get married so they’re still nourishing their feelings now. But she believes in Hoon Jae’s words that his mom will like her, making Young Sun annoyed Jin Ae is jumping to conclusion and totally leaving out Hoon Jae’s mother.

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Another suspicious parent orders Hyung Soon to be his daughter’s chauffeur and spy to keep an eye of the man she’s currently dating behind his back. She’s his precious if not most important person in his life so he’s worried.

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To repay Hyeong Kyu’s help, Hoon Jae put good words to his mom to hire him as the company’s lawyer as she’s currently looking for one after the contract of the last one expires. She needs time to think about it obviously. Just then, Hoon Jae is picking up a call (from Jin Ae) so suspicious Young Sun calls her office to talk to Jin Ae. She’s ordered to join them so she can introduce her to the company’s new lawyer!

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Both Hoon Jae and Hyeong Kyu are in panic mode. Young Sun explains her secretary will be in more contact with the company’s lawyer hence it’s best to introduce her sooner than later.

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A door is opened, she’s here. Unexpectedly, her plan backfires as Jin Ae needs to attend urgent work with the marketing team so the bitchy secretary Gong Na Ri is here instead. Both men are relieved, huge smile on Hoon Jae’s face.

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Based on her research & study, Hye Joo tries to convince Hyeong Kyu that the ajumma can win her divorce case if they can prove the husband is an addict gambler. He insists she’ll lose but suddenly changes his mind & offers to help. Thank you lawyer Lee Hyeong Kyu. She gleefully holds his hands, thanking him before calling the ajumma about this good news. He grins. Cutie.

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Chae Ri is aware Hyung Soon is assigned as her personal chauffeur so he can keep an eye on her. She cutely uses this rare chance to have a couple massage with him, so cute they’re holding hands together enjoying this precious moment. But their date is abruptly interrupted by her grandma who managed to finish her appointment early to join her on their planned couple massage. Chae Ri introduces Hyung Soon as her girlfriend Hyeong Suk who greets grandma with a very girlish high pitched voice. Grandma finally leaves to have her massage in another room so the maknae couple can relax and hold their hands again.

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After catching her daughter and Sanok’s son together, she gives delicious food to her pretending nothing happened but Sanok is suspicious something’s definitely going on. Then she apologizes to Dong Chool about the sarcastic remark she told him before giving him socks as a present.

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Meanwhile, Hyung Soon reports Chae Ri is not seeing another man like Jae Min suspected, begging him to be Cheol Woong’s personal driver again. He’s wondering who’s the guy who stole Chae Ri’s heart before extending his assignment as Chae Ri’s chauffeur for another week. Endure it well, Hyung Soon!

Young Sun did a background check on Jin Ae’s family and all her great impressions vanished. No longer she admires her secretary’s hardwork and determination, now she looks like a greedy person. So she invites her over for a tea to interrogate about her boyfriend and the man who dropped her to work earlier. Jin Ae replies her mother likes this man over her boyfriend but he’s just her oppa’s friend and the man she likes is her boyfriend. Don’t worry too much, Young Sun yaa.

Conversation moves on to the time they met (when he fixed the leaking pipe) which brought them closer. Young Sun figures out Hoon Jae’s contract got cancelled because he was helping Jin Ae that night.

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Love is on the air for Hyeong Kyu as he keeps thinking about sweet kind-hearted Hye Joo who still doesn’t pick up her phone, making him worried sick. Did she forget her promise to answer it within 10 seconds? Fortunately, she picks it up after several tries. As they’re talking about the ajumma’s documents which she hasn’t finished completing it yet, she realizes the stalker is following her. She shrieks in panic and forgets the new password she just changed! Hyeong Kyu helps her jogging down her memory as the stalker walks closer and closer.

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He then remember about their office number and it’s the correct password! Thank God! She rushes straight in. She’s safe (for now). Hyeong Kyu arrives shortly afterwards & finds her curling up, quivering, scared to death.

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He hugs her to calm her down, assuring she’s okay now. He’ll protect you, sweetheart.

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The stalker returns, his hands shaking as he tries to open the door to no avail so he hurriedly leaves.

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It’s 1AM. Sanok is looking for Jin Ae because she’s not home yet but she spots Hoon Jae (who’s probably waiting for Jin Ae). Her intuition is right, he was waiting for her in the cold weather then gives his jacket to her as soon as she arrives. Sanok can’t help but smiles looking at him taking a good care of her daughter. Her icy heart melts seeing them so in love like this.

On their way home, he think it’s time for her to meet his mother but she believes it’s quite burdensome because it feels like they’re getting married. She mentions her CEO advises her to meet her boyfriend’s mother because her son should know about his mother’s feeling (about his girlfriend) too.

At home, Sanok recalls the hurtful thing she and Jin Ae said to one another. Seems like Jin Ae only cries and argues in front of her mother but now she has finally found someone (and her happiness).

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The next morning, she invites Hoon Jae to eat with the family, apologizing for being too harsh on him. Overjoyed Hoon Jae picks her up & twirls her around, soo adorable. Both Hyung Soon and Dong Chool are happy finally they can eat together again. Jin Ae is thrilled mom finally accepts Hoon Jae.

From Hyung Soon, Hoon Jae finds out his mother came to the neighborhood, wondering if his mom knows (the truth).

Young Sun figures out she can’t be a coward who hides her own feelings so she decides to tell Jin Ae the truth by calling her to her house. But, Hoon Jae comes to ask if she found out. Of course she knows!

He apologizes as he didn’t want Jin Ae to be uncomfortable (working with his mother). But she became her secretary so he couldn’t help but to keep hiding the truth as she’s getting closer & liked by Young Sun who think that his life is now revolved around Jin Ae. She’s his mother so why didn’t he think about her feeling & heart?

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Suddenly, Jin Ae arrives. Hoon Jae is shocked. Young Sun tells Jin Ae to introduce her to her son who fidgets around, doesn’t want to show his face to his girlfriend.

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But he can’t keep hiding the truth forever. He stands up to face her. Now it’s Jin Ae’s time who gets the shock of her life. Why is Hoon Jae here? Is he her CEO’s son?

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