All About My Mom Episode 2 Recap

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Hoon Jae came to Mr Kim’s coffee shop to fix the other company’s shady job (because he’s a good guy ╭(•⌣•)╮) but ends up with a scratch on his face and a pervert nickname from Jin Ae who thought he hid in the woman’s restroom to peek on women. Mr Kim who heard the commotion in the restroom, comes.

Jin Ae & Mr Kim sit down to talk. He promised he wouldn’t take any revenge after she honestly told him they’re not matched on their last date. Clearly he forgot about the promise because he forcefully told her parents to move out by increasing the rent.

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He stutters, points out it’s not the case. Jin Ae suddenly turns flirty after she spotted her mom standing outside the shop. It’s her revenge (to her mom) now. Mr Kim is confused seeing her abrupt change, a minute ago she said they didn’t have any chemistry but a minute later she gives a what if they’re seeing each other scenario. Even Jin Ae herself is pondering why she’s doing this.

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Im San Ok drags her daughter from Mr Kim, scolding for boldly came her. Jin Ae replies that’s what she wants from her heartless daughter, isn’t it?  Mr Kim accuses mother & daughter for conspiring to make him look like a fool so Jin Ae changes her tactic and points out her mother wants a successful son-in-law. She’s willing to give him another chance but after seeing her mother here, he’s not the prospective son-in-law that her mother’s looking for. Hoon Jae shakes his head listening to their arguments.

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Of course mom blames Jin Ae for ruining everything so she asks why did mom have her? She’s the reason oppa Hyeong Kyu got sick. San Ok is upset over Jin Ae’s jabbing question, she’s her mom who carried her on her womb for 9 months and gave birth to her (ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ)

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Barely escapes from mom, Jin Ae is now dealing with Hoon Jae who wants her to apologize. But any woman will jump to a conclusion that a man peeking in the woman’s restroom is a pervert, right? She doesn’t want to apologize even if he pretends she did. He jumps to conclusion that she’s really a gold digger.

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Hoon Jae feels uneasy that a big corporation JY Group wants to do Taeseong Pipe’s project too. President Jang finds out that Hoon Design got the project using their connection. He won’t let Hoon Jae off the hook that easily if he broke the rules like this.

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President Jang promises to take his mother (played by Kim Young Ok) to Ruby Hotel tonight after she told him she wanted to eat pasta tonight. After she hangs up the phone, she reprimands her granddaughter Chaeri for wearing a really short skirt, asking where’s the rest of the dress go (•ิ_•ิ)? She admits she bought it behind her dad’s back because no way dad would pick this kind of dress for her. Grandma orders her to change to a longer dress but Chaeri sneaks out when grandma isn’t looking. Well grandma, she needs to impress her blind date ʘ‿ʘ

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Btw who is the lucky man? He’s Lee Hyung Soon who disguises as Shin Jaemin, plastic surgery resident of Korea Medical School. Impressive ヽ(´▽`)/ He feels guilty though but when Chaeri arrives, he decides to give this spoiled lady a lesson, he lost his job because of her! While he recognizes her, Chaeri can’t remember when she saw him but she falls in love at first sight. She’s happy finally she found the one!  ♥‿♥ But she needs to get hold of herself, don’t get too nervous. She’s confident he also falls for her.

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When she returns from the restroom, Hyung Soon stands up, walks towards her. Then he backhugs her (cover her back) because she tucked her top into her panties (⊙︿⊙) Of course he’s lying 😀 He gives her three options: 1) walk to their table backhugging like this then she fixes her skirt 2) walk to the restroom with him to fix it there 3) he fixes it right there. She whispers asking him to fix it right now, an option he gladly accepts. He pretends to fix it, naive & embarrassed Chaeri doesn’t realize what a bad boy Hyung Soon is. He coolly declines her invitation to have a dessert because he (lies) has to go back to the hospital, they need him now while the truth is… he’s supposed to look after her parents’ shop.

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Chaeri realizes he just rejected her. Poor girl. Double embarrassment in one day. A victory for Lee Hyung Soon.

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Im San Ok contacted her friends but nobody could lend her money. When she tastes her kimchi, she suddenly remembers about her long-time friend Hong Yuja so she decides to visit her although she hasn’t kept in touch for a long time. Hong Yuja is aware that if an old friend comes out of the blue bringing a gift, it usually means this friend needs money. She slyly asks Sanok it’s not the case for her, right? She’s here because of their friendship, right? Knowing she won’t lend money, Sanok changes the subject to her son-in-law and Hong Yuja then asks about her son’s law firm.

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Her son isn’t having a great day, his loan application was rejected. So he reaches out to his mom. Convincingly tells her to take a break from her shop & lends him the money to open his own law firm. Of course mom agrees although she looks disappointed because she loves seeing people enjoying her side dishes. It’s not just about money for her, it’s satisfaction. Hyeong Kyu promises to give mom pocket money when she stops working and to open a new shop when things get better in two years time. Sanok is touched with her son’s idea & kindness. She’s also touched he treats her with expensive ox bone soup tonight.

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For 20 years Sanok tirelessly works here, it won’t be easy to sell it. But she’s willing to do anything to help her son.

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Jang Cheol Woong bumps into Hwang Young Sun at Ruby Hotel’s elevator, based on their reactions, it seems like they had a bad history in the past. She doesn’t want to talk to him nor accepts his invitation for a meal one day. Hoon Jae arrives to have dinner with his mother for his father’s death anniversary.

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He passes Cheol Woong without realizing his mother knows him (and maybe he’s his dad ¯\_(⊙︿⊙)_/¯)

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Chaeri and her grandma have been waiting for Cheorung who’s late as usual. He hugs his upset daughter to apologize while her understanding grandma is more than grateful he can make it because he’s a busy man. On the other room, Young Sun tells Hoon Jae to say something to his late father on his 33rd death anniversary. He never met his father but he will always love him. And he knows his mother loves his dad and will always love him forever (ಥ﹏ಥ) Young Sun prefer to celebrate it like this, drinking wine & having a great time together with her son. For sure her late husband would love them to remember him like this, right.

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Hoon Jae then asks if his father liked wine as well but no, he liked beer because after drinking beer, his chest felt refreshed. Young Sun rubs her chest like her late husband always did in the past. Let’s go to Jang’s family dinner. Cheol Woong drinks beer first to refresh his body then he rubs his chest like Young Sun. Hoon Jae is his son??? (⊙.⊙)

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After Hoon Jae saw a photo of his mom and a man together in mom’s room more than a decade ago, he kept it and enlarged it so mom can have his framed picture. But she doesn’t like it, she returns the gift to him saying he’s not his father. Mom calls him an old-fashioned who jumped into conclusion just because she looked close with that guy in a photo. Looking close doesn’t mean they’re lovers. Hoon Jae cutely apologizes ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶ But from her face, Young Sun is clearly hiding a secret.

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Lee Dong Chool bumps into his wife at the sauna. Why Sanok is moping sauna’s floor? Is she working here now? Dong Chool quickly hides in the hot sauna room before his wife sees him. But she’s folding towels in front of the room. Sanok sighs, she decides it’s best to close the shop to help her son and she won’t get rich from the shop anyway. Her poor husband is sweating inside the sauna but there’re lots of towels to be folded.

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Unfortunately he drops his key when he’s sneaking out so Sanok yells at the strange ahjussi to take his key back. He can’t show his face, he stretches out his hand to get it back but of course Sanok knows her husband’s hand. He quickly escapes without the locker key.

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Jin Ae isn’t that surprised at her oppa’s convincing skill that mom gave up her shop when he needs money. Well, their mom’s love towards him is indescribable hence he’s taking advantage of his mother’s love and the current’s shop situation. Hyeong Kyu thought mom worked too hard without getting much but Jin Ae reminds mom runs the shop not merely because of money but because she loves seeing people enjoy side dishes she cooks. Hyeong Kyu then jabs Jin Ae by bringing up her moving plan, pointing out she does nothing to help ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) Well of course she wouldn’t help him, that’s why he went to mom, right? Their argument is cut short because dad arrives home.

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He realizes Jin Ae looks upset so he advises her to proceed with her plan to move out. Dong Chool won’t ask his daughter’s help, he’ll take care the problem he caused. Don’t worry, as long as he’s alive, he will protect the shop with all his might. But Jin Ae who knows dad will ruin things instead advises him to do nothing. And it maybe better to sell the shop to help Hyeong Kyu. But although Dong Chool kept running into troubles, Sanok held on to the shop to support this family so it means a lot to her. They shouldn’t tell her to lose her cherished shop.

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Jin Ae is trying to fix the machine at work, she fixed it last time & confident she can fix it again. Is she a mechanic too? No, she’s a super Jin Ae! (☆^O^☆) Hwang Young Sun who’s in the neighborhood drops by, she greets her employee who’s currently fixing the machine. Jin Ae is surprised to see her President in front of her, she accidentally knocks her head. Fortunately she’s okay.

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The machine is working now, President Hwang puts her thumbs up! Well done, Jin Ae. Apparently she begged her night school friend who knows machines to teach her that’s why she can fix machines. She then praises President Hwang’s books and points out her favorite book. Young Sun is surprised she knows the book she wrote a long time ago so she explains she’s been her fans for a long time and her book helped her because she was in similar situation like her. She’s been working since high school and she also argued a lot with her mother like President Hwang wrote on her book.

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Young Sun: “so did you also lash out to your mother asking why she had you?” T_T

She advises Jin Ae shouldn’t do that because she will regret it like she did after her mother passed away. She was upset thinking she made lots of sacrifices but she then realized all those weren’t that important. Just then, Hoon Jae returns his mom & Jin Ae is envious she has a great mother & son relationship, as if they’re friends.

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Sanok believes holding on to the shop will make her more miserable hence she’s firmly decided to sell it. She only cares about her golden child. When Hyung Soon mentions Jin Ae was really worried, she sarcastically believes her only daughter is happy her nagging mom isn’t home. She orders Hyung Soon never to visit her at the sauna again. And tell dad the same thing. Dong Chool is worried she’ll divorce him.

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Meanwhile, Chaeri can’t focus at work because her blind date hasn’t contacted her. She keeps checking her phone, thinking he rejected him so her friends advise to call him. But of course her pride won’t let her calling him first. So she sent a text message (to the friend who arranged the blind date) apologizing for that day. Hyung Soon who’s at his mom’s shop, is happy she’s fallen for him but let’s just ignore her. You bad bad boy, Hyung Soon (o・_・)ノ”(ノ_<、)

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The shop is having a huge sale today so Hyung Soon calls dad for help but he can’t bear watching his wife’s hard work, the side dishes are now being sold so cheap. The buyers can’t believe they’re closing because the dishes are delicious. Where should they buy the side dishes now? Jin Ae overhears their conversation.

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She goes to her mother’s room, touches the wall then her curious question why her mom always sleeps sitting down when she spotted mom slept while peeling onions pops up on her mind. Her mom slept against that wall. She replied she’d afraid she couldn’t wake up if she slept lying down ಥ_ಥ Suddenly, her mother-in-law called her and in a speed of light, Sanok woke up, ran to see her who nagged she’s sleeping again.

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After taking care her grandmother & washed the blanket covers, she made kimchi so she could sell it to feed her family. Young Jin Ae asked if it’s fun because mom always whinged it’s a hard work but she smiled saying of course it’s fun because she could make money.

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Sanok is currently dealing with two spoiled brats who put trash & oil on the floor. They slyly argue she wouldn’t have a job without this mess. Jin Ae arrives pointing out the sauna’s rules, threatens to report them. They are angry Jin Ae is rude to them, they can be rude to Sanok because she’s just a cleaning lady! Furious Jin Ae grabs the mop from her mom to wipe the pieces of human trash in front of her who dared being rude to her mom ᕙ(ಠ_ಠ‶)ᕗ Her temper is useful too.

She’s here because her oppa wants mom to make his favorite food. Sanok’s face lights up, she’s happy to do anything for her golden child. Anyway, Jin Ae doesn’t want her to close the shop especially after her customers were looking for her. But she doesn’t care about them anymore. Her son is her first priority.

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After a restless night thinking about her mother and the shop, Jin Ae looks at the pictures she took in the apartment she’d leased. She comes home to Hyeong Kyu’s favorite food and her favorite cucumber cold soup. Her mom dropped by earlier to cook it for her. She eats/drinks it in one gulp although it’s salty.

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Then she brings beef in soy sauce her mom made to Mr Kim, because he loves it. She reminds him how much he loves Sanok’s side dishes because it’s delicious & reminds him of his late mother who passed away long time ago. She begs him to remember those days when Sanok made side dishes for him hence he shouldn’t force her to stop cooking by kicking her out of her shop. After apologizing their relationship didn’t work, she then gives him additional deposit & rent he asked.

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Jin Ae decides to break her lease contract agreement bearing the loss. It’s okay for her as long she can help her family. She’s an incredible daughter, a great person who keeps making sacrifices. Then she deletes all the pictures she took at that apartment. Tearfully saying goodbye to her independence.

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Suddenly her manager calls her to work because of a bursting pipe. They urgently need to fix it tonight because an important client from China arrive tomorrow and the repair company can only come tomorrow morning the earliest. She rushes to work to fix it because she’s a plumber! >.<

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But she knows she can’t fix it herself so she calls the repair company-in-charge, demanding them to fix it tonight! Hoon Jae coincidentally was there wrapping up his work so he offers to help because he’s a certified pipe technician (☞ ° ∀ °) ☞

Jin Ae is relieved when the technician comes. But… why is Mr pervert here?

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Jin Ae, “pervert”? Hoon Jae, “gold digger”? lol She tells him to leave.

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He explains the repair company is his partner’s company and because he hold a pipe technician certificate, he’s more than capable to fix her company’s plumbing issue. Jin Ae doesn’t believe him so Hoon Jae leaves, telling her to wait until tomorrow.

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She calls the repair company to check if they really sent him, but nobody picks up the call. She panicky bangs on his car’s window, trying to talk to him. Hoon Jae continues driving so she runs in front of his car to stop it. OMG, Jin Ae, I know you’re brave but please don’t do this again.

First Impressions

I like both Eugene and Lee Sang Woo, they’re the main reason I’m watching this family drama. So far they don’t have many scenes together but everytime their characters meet, it’s epic 😀 Both episode 1 & 2 end with their characters bickering like oil and water.

The plot itself is the typical family weekend drama but the mother and daughter relationship is currently the main focus here.

Lee Jin Ae holds grudges to her mother because she continually treats her unfairly. Sonak also holds grudges because her mean mother-in-law treated her like a slave, to make things worst, she felt guilty she had to split her attention to her baby daughter when her sick eldest son was barely one year old but she should know that as a mother, she must love all her three children equally. It’s so obvious how much she adores her selfish eldest son who takes advantages of his mother’s love without financially contributing anything to the household. Hyeong Kyu frustrates me, he knows his responsibilities but his pride hinders him from stepping up to help his family because he needs help himself.

Jin Ae should follow her dad’s advice and move out so her family won’t take her for granted again. She’s too nice. But I love she stood up for herself, refused to date Mr Kim because love isn’t something that can be forced like that. She deserves her own happiness too.

Like many family drama, this drama also has birth secret twist. Hoon Jae is a naive man if he can’t read his mother’s expression whenever they talk about his late father. I think because he really loves his mother hence he trusts her and doesn’t want to hurt her feeling. So far Hoon Jae is my favorite character because he’s a good man who does his job well, holds a strong principle and respects & loves his mother. He’s the angel 😀

So far this drama is interestingly good, the conflicts are realistic enough for me to keep following All About My Mom. As much as I love the OTP, I also want to see the good progress of Jin Ae and her mom’s relationship. They’re both strong-minded who selflessly make endless sacrifices for their families hence they deserve to be appreciated by the men in their families who so far are painted as losers. But they won’t be losers forever, right? 🙂

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