All About My Mom Episode 20 Brief Recap

This drama progressively moves from one very stubborn mother to another stubborn & jealous mother. Poor Lee Jin Ae can’t catch a break. She’s now accused as a gold digger who chased her wealthy prince and his wealthy mother, although it’s far from the truth. Seems like people from a totally different background is not meant to be together because their perspectives towards life are totally different. Fortunately, Chae Ri isn’t. Although she grew up in luxury, she accepts Hyung Soon as who he is, even trying her hardest to earn brownie points from his family especially Sanok whom she’s scared of. But what will happen if Cheol Woong finds out the truth? Will he react like Young Sun or will he respect his daughter’s choice? Rating-wise, this episode almost broke 30%.

Episode 20 Brief Recap

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Young Sun grills both her son and her secretary, refusing to listen to Hoon Jae who tries his hardest to protect Jin Ae. She’s angry they hid their relationship from her (regardless of their reason), moreover, Hoon Jae is also wrong for lying to Jin Ae (despite their relationship as a CEO and a secretary). Jin Ae is clearly taken aback, truthfully explains she didn’t know Hoon Jae is her son as she apologizes for unintentionally lying to her CEO. She hastily leaves, leaving Hoon Jae to deal with his mother himself.

He confronts his mother for breaking this terrible truth to Jin Ae without discussing with him first, Young Sun argues he purposely let all those chances to tell his mother the truth passed because he only think about Jin Ae. I smell jealousy here. She’s furious the only thing he can say now is I’m sorry.

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He explains (to Jin Ae) that he couldn’t bear to tell her because she really respects his mother and as time flied by, he missed his chance(s) because she became his mother’s secretary and he moved to her house. Most importantly, he’s scared of losing her if she knows the truth as he fell in love at first sight and really likes her. She raises up the most important & basic thing in a relationship – honesty. Now, he’s like a strange unfamiliar man for her.

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The next day, Jin Ae emphasizes she didn’t know Hoon Jae is Young Sun’s son (thinking Young Sun jumped to a wrong conclusion that Jin Ae pretended of not knowing with a hidden agenda). Young Sun admits she (almost) misunderstood but knowing her personality, Jin Ae wouldn’t hide it from her. She’s more upset and embarrassed that her son lied to her. Truthfully, she wouldn’t be as comfortable if she knew her secretary is her son’s girlfriend.

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Hoon Jae’s proposal is chosen to be to be developed as JY Group’s main item for the 1st half the the year. Cheol Woong promises to give his full support as he hands the project to Sang Hyeok’s team. This annoying man pokes on his team member’s pain after he noticed his troubled facial expression. Thinking he finally has his chance to win Jin Ae’s heart back, he pesters Hoon Jae. So annoying.

Sanok believes the man who makes her daughter smile is the best (`▿´) Awww she finally accepts Hoon Jae.

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Hyeong Kyu secures testimonies and vital evidence so he’s confident the ajumma can win her divorce case by mutual agreement without any lawsuit. So sweet to see Hye Joo jumping for joy. But… there’s a string attached. He’ll only take this case if Hye Joo agrees to move out (he suggests to a small house behind their office building). He’s worried about his employee’s safety especially because she screamed on the phone. She fidgets with her hair, thinking about the costs of moving and breaking the contract but suddenly she’s about to burst into tears.

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Thinking she’s getting too emotional, he continues to pester her. Suddenly, she sneezes to his face. Just as she wipes his face, Ji Yeon bursts in, still keeping her hopes up although he said last time he no longer has a feeling for her. She interrogates him wanting to know if he’s dating his employee as he’s acting so coldly towards her. He replies it has nothing to do with her. Hye Joo who overheard their conversation, coolly steps into the room. When Ji Yeon asks if she’s dating Hyeong Kyu, confidently she replies yes we’re dating. Then she cutely winks, giving signals to Hyeong Kyu. Cutie.

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She’s more than happy to help Hyeong Kyu living an upright life like he promised. His shocked expression is priceless.

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Knowing someone is stalking her daughter who’s getting closer with Sanok’s son, Yoo Ja decides to buy a fried chicken shop (to save & earn money) in Hyeong Kyu’s neighborhood. She continues giving gifts to both Sanok and Dong Chool.

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Meanwhile, Chae Ri blurts out mother-in-law to her grandma who praises the side dishes she made. Fortunately she’s not too suspicious, only advising Chae Ri to be extra careful because she’s still too young. When Hyung Soon arrives, she hides his and her shoes, taking him to her bedroom as grandma isn’t home today. She totally forgets the car is still parked outside. He’s wondering why a girl’s room is so messy because his sister’s room is tidy. Chae Ri cutely explains it shows her free spirit.

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Chae Ri shows her most treasured necklace (that her mom gave before she left) and a picture of her late mother & cutie ‘lil Chae Ri. Chae Ri promised to her mother to stop crying (as she’s been in the past because mom was sick) but she broke her promise when she broke up with Hyung Soon. He promises she won’t cry again (because of him) then he kisses her finger. She cutely kisses his finger too.

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Jin Ae is mad, upset, angry thinking that she’s been deceived and made fun of by a rich prince who hid his real identity. She’s been transparent to him, showing him her life with all the excess baggage & pain she carried. She accuses him of helping her getting the promotion, hurting what matters most for her – her pride. He argues she would never receive his help if she knows he’s the son’s CEO but this is the price he has to pay for lying & deceiving her.

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Sanok notices they’re fighting now so she advises Jin Ae to keep her temper in check and try to understand the other person better. That is love. She’s changed her ship – now she’s taking Hoon Jae’s side.

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Worried sick about her stalker, Hyeong Kyu drops her home. He’ll pick her up at 8AM sharp tomorrow, she negotiates 8:30AM because she starts working at 9AM but no negotiation is allowed. Then he gives a phone waterproof case so she can take her phone whenever she’s taking a shower & pick it up within 10 seconds. Kim San and Yoo Ja bump into them.

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He quickly leaves (runs away) when Yoo Ja invites him for dinner tonight & Kim San praises his grandmother’s cooking. Ehm no, she can’t cook. As he leaves Hye Joo’s house, a mysterious man (cameo by Kang Sung Jin) is staring at him. The stalker???

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Jin Ae finds out her oppa’s motive of joining her firm as the lawyer. Of course that’s also the reason he helped Hoon Jae at the first place and hid the fact he’s her CEO’s son. Hyeong Kyu believes he earned the job based on his own merit, moreover, the CEO likes Jin Ae so even if she finds out he’s her brother, nothing bad will happen. Well not anymore, oppa. He figures out the CEO’s attitude changes after finding out about her son’s relationship. But his sister should know that he’s a selfish man so he insists to proceed with his plan, disregarding his sister’s feeling and dilemma.

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Young Sun now treats her very coldly, nitpicking everything then sending her for a market research outside (perhaps because she doesn’t want to see her).

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Cheol Woong suspiciously suspects… Hyung Soon … (Hyun Soon: did he find out?) conspires with Chae Ri hiding the man she’s dating but he’s a sincere person hence unlikely he’d betray his boss.

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Jang Chae Ri sneaks in to visit & help her future in-laws, proudly introducing her as the youngest son’s future wife, bragging about Hyung Soon’s job. But she naively chases away the customer (despite her good intention to help the customer to lose weight), much to Sanok’s wrath.

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Sanok snaps at Chae Ri, showing her disapproval so Dong Chool takes her home and describes his wife is a very compassionate lady once people know her well. It’s just Chae Ri’s timing is a bit off.

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After Dong Chool leaves, Chae Ri sneaks in to Hyung Soon’s room and sniffs the two blankets there. Straight away she knows which one is her oppa’s bed (the top one).

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Just as Young Sun is browsing Hyeong Kyu’s profile, her insider reveals he’s Jin Ae’s brother! As a result, she’s postponing his contract leading him to conclude that it’s Jin Ae’s doing.

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Assuring him that she’s okay going home alone, Hye Joo walks home alone. The mysterious man sees her leaving then introducing himself as Dr Kim Gong Yeol to Hyeong Kyu, he’s here seeking a legal advice for his hospital. Creepily he stares at Hye Joo’s desk, creepy creepy.

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Sanok is furious Hyung Soon is back together with Chae Ri who chased away their customers. Sigh… Chae Ri yaa… But where is she?

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Hyung Soon spots her handbag in his room and finds her sleeping in his bed. He sweetly gazes at her, fixing her blanket, admiring her beauty as he gently caresses her.

Although Jin Ae declines Sang Hyeok’s offer for a dinner treat, Sang Hyeok surprises her at work who’s just back at the office after a tiring all-day market research. Straight away he notices her troubled expression, teasing her to laugh so she forces her smile. He then kneels down to give a flower, hoping it’ll make her happy.

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People around them gather, thinking he’s proposing to her. Nam Sook who’s nearby is reporting it to Young Sun as if she’s a sport commentator. Jin Ae begs him to get up so he does but he shoves the flower to her hand. As she’s holding the flower, Young Sun walks pass her. No no no.

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She hastily chases her CEO, trying to explain before she’s jumping to a wrong conclusion. Of course Young Sun refuses to hear her explanation (especially because she’s still holding the flower on her hand). Neither does Nam Sook.

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Chae Ri is taking her dad’s utmost trust to Hyung Soon for granted. She believes whoever she likes, he’ll accept her choice and because he doesn’t have a son, he’ll treat his son-in-law well. Of course her worried dad calls, asking her to come home soon because it’s late. Chae Ri who feels sad they have to part every day, proposes to seal their relationship by getting married. Awww. As he drops her off, she stretches her hands begging oppa to hug her so he sweetly hugs her.

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Suddenly they hear someone’s opening the gate. It is… Cheol Woong! OMG, did he see them?


I hope Cheol Woong didn’t see them because I want to see them enjoying more precious cutest dates before he ruins their happiness. Based on his obsessiveness over Chae Ri’s secret boyfriend, he will not accept any man who’s not up to his standard. And Hyung Soon is clearly not on his list although he likes this young man’s sincerity and hard work. Remember what just happened between Young Sun and Jin Ae? She adored, admired and liked Jin Ae even hoping she’d be her daughter-in-law. After she found out she’s dating her son, everything changed. She’s now treating Jin Ae harshly, as if she’s a gold digger who flirted to her son first. Does Young Sun think she owns the world and her son? Her jealousy and obsessiveness will ruin her son’s life and her own life. I understand she needs time to digest the reality but accusing Jin Ae harshly, jumping to conclusion based on her own imagination isn’t the best way out. It’s like she’s writing her son’s life story and getting angry because of it.

Thing got from bad to worse because of Sang Hyeok’s brazenness. Can’t you see that Jin Ae is hurting? Can’t you see she didn’t even want to smile nor accept his flower? He couldn’t even understand her feeling nor the situation she’s in, so please just… leave… her… and… Hoon Jae… alone. Hoon Jae also needs to give Jin Ae a time to sort out her feeling. By now he should know that her pride has been repeatedly poked off that it’s badly damaged, yet he still hurt her pride (albeit unintentionally). Jin Ae needs time to regain her confidence & trust him again so these two men should stop pestering her.

And for her oppa Hyeong Kyu, please stop thinking about your greed for once. He redeemed himself by being a good protective boss to Hye Joo but he’s still a selfish greedy man who jumps to any opportunity involving money. Creepily, Hye Joo’s stalker is now roaming free and getting closer to him. Hopefully his greed of money will not put Hye Joo and her family in more danger.

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