All About My Mom Episode 25 Brief Recap

Cross-class relationships are commonly opposed by the elders especially if their beliefs are strongly shaped by their older generations. Money, credentials, family social status are few basic measurements used to choose the “perfect” husband / wife for their precious daughter / son whom they raised up like a princess / prince who lacks nothing. Ignoring the fact that nobody is perfect in this world regardless how wealthy, beautiful, handsome, smart they are. And ignoring the most important factor: love. All About Mom boldly highlights the elders’ social stigma and their children’s (different) ways to cross this boundary based on their maturity and life experiences. This episode focuses on Lee Hyung Soon and Jang Chae Ri’s love across the boundaries. Will they follow their heart or their conscience?

Episode 25 Brief Recap

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Hyung Soon and Chae Ri are enjoying their freedom and each other’s sweet smell they truly missed. After noticing Chae Ri’s hands are icy-cold, Hyung Soon takes her for a (PPL) winter jacket shopping. How can they afford the jacket is none of our business, it’s a Kdrama ^^

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Back at Chae Ri’s home, Cheol Woong rushed home after being told by his panicked mom that Chae Ri’s missing. Hoon Jae naively confesses (what he did) so Cheol Woong won’t Hyung Soon to the police for kidnapping his daughter. After he calms down a bit, Hoon Jae advises Cheol Woong to give the young couple a time because Hyung Soon will definitely take Chae Ri back home and if his family affair is known to the public, it’ll be negatively affected his company. He agrees to hold it off, only because Hoon Jae is Young Sun’s son. The grandma is shocked.

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Young Sun’s golden employee has fixed Jin Ae’s report because (according to her), it’s full of immature ideas. Of course Young Sun praises the new Team Leader in front of everyone who annoyingly kicks Jin Ae out of the meeting – re-delegating her into a mere assistant & bitching about her “incapability.”

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Cheol Woong goes to see Hyung Soon’s parents, hoping they know the young couple’s whereabouts. But they’re as clueless as him. Because he keeps putting down Hyung Soon’s occupation, Sanok yells out that they are no longer living in Joseon era! All occupations are equally honorable and nobody should have unfair judgement about who is precious and who’s not.

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Cheol Woong seeks their understanding as he’s a father of the only daughter whom was raised up without lacking anything. He nods in agreement that Hyung Soon is a great man, his parents raise him up well too. As a father himself, Dong Chool sympathizes with Cheol Woong, explaining they also raised Hyung Soon up like a prince too. Although he didn’t go to a prestigious school and currently doesn’t have a job, he is their precious son. Sanok adds that it’s possible Chae Ri is the one who chased him first. The whole neighborhood know Chae Ri came here chasing her oppa. They even advised her to seek her elders’ permission but Chae Ri never listened! Dong Chool advises him to wait a bit more because there’s nothing else they can do now.

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Hyung Soon wants to take Chae Ri home because their elders are most likely looking for them now, he also feels bad for Hoon Jae. But Chae Ri refuses as they’ll get punished anyway so it doesn’t matter if they come home now or later. Hyung Soon is in a dilemma. In the end, his conscience wins. He sends the restaurant’s address to Hoon Jae, telling him to pass it on to Cheol Woong. As he gazes upon Chae Ri who finally eats well today, he promises to get their elders permission to proudly take her out. He hopes she won’t cry and sad. Then he leaves. He sends his apology to Cheol Woong, promises to send Chae Ri home soon. Hoon Jae then calls Cheol Woong with the restaurant’s address.

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But before Hyung Soon gets on the bus, Chae Ri backhugs him! She still holds the lettuce meat wrap, omg Chae Ri yaaa… She wants to spend the whole day together with him so they go to Yangyang in Gangwon-d0 by bus. His phone is confiscated by her.

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Hye Joo rushes home after reading the note that Hyeong Kyu took her son home. San is sleeping right now with Hyeong Kyu’s working silently in his room, not wanting to wake him up. He even washed San’s wet pants. So sweet.

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Hye Joo blurts out, did her son wet his pants because he met his father? Hyeong Kyu figures out it happened before so he bluntly tells her about San’s father who came to the office earlier. He didn’t tell her that he’s their client because obviously he doesn’t know she’s been harassed by this man, her ex-husband. And the more she hides and runs away, the more he’ll harass her & her family! He suggests filing a restraining order, the thing she should’ve done much earlier. She trembles, begging him to pretend he doesn’t know as she’ll take care it herself. Her ex-husband threatened to take San away if she’s filing the restraining order. Hyeong Kyu is so frustrated with Hye Joo’s explanation that her ex-husband never harm her nor Kim San. Couldn’t she see how scared & traumatized Kim San is of his father? It’s a mental harm not just a physiological harm. It will hurt Kim San and her the more she’s trying to sweep it under the rug.

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Kim San wakes up hearing the loud yelling in the living room, worried Hyeong Kyu made his mom cried but he assured him it’s not because of him. It’s about his father. Hyeong Kyu refuses to pretend this creepy guy doesn’t exist as he does and Kim San knows it. He advises Kim San to let him and his mother know whenever he’s having a hard time and do not be afraid because he has Hyeong Kyu and his family by his side. Kim San nods.

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After spending their afternoon at the market and exploring the beach, Chae Ri and Hyung Soon are enjoying the sunset together. Chae Ri suggests to live here forever – innocently believes shells and fishes are enough for them to make a living but Hyung Soon brushes off her idea. Chae Ri then grins, suggesting them to make a baby made in Yangyang here. omg Chae Ri yaaaa. She believes their elders will give their permission if they have an accidental baby. They play around until…. they kiss.

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Kim San had a traumatic day so Hyeong Kyu took him and his mother to Yoo Ja’s shop, as he’s going home himself. Dong Chool is surprised finding out the kind lady he met outside his son’s office is Yoo Ja’s daughter, the world is indeed small. Kim San sweetly greets Sanok then thanks Hyeong Kyu for taking care of him earlier. Dong Chool praises Hye Joo who takes after her mother. When he first saw her, his instinct tells him she’ll be a good wife for Hyeong Kyu but Sanok disagrees. Even if she’s still single, she doesn’t suit her golden child.

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Finally it’s our OTP time. 🙂 Jin Ae almost blurts out that Hoon Jae’s mother is like other parents out there when they’re talking about Hyung Soon who boldly ran away. She then asks if it’s true Shin Yoo Hee was Hoon Jae’s ex-girlfriend. He can only sighs. Yoo Hee is like Sang Hyeok who keeps saying Jin Ae is his first love. It’s ludicrous that their rivals are their team leaders who brag that they’re their first love 😀 Hoon Jae suggests them to run away too but Sanok who overheard their convo yells out warning them for not following Hyung Soon’s idea. Ha. They burst into laughter. Hahaha.

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Chae Ri refuses to go home because the day isn’t over yet but the last bus will be here soon. Hyung Soon threatens to take the bus alone, leaving her alone here. He stretches out his hand, begging Chae Ri to hold his hand to get on the bus together. When they see the bus coming, Chae Ri slyly grab his hand before quickly letting it go and running away! Hyung Soon runs after her but he loses him until an ajumma directs him to the room where Chae Ri is… sleeping… or pretending to sleep.

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Dong Chool brought a warm jacket for Sanok who’s waiting for her youngest at the bus stop. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as Hyung Soon reminds Dong Chool of the time they ran away after Sanok’s cousins threatened to beat him up. It was a thrilling experience as they conceived Hyeong Kyu that night.

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When Hyung Soon calls, she orders him to go home now! Chae Ri apologizes for holding on to him, telling them they’ll return tomorrow. Then she abruptly hangs up.

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Although Hyung Soon offers to call her dad but Chae Ri believes it’s best she talks to her worried dad herself to assure him that she’s doing okay and will return tomorrow. Chae Ri doesn’t let her dad to talk to Hyung Soon, she hangs up then switches off her phone.

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Then they hug, rug up, enjoying their first night together under bright stars. Chae Ri teases Hyung Soon to kiss her but she’s having a cold because it was really cold at the beach earlier. Hmmm why don’t you go inside guys?

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Hyung Soon set up pillows barrier in the middle so they won’t do dangerous thing tonight 😀 But Chae Ri kicks these pillows and cutely rolls to sleep beside him. He resists although Chae Ri begs they should’ve sleep while holding hands. He moves to the other side, follows by Chae Ri who rolls to the other side as well. They continue playing this avoiding & rolling game until annoyed Hyung Soon tells Chae Ri that he’s really sleepy!

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Fortunately, Chae Ri is too. After realizing she’s sleeping, he sweetly touches her shoulder but he then slaps himself few times to wake him up. Yes, you can’t do that thing you’re thinking right now Hyung Soon. After trying hard to control himself, he tries to sleep. But Chae Ri (who’s not sleeping) quietly holds his hands before climbing up to…. 😀

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The night passes. Hyung Soon is woken up by the ajumma’s loud voice, scolding Chae Ri for burning the new pot as she tried to make breakfast for her boyfriend. So they eat the burnt rice for their breakfast. Hyung Soon is loving his girlfriend’s first homemade meal. awww. Both of them are sooo happy, that means they …. it last night, right? 😀

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Creepy VVIP client keeps bringing up about Hyeong Kyu’s employee so Hyeong Kyu asks straight to the point, “why are you doing this, Kim San’s father”? This creepy man laughs, then orders him to let Hye Joo go, offering to find a more capable secretary & bring more clients to him. As Hye Joo’s husband & Kim San’s father, he believes it’s his right to protect his family. But Hyeong Kyu knows he doesn’t have a right as a head of family as he’s divorced Hye Joo long time ago. Hyeong Kyu recites the same words this doctor said on his TV broadcast few days ago about delusional jealousy that he ignores because he think he loves his wife too much. He then tells him to get a treatment for his illness!

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It’s so creepy this doctor doesn’t want to hear the truth, maybe it’s true he’s too delusional. He grabs Hyeong Kyu’s collar, wanting to know about his relationship with Hye Joo. This man knew Hyeong Kyu met Hye Joo at the hotel she worked. Wow creepy stalker. Only after Hyeong Kyu points out the CCTV camera in the room, he calms down a bit. He threatens to bury Hyeong Kyu forever with a lot of evidence that he has if he continues to be in Hye Joo and Kim San’s lives, he’s not scared with this CCTV recording! As soon as he leaves the room, Hyeong Kyu breathes a sigh of relief. His heart almost dropped, he was pretending to be strong & not afraid although he’s very very scared! The CCTV camera is actually not working as he hasn’t installed it. lol.

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Sang Hyeok’s jealousy and chodingness cracks me up. He isn’t giving up on Jin Ae! But neither does Hoon Jae who promises to come to Yoo Hee’s welcome dinner tonight with… Jin Ae because he wants of officially introduces her as his girlfriend to Yoo Hee. Good good. Young Sun: “with whose permission is he introducing Jin Ae as his girlfriend”?

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To Jin Ae, Young Sun reveals that she used to say to Yoo Hee that she’s her daughter-in-law as a joke, when she asks about her close relationship with the new team leader. Young Sun then explains (although nobody asks her) that Yoo Hee’s father is Tae Han Group Chairman and their families know each other really well. On their mind, Young Sun sarcastically tells Jin Ae that her son is not hers yet while Jin Ae believes she’ll be fine no matter how tough her rival is.

As she’s replying Hoon Jae’s message to come to his mother’s dinner invitation looking breathtakingly beautiful, Yoo Hee is on the phone with him telling him she’ll look breathtakingly beautiful tonight.

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Jin Ae boldly tells her team leader that she’s going to meet her boyfriend, Kang Hoon Jae! Oh yeah! Yoo Hee’s expression changes. Jin Ae then tells her she’s coming to their dinner together. Yoo Hee is wondering why Young Sun hasn’t told her about Hoon Jae’s girlfriend in which Jin Ae reveals she may think she’d know because everyone knows. But Jin Ae’s happiness is short-lived as Young Sun orders her to tidy up their premium store tonight! Yoo Hee sarcastically teases they won’t be able to have dinner together tonight. Even Hwang Young Sun even realizes she’s being so childish!

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Yoo Hee runs to hug Hoon Jae, much to his bewilderment. He’s clearly looking for Jin Ae so Yoo Hee kindly informs that Jin Ae is currently working overtime at the store his aunt is in charge of. He tries calling her but she doesn’t realize because Sang Hyeok conveniently flips her phone as he surprises Jin Ae at work. He’s more than happy to lend his hand for his Princess.

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Hyung Soon and Chae Ri know their freedom is short-lived. Holding hands, they bravely enter Chae Ri’s house. Cheol Woong is outraged at Hyung Soon!

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