All About My Mom Episode 27 Brief Recap

The cuteness is back, so do the bitchiness and the creepiness. While Chae Ri and Hyung Soon firmly set what’s best for them and their relationship, Young Sun drastically chooses what’s best for her only son – begging him to understand her feeling yet she doesn’t make any effort to understand Hoon Jae’s feeling! But her son isn’t the old Hoon Jae that she knows, he’s changed into a better man who protects and stands up for his love. As Jin Ae and Young Sun’s psychological war continues, Hoon Jae is trapped between two women who really love him. On the other hand, Hye Joo is also squashed between two men who love her (albeit one of them is mentally too sick to love her).

Episode 27 Brief Recap

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As their eyes meet, Hyeong Kyu sweetly kisses Hye Joo’s lips. She kisses him back. This beautiful moment is worth waiting for. But… when Hye Joo realizes what just happened, she instinctively pushes him away making Hyeong Kyu yells in pain. Then she runs away to buy medicine for him. Unfortunately, he can’t chase her because of his strained back.

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When she’s back, he doesn’t want her to disinfect his wound – making lots of excuses. She laughs, realizing he’s scared of the sharp stinging feeling 😀 Although he promises to see the doctor tomorrow but Hye Joo isn’t giving up. She pretends to leave, but makes a sharp turn to… disinfect his wound. Hyeong Kyu forgets she’s a mom so she’s used to this but her son is braver than him. 😀 Despite injured, he still takes her home – vowing he’s not scared of anything leading her to tease him about his disinfectant phobia.

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When he leaves, he hears a very suspicious sound so he looks back to see if there’s someone there. Suddenly, Hye Joo opens the door and he yells out! She’s worried but he gives a signal for her to go back inside.

Chae Ri is nowhere to be seen, Cheol Woong asks Hyung Soon to call him as soon as he finds her. Hyung Soon, his dad and Hoon Jae are looking around their neighborhood hoping they’ll find her. Love expert Dong Chool believes she’s hanging around here because of her longing feeling to see her lover.

Jin Ae figures out her promotion is Young Sun’s sneaky way to separate her and Hoon Jae. She abruptly leaves to her office before curious Sanok who caught her talking about holding and enduring, bombard her with more question(s) she won’t be able to answer.

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Sharp-eyes Dong Chool spots Hoon Jae’s ring that he’s never seen. Hoon Jae sheepishly reveals it’s a couple ring – the happy news which bring smile to Dong Chool and Sanok’s face in the midst of today’s incident. They blurt out Jin Ae went to her office… again.

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But she actually went to Young Sun’s house to confront her because she can’t no longer endure it. She recalls her brother’s words that she’s finally met her match so she must be calm and can’t let Young Sun to dictate her. Young Sun bluffs that Jin Ae didn’t meet her expectation in the planning team so she sends her to a place where she can do her job well (showing her abilities) & with more freedom. But Jin Ae presses her in case there’s other agenda (that she thought of before) so Young Sun asks what will she do if that’s the real reason? This psychological war is going nowhere so…

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Suddenly they’re transformed as warriors. Jin Ae wearing all black & holding a sword while her worthy opponent is in all white & defending herself with a fan. They fly up in the air where Young Sun punches Jin Ae’s stomach – Lee Jin Ae loses and she admits defeats.

Knowing her opponent is stronger and more powerful, Jin Ae reveals she can go anywhere even to farther place as long as Young Sun likes her.

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She’s hurt that their relationship went contentious because she liked her before but Young Sun lies that she doesn’t make business decision based on her personal feeling – advising her to use this opportunity to show off her abilities and skills. Jin Ae knows she’s lost this round so she retreats from this psychological war and promises to do well.

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Dong Chool was right. As Hyeong Kyu limps home, he bumps into Chae Ri hiding in the corner. He lends his jacket to Chae Ri who begs him for not saying anything to anyone about her whereabouts because she’s being chased. But she collapses on his feet! Poor Hyeong Kyu, his back is injured but he has to carry Chae Ri home. He’s struggling to walk, let alone climbing the stairs.

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He tries to shush Hoon Jae who calls out to his parents-in-law that Chae Ri is here. Hyeong Kyu’s back almost break as he carries Chae Ri to his mother’s room.

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They tuck Chae Ri to bed but observant Sanok spots her golden child’s bruised face and wanting to know what happened. Hyeong Kyu steers the topic back to Chae Ri who’s having fever but Sanok gets more worried as Hyeong Kyu groans in pain holding his back.

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Hyung Soon rushes to see Chae Ri who jumps and hugs her boyfriend.

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Hoon Jae waits for Jin Ae outside. She isn’t spilling the beans (that she confronted his mother) but she’s very thankful he came out to see her. He then checks their seal of love aka their couple rings and they both stamp each other’s ring with kisses. Cute cute cute.

Albeit upset, Cheol Woong’s priority is Chae Ri’s health. He brought their family doctor to check her condition.

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She breaks her father’s heart again by insisting to stay here, much to Sanok’s disbelief. Well didn’t Cheol Woong threaten he won’t see his daughter again if she disobeys him?

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After thinking about it over and over, Chae Ri doesn’t want to leave Hyung Soon. If she goes home, her dad will force her to study abroad & she can’t see Hyung Soon again. Moreover, she’s too sick to stand up and go home tonight. Using her powerful weapon aka crying, she emphasizes she’ll stay here. Cheol Woong tells her to do whatever she wants then leaves her room. He asks Hyung Soon’s family to send her by a taxi to a hotel or hospital or their family doctor if she’s too difficult to be taken care of.

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As a father himself, Dong Chool promises to let her sleep at their place and will persuade her to come home tomorrow. He promises to treat Chae Ri like their youngest daughter, vowing they won’t let Hyung Soon and Chae Ri to stay together. Cheol Woong is truly apologetic for intruding late at night, politely asking him to take a good care of her.

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Chae Ri is too sick to stand up so Sanok let her to sleep there with her tonight. What about Dong Chool? Chae Ri smiles at Dong Chool who humbly says he can sleep anywhere.

After Hye Joo told her mom what happened, Yoo Jae is worried knowing how protective Sanok is to her golden child. Hye Joo insists nothing’s going on between them.

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To his mom, Hyeong Kyu lies he tried to stop the fight on the way home, pretending to be fine although he couldn’t even turn back to put a heat-pack on his bruised back.

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But Sanok isn’t buying his explanation, thinking he was fighting with his ex-boss. She then checks on Chae Ri, relieved her fever is going down. Despite complaining, she covers Chae Ri with blanket. Dong Chool is sleeping on the top bunk bed and advises Hyung Soon to persuade Chae Ri to go home tomorrow for her dad’s sake.

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Cheeky Hyung Soon sneaks in to his mother’s bedroom, so happy to see Chae Ri sleeping in his house. But his sister teases him for being so happy despite turning the whole house upside down. Sanok warns him that Chae Ri snored so bad, he blurts out she didn’t snore when they slept together.

The rest of the family aren’t buying Hyeong Kyu’s explanation either because he’s not young man of justice Hoon Jae who stops the fight on the street. It was the start of his fate with this family 🙂 Of course Sanok brags her lawyer son is a better young man of justice.

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In front of worried Hoon Jae who notices the bruises are getting worse, Hyeong Kyu pretends to be okay. He quickly stops Hoon Jae who wants to have a quick look on his back. It’s clear Sanok knows something’s wrong.

The other “mom” is jealous seeing her son continues driving Jin Ae to work. She coolly greets them, swallowing her jealousy inside. Clueless Hoon Jae think his mom is used to their relationship and is a cool mom! Jin Ae sarcastically concurs her CEO is cool.

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Meanwhile, the hyena finds out Jin Ae has been promoted to Seongnam. He drags Hoon Jae to the corner, bragging he’s finally found the evidence of Jin Ae’s suffering under her CEO’s mistreatment. After making her doing overtime and outside work, she’s now sending her far far away. He yells out to clueless Hoon Jae that it’s “your mother” (in English!). Eloquently he expresses his sympathy to thoughtful Jin Ae who endured it by herself while her clueless boyfriend doesn’t know. Hoon Jae believes his mother who was still so warm to them this morning, wouldn’t do it.

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Sang Hyeok is surprised to see the ring on Hoon Jae’s finger so Hoon Jae proudly brags they’ve stamped the seal! The hyena orders him to take the ring out but hilariously Hoon Jae twists him around (in slow-motion).

Love expert trusts his son who promises he won’t escape in the name of love again 🙂 Sanok threatens to come home throughout the day because she doesn’t trust the young couple at home alone.

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Hyung Soon cooks delicious less-spicy kimchi fried rice for starving Chae Ri who’s now feeling more energized after sleeping in a heated floor. But her smile soon turns into anguish as Hyung Soon persuades her to return home because she’s recovered enough. Chae Ri is feeling sorry for her dad too but she believes this is their relationship so they can’t break up just because her dad is against it. Why live in hell? They should try to live well and show it to her dad that they’re happy being together.

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Hyung Soon hugs her, confessing it was also hard for him. Sanok makes a surprise visit to catch the young love. But after hearing Chae Ri’s heartfelt cries, she knows she can’t stop them.

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Hye Joo meets with her ex-husband at the cafe, ignoring Hyeong Kyu’s word of advice to return to the office asap after she went out (lying) to buy a pen during work hours. She boldly looks at her ex-husband in the eyes, something she was too scared to do in the past. She trembles, boldly orders him for not beating Hyeong Kyu up again like he did yesterday. Gweol Ryeong screams asking if she likes that guy. She begs him to stop stalking following her and let her live.

He will if she follows his order to stay home & raise Kim San with his financial support. Or if she doesn’t like being stalked, she can get back together with him. He threatens to overthrow Hyeong Kyu if she doesn’t resign.

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Well he won’t! Hyeong Kyu rushed here after noticing the music he heard when he called Hye Joo earlier. He summons his secretary back to work, repeating what he said earlier on the phone.

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Then he threatens to take criminal action for the crimes Gwang Ryeol did as he points out the medical certificate for the bruised on his face has already been filed! He’s more than ready to fight with Gwang Ryeol who wouldn’t sit still.

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He appoints himself as Hye Joo’s legal representative hence everything related with Gwang Ryeol will need to be communicated through him. She asks with whose permission did he appoint himself as her lawyer and what about the fee? He’s frustrated with reckless Hye Joo who put herself in danger again, before advising they’ll discuss about the fee later. She then receives a threatening message from her ex-husband and her heart aches seeing Hyeong Kyu wincing in pain.Sanok is curious who beat her golden child so she begs Yoo Ja to find out from Hye Joo.

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Hoon Jae confronts his mom about Jin Ae’s reassignment but mom accuses Jin Ae for asking her beloved son to stand up for her. Mom, Jin Ae hasn’t told Hoon Jae about her promotion, he heard it from the hyena. Hoon Jae begs mom to accept Jin Ae so Young Sun brings up the old Hoon Jae who always understood his mother’s feeling. Because of Jin Ae, he’s changed into a different Hon Jae but he insists he hasn’t changed, begging mom to reconsider Jin Ae’s reassignment. Young Sun warns the more he rebels, the more estranged her relationship with Jin Ae will be.

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Hoon Jae believes marriage is the only way out so he suggests to move forward their wedding. He couldn’t pretend not knowing, you know.

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Cheol Woong bumps into Young Sun and Nam Sook in the bar and once again he praises her for raising her son well so she brags he grew up well without a father. Before Nam Sook leaves with Young Sun, she confronts clueless Cheol Woong to be by Young Sun’s side when she’s having a hard time especially after she raised Hoon Jae by herself!

Young Sun has enough with her love-sick son! She flatly ignores Jin Ae at work before driving to Jin Ae’s house with Nam Sook.

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Young Sun turns up at the side dish shop and is escorted to Hoon Jae’s room by Hyung Soon. He goes back to the shop because Chae Ri carelessly almost burnt a side dish, leaving Young Sun and Nam Sook alone at his house. Young Sun instructs her cousin to pack up her son’s belonging! Just as they wheel his luggage, Jin Ae arrives to stop them. Young Sun advises Hoon Jae doesn’t know anything and she has a right to do this as his mother. It’s not because the house is too shabby but… there’s a bigger reason. She’s unhappy he’s staying at this house with Jin Ae.

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Jin Ae asks if she really dislikes her. Young Sun replies she likes her as her employee but not as her son’s girlfriend and daughter-in-law.

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Talk about the good timing – Sanok arrives and hears Young Sun declares she hates Jin Ae!

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