All About My Mom Episode 29 Brief Recap

The birth secret has been revealed but Cheol Woong is facing a dilemma to tell the truth to his son he never thought he had or let it slide for the sake of the woman he once loved. Before he can make his decision, his daughter surprises him with the news that breaks his heart to pieces. Meanwhile, Jin Ae is pushing through with her wedding plan despite their mothers’ obvious disapproval. She finds out the real reason why her Mom is against this marriage.

Episode 29 Brief Recap

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Cheol Woong isn’t ready to reveal the truth yet as he steers the conversation strictly about work while Hoon Jae assures him Hyung Soon’s family adore Chae Ri and she’s doing well – making him wishes he had that kind of younger sister. Cheol Woong stares at his long-lost son, relieved he grew up into a great man.

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Young Sun and her cousin’s sisterhood falls apart as Young figures out her blabber-mouth cousin told Cheol Woong. She’s afraid Cheol Woong’s mother who repeatedly said she wanted a grandson will mess into Hoon Jae’s life. Meanwhile Cheol Woong blames himself he didn’t even know about his son’s existence and that he’s been living and working near him. To both Cheol Woong and Nam Sook, Young Sun trusts them for hiding this birth secret from Hoon Jae forever.

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To his overly-worried & emotional Mom, Hyeong Kyu argues he must help his employee as a lawyer & employer. He stand firm they don’t have any relationship as Sanok suspected although he admits Hye Joo ex-husband beat him up but don’t worry, he’s already taken a legal action. When upset Yoo Jae brings up Sanok’s sarcastic remark, Hye Joo defends Sanok. As a mother herself, she understands Hyeong Kyu’s mother’s feeling especially because he is her golden child.

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Hye Joo isn’t on the mood to study but Hye Joo forces her to study (for tomorrow’s quiz) to keep her mind off today’s incident. Then Chae Ri brought side dishes for loyal customer Hyeong Kyu – teasing him it’s for his girlfriend 🙂 It’s not free of course and she’s already prepared $37 change when he hands out $50 note. Chae Ri’s suspicion (that he’s dating) grows when he asks her to prepare stir friend ground cherry pepper (requested by Hye Joo).

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During their simple dinner, Hoon Jae brings up his CEO’s unusual way of calling him earlier. Then he firmly decides to tell everyone about their wedding, he wants to get married as soon as they can so they can be together sooner.

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Sanok dreams of a cute puppy who refuses to leave and clamps down on her pants. She wakes up abruptly, in panic because she had the same dream after she conceived Hyeong Kyu! Dong Chool innocently asks if she’s pregnant, if not, let’s make a cute baby sister for Hyung Soon because he wants to have a pretty daughter like Chae Ri. He cutely names her Hyeong Soo. 🙂

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Sanok isn’t suspecting her golden child of course but Chae Ri who can’t stop eating flies under her radar. Sanok is actually suspecting Jin Ae especially after Hoon Jae announces their wedding plan! Chae Ri is clearly envious while Hyeong Kyu gives a permission for her to marry first. Dong Chool isn’t objecting anything while Sanok tells her family to stop congratulating because marriage is not a joke and she hasn’t given her permission yet. Did Jin Ae already forget about her CEO’s insult? Of couse she hasn’t but they’re going ahead with the wedding since they’ve already told Hoon Jae’s mother.

Hoon Jae stutters because they haven’t got his mother’s permission but planning to get Jin Ae family’s permission first to hopefully get his mother to change her heart. Sanok vows she will not give her blessing until she hears from Hoon Jae’s mother herself that she approves this wedding. If not, there’ll be no wedding. Dong Chool agrees, advising the kids for not pushing their wedding thoughtlessly especially after everyone knows about Young Sun’s feeling.

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Jin Ae is angry mom is the only one who’s not giving permission. She’s pushing through this marriage because she likes Hoon Jae, not because she’s pregnant. Didn’t her mother also do the same thing? She also went against Dong Chool’s mother to marry him despite her disapproval. Sanok frustrately argues she doesn’t want Jin Ae to end up like her. She wants to send Jin Ae to a mother-in-law who adores her! Jin Ae hugs her mother, vowing she will get her mother-in-law’s love. She understands Young Sun’s feeling as a single mother. In tears Sanok asks what does a daughter who doesn’t receive a mother’s love know about motherly love? Jin Ae replies she knows her mother doesn’t hate her. She repeatedly tells mom not to cry then Sanok holds her daughter’s hand.

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Young Sun sends Jin Ae to New York for a training, citing a great opportunity has just surfaced. Of course Jin Ae wants this training, it’s the reason she worked hard to work in the planning department. Young Sun gives a false promise that she may be able to be the team leader after completing the training.

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Hyeong Kyu forgot to bring the side dishes he hid in his wardrobe! Sanok finds it and from Chae Ri she finds out her golden child has a girlfriend whom he’s been giving the family’s side dishes to. Chae Ri then asks Sanok to make pepper side dish because her son wanted it.

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Dong Chool advises his youngest son to take the wisest approach for both families’ sake. Moreover, he needs to find a job soon to smoothen his path to get Cheol Woong’s respect and permission. Hyung Soon is now determined to send Chae Ri back now so both of them can solve their hurdles – Chae Ri with her dad’s plan to study abroad and Hyung Soon with his job. Although they can’t meet for a while, their hearts will not change. Chae Ri accuses him of backing out but no he’s not. He’s thinking the best for both of them and their parents. He wants to be a man Cheol Woong will be proud of. Chae Ri accuses him of focusing on his future instead of her! She yells out she will leave now!

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Cheol Woong believes as a father it’s morally responsible to tell Hoon Jae the secret.  If he knew about his son back then, he would do something and for the remaining life he has, he wants to do anything to Hoon Jae as his father. But Young Sun accuses him for being greedy – trying to pay back what he owed her. She insists to keep this a secret. Then she finally let out a secret. Hoon Jae was kidnapped when she called him in panic that day. Because of that incident, he suffers a claustrophobic until now.

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While Hyeong Kyu is out at the police station, Gweong Ryeol visits her. His delusional imagination goes wild as usual. Hye Joo promises to resign after the project she’s working on wraps up, begging for his understanding. He asks her to return to him if he gets rid Hyeong Kyu’s problem – because he doesn’t believe she won’t see Hyeong Kyu again. In tears Hye Joo promises to leave as far as she can, as long as she doesn’t have to go back to him. Gweong Ryeol can see from Hye Joo’s eyes that she really likes Hyeong Kyu. Their convo is cut short when Kim San arrives to see his favorite chocolate bread ahjussi. He hugs his mother, staring at his father who looks away from his own son.

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Chae Ri bids her farewell to Hyung Soon’s parents and Sanok gives her allowance for helping with their side-dishes shop. Chae Ri is upset they thought of her as a part-timer but that’s not what they meant. It’s their token of their appreciation. Sanok takes the money back, then gives her rice cake she really loves. But Chae Ri wants mackerel stew as Sanok is cooking it today. She becomes suspicious because Chae Ri doesn’t like fishy mackerel stew but she still packs it for her.

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Both Grandma and Cheol Woong are relieved Chae Ri finally returns home. Hyung Soon apologizes for continually making him worry but Cheol Woong thanks him and gives his token of appreciation (for returning Chae Ri). Hoon Jae vows to find work with his own strength and despite grateful, he returns the gift so Cheol Woong shoves it back to him. Hyung Soon reveals he’s not returning Chae Ri because he really loves her and will love her more in the future. He’s returning her now because he knows his father-in-law is having a hard time! Cheol Woong kicks him out for daringly called him father-in-law.

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Hyung Soon leaves Chae Ri’s house, not looking back because he really loves her. Chae Ri who looks at him from her room is upset he’s not looking back.

Cheol Woong thanks Chae Ri for coming back, not willing to talk about her relationship because he wants to spend time only with his daughter today. He really missed her – so much. Chae Ri sweetly apologizes.

Sanok catches it really quick – her intuition, dream and Chae Ri’s non-stop eating…

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Sanok packs cherry pepper side dish for Hye Joo then brings it to Yoo Ja to apologize for her sarcastic remark last night. Yoo Ja blurts out it’s her daughter’s favorite dish, making Sanok realizes… what Gweong Ryeol told her is true. So Sanok proposes to find a great man for Hye Joo – a kind offer Yoo Ja nervously declines, explaining Hye Joo isn’t thinking about remarriage.

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Hyeong Kyu is frustrated with Hye Joo’s quiz result. Distraction is just an excuse, Hye Joo. His heart is bruised that his employee didn’t do well. Hye Joo cutely repeats his gesture of slapping her chest – blaming herself for not doing well. 🙁

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Hyeong Kyu is taking both Hye Joo and Kim San to Yoo Ja’s shop but she’s worried Sanok won’t like it so he mentions they don’t have any special relationship. Cue to both of them reminiscing their kisses last time. Ehm ehm.

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Chae Ri eats non-stop at home. Even her grandma is shocked and points out she’s like a pregnant newlywed. Chae Ri belatedly realizes she missed her period. OMG. Made in yangyang baby?

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Kim San never forgets about how sad his mom was in the past. His mom didn’t know he heard mom and dad fighting. Gwong Ryeol was so obsessive that he accuses Hye Joo of flirting although she only thanked that person for picking up her wallet. He locked her inside Kim San’s room for a week, threatening she wouldn’t see San again. Under his blanket, Kim San cried.

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He confesses mom started to smile again after she worked at Hyeong Kyu’s office and it makes him happy. He begs him not to fire his mother although she can’t do her work well because she studies really hard everyday. He’s scared mom will lose her smile again if she leaves. Kim San knows his dad won’t stay still. But Hyeong Kyu promises he won’t stay still either, so don’t worry Kim San. He also won’t fire anyone unfairly. Please smile Kim San ya.

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Jin Ae’s matches are a very stubborn Young Sun and a nagging Yoo Hee who tells Hoon Jae about Jin Ae’s New York training. Hoon Jae believes Jin Ae will choose him over her overseas training. Yoo Hee grabs his arm, begging him to treat her dinner since Jin Ae is working overtime. He refuses of course. Just then, the hyena bumps into them and accusing him of cheating! Yo Yo Yo.

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He threatens to send a picture of the two of them to Jin Ae but Hoon Jae vows he has nothing to hide. The hyena gives Yoo Hee a nickname: a kissing-thief then orders them to go on their separate ways.

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Chae Ri expresses her happiness that they can get married… She cutely gives a hint… ba… I think I’m having a baby…

While Chae Ri grins from ear to ear, Hyung Soon is screaming in panic! He finally figures out why she couldn’t stop eating. Chae Ri cutely suggests to get married soon while Hyung Soon is clearly worried. Mom T_T She shoves him to the shop to buy pregnancy stick alone.

Then they sneak inside to go to the bathroom Hoon Jae built for the men of the house. Hyung Soon is nervously waiting outside while Chae Ri is equally nervous that she’s not pregnant. She really wants this baby.

She accidentally drops the stick on the toilet bowl so she asks her oppa to buy another one. 😀

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While Hyung Soon prays she’s not pregnant because he doesn’t have a job yet, Chae Ri is too nervous to check afraid her bubble of happiness will soon burst. Finally she winks… to see if it’s + or -.

Her eyes widen!

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