All About My Mom Episode 38 Brief Recap

Christmas comes sprinkling their magic for our couples. After a rocky start to their marriage life, Hoon Jae & Jin Ae enjoy their belated honeymoon thanks to Young Sun who magically listens to her family & follows her heart. Meanwhile, Cheol Woong hears the news he’s been patiently waiting for years! Somehow I’m wondering what happened between him and Yoo Ja because their relationship ended abruptly without any clear explanation. Seems like they were only in “some” phase and didn’t take their relationship to the next level. A shocking confession will leave one great guy devastated T_T

Episode 38 Brief Recap

Thankfully Hoon Jae stands up for his wife explaining they had different upbringings hence she did what she felt best for Cheol Woong. Nam Sook adds that she sacrificed her honeymoon to nurse her so please just let this go for once. Being bombarded with her family who defended Jin Ae, Young Sun follows their advises because Jin Ae didn’t realize she went overboard. Jin Ae then boldly asks her MIL to start calling her daughter-in-law instead of Assistant Manager Lee but she decides to just call by her name – making Hoon Jae happy because it feels like Jin Ae is Young Sun’s daughter.

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Fed up with “we” “us” “our”, Jin Ae confesses she’s like an outsider in little circle of “us”. Hoon Jae calmly apologizes but apology is not what Jin Ae wanted.

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As he’s getting a fresh air recalling the happy moments he had with wealthy girl Chae Ri who ended up with him, a thief bumps into Hyung Soon. He chases after the thief whom he believes stole his wallet and… shocked that she’s Aeng Doo!

She quickly removes her hat, buries her head on his chest, begging Hyung Soon to help her because the two men who were chasing her, are here. She’s safe for now but she can no longer deny that she’s been stealing wallets since the third grade. But today is her unlucky day because someone else stole a wallet but she’s being chased instead. Hyung Soon advises her to stop stealing and wants to remember her as a nice girl he knows so she makes a vow she won’t steal again. Because of her sprained foot, he piggybacks her home but they bump into Chae Ri.

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As expected, Chae Ri accuses Hyung Soon for meeting Aeng Doo behind her back. Feeling sorry, he drops Aeng Doo in the middle of the road – clearing the misunderstanding that Aeng Doo is just his co-worker. Yes he was angry after she said she’s annoyed with him (Chae Ri ya, you need to give him a space for himself!). But more than that, he blames himself for forcing Chae Ri lied so she could be with him.

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Because he’s still worried about Aeng Doo’s sprained foot, Chae Ri proposes to take her home by wheel cart. As she pushes the cart, she nags that Aeng Doo is too heavy but Aeng Doo is too happy enjoying the ride looking at her handsome oppa.

Feeling sorry Chae Ri & Hyung Soon were kicked out by Cheol Woong and can only eat instant noodles tonight, Sanok let them to eat leftover rice & side dishes especially after hearing Chae Ri’s growling tummy.

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The starving couple is eating delicious bibimbap in front of their amazing elders. Chae Ri feeds Dong Chool while Hyung Soon cutely feeds his mother 🙂

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The newlyweds pay a visit the next morning. After paying their respect, Dong Chool asks if Jin Ae had any conception dream reminding everyone about Sanok’s puppy dream. The parents glare at Chae Ri who quickly hides behind oppa Hyung Soon. Dong Chool think that the conception dream maybe for their other children… Jin Ae? or maybe Hyeong Kyu? He flusters when Chae Ri blurts out he looks better with the flavored pepper eonni instead of the dentist eonni.

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Dong Chool advises Jin Ae to understand Hoon Jae so she won’t suffer like her mother in the past. A lot of times, the wives assume her husband chooses his mom’s side although the man isn’t actually taking any sides. When Chae Ri joins them, Jin Ae challenges her to apply for an intern job at HS Fashion.

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Chae Ri studies really hard because she wants to help her husband who’s been suffering way too long alone. But there’s a twist… a kiss is forbidden until intern test’s day! Frustrated Hyung Soon keeps nagging but Chae Ri shuts him up with her deathly glare. She wants to kiss too but she can’t break her own vow. Hyung Soon is doing well at work himself, his customers like him and he suggests a great idea to attract more customers.

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After dumping a lot of work to Hye Joo so she can’t meet President Kim, Hyeong Kyu leaves on a date with Seo Hyeon. He’s mad she couldn’t do her jobs properly, blaming her relationship with President Kim distracting her.

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Hoon Jae presents Jin Ae with a necklace as a Christmas gift. As he put on the necklace on her neck, Yoo Hee and Young Sun see them (Yoo Hee overheard Jin Ae’s talking to Hoon Jae they’d meet at this shopping center earlier). Despite Yoo Hee’s attempt to ruin their happy moment, Young Sun stops her & maintains her cool head.

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President Kim has made himself comfortable with Hye Joo’s family – he happily lends his hands at Yoo Ja’s chicken shop. Hyeong Kyu who’s just back from his date (which he clarifies to mom it wasn’t a date) is annoyed especially when President Kim runs outside to give expensive scarf to warm Hye Joo’s neck. He also mentions to a shocked Hyeong Kyu that he’s found a new job for Hye Joo and she’ll leave his office soon. Many people got their jobs through connection anyway so it’s okay. After he abruptly leaves, President Kim is so happy that he acted well in front of Hyeong Kyu. But the job offer is true.

Seo Hyeon reveals her family wants to meet for a marriage introduction meeting soon. Dong Chool can sense their son likes Hye Joo better so does Sanok who pretends not to know but believes once they get married to someone else, they’ll think that those feelings were meaningless. Dong Chool isn’t happy when Sanok tells him to back off because he’s Hyeong Kyu’s dad and the head of this household! But Sanok threatens to run away making Dong Chool reveals it feels like he’s living with the head of bandits. —skipping his scene with convincing con artist Eun Ok who begs Oppa Dong Chool for money—

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Yoo Hee sent a picture of Jin Ae wearing the necklace Hoon Jae gave her to Nam Sook who straight away can feels Young Sun’s jealousy because she wanted that necklace too. Young Sun teases Hoon Jae to buy Jin Ae a Christmas gift so he pulls out two gifts for mom and aunt. Surprisingly, both of them receive the same gloves making Aunt nags that he should’ve bought something else for mom. Young Sun pretends to be happy with the gift that Jin Ae picked. She knows she can’t be childish, it’s understandable Hoon Jae gave his wife a nicer gift.

Just then, Cheol Woong sends a text wanting to know how she’s doing. She wants to reply but her pride doesn’t allow her.

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From Chae Ri, Grandma found out about Young Sun’s illness and finally gives her permission for her son to get back with Young Sun. She doesn’t have any reason to oppose Young Sun anymore, she has successfully raised her son alone & is a respected business owner.

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Dong Chool ya, you’re too kind! He secretly transfers 1 million won to Eun Ok behind his wife’s back! He startles when Sanok suddenly enters their bedroom. But she’s actually here to apologize for speaking too harshly earlier. She keeps tickling him until a smile breaks on his face.

Our OTP is finally going on their belated honeymoon after Young Sun generously gifted them a hotel suite voucher. They start by shopping for a couple jacket then Jin Ae calls her MIL who’s still not used to call her by her name. She is so sweet towards her DIL, catching herself by surprise.

Sanok has already told Hye Joo about the family’s introduction meeting this weekend. She feels like she’s lost Hyeong Kyu forever.

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Christmas magic comes early for Chae Ri, she passed her internship test! She breaks the news to grandma first who’s relieved her spoiled granddaughter finally grows up. Cheol Woong also breathes a sigh of relief.

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Dong Chool and Sanok are celebrating with Chae Ri. Sanok is in a very happy mood that she gives two stamps for Chae Ri to have rice and side dishes today & tomorrow. Then she calls Hyung Soon oppa who cutely whispers I love You in front of jealous Aeng Doo.

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President Kim mentioned he’ll go to Jejudo for two months and wanted to meet Hye Joo before he leaves – as a friend. He won’t ask her for anything else, he just wants to see her. Outside the cafe where they’re supposed to meet, Hye Joo is truly sorry but she wants to fulfill his wish because he’s a really great guy. A moment before she opens the door, Hyeong Kyu harshly stops her & drags her away! Poor President Kim T_T

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When asked if she’s going to marry President Kim, Hye Joo nods so Hyeong Kyu accuses she’s a gold digger. Hye Joo replies that he’s not the only one who likes money! In frustration, he asks what else does President Kim have beside money? She replies he’s a great guy who makes her feel comfortable and he doesn’t harshly grab her hand like someone else. He’s honest, doesn’t hesitate to tell his feeling and never belittles her. The truth is, she doesn’t have any special relationship with Hyeong Kyu so she let go her hand and leaves. Yoo Ja stops Hyeong Kyu from chasing her daughter, begging him to let her go and take his own path.

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Young Sun is home alone because Nam Sook is enjoying Christmas Eve with her friends. But she has a company! Cheol Woong came because he really missed her, begging her to open the door because nobody is home anyway (how did he know?) He’s really thankful when she opens the door. He gives her necklace.

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Our OTP is enjoying their belated honeymoon. I’m so so so happy for them and hopefully Hoon Jae’s wish to have a Made in Christmas baby will be granted. 🙂

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The maknae couple pray Chae Ri will become a permanent employee after her internship finishes and Hyung Soon will get a promotion – they’ll work so hard to achieve their dreams. But for now, forget about the strict restriction! Maybe they’ll have a Made in Christmas baby too ^^

President Kim realizes that it’s time for him to let Hye Joo go because she should be happy with the person she loves. T_T He cries T_T Someone, please give him a hug T_T

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Suddenly, Kim San arrives with a present – a beautiful Christmas bell that he loves to shake and a chocolate bread that Kim San really likes. Kim San is thankful he’s been really nice to his mother. He wisely reveals that this is life T_T President Kim tearfully hugs Kim San.

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Regretting what he and she said, both Hye Joo and Hyeong Kyu are calling each other at the same time so their calls can’t get through! When Hyeong Kyu arrives, Hye Joo is packing her stuffs notifying she’ll quit after he finds her replacement. As expected, he harshly grabs her hand again – but this time, he apologizes for cowardly let her hand go! He promises he will never let go her hand although people oppose them! So… let’s…


OMG, he’s proposing to her! Confessing he really loves her.

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Dong Chool and Sanok are celebrating a romantic Christmas Eve at the side-dish shop – drinking, lighting candles which reminds them of the trouble they had when they lit up candles without his mom’s knowledge and almost burnt a blanket.

Meanwhile, Hyeong Kyu drags Hye Joo – he doesn’t want to wait because today it Christmas Eve. Despite Hye Joo’s objection, he drags her to see his parents who’re shocked to see them rushing here holding hands.

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Hyeong Kyu boldly announces they’re getting married! He put his arm around her should, hugging her tightly. Yes, he will not let her go again!


Finally there’ll be no more denying, no more push-and-pull, no more innocent people getting hurt. Hyeong Kyu’s shocking proposal is too abrupt especially for Hye Joo who experienced a failed marriage once. As expected, his selfishness rules their relationship and his abrasive personality doesn’t help either. Marriage is a huge commitment so he should discuss it with clear mind with Hye Joo before dragging her harshly to his parents.

I didn’t like President Kim at the start of this drama because he used his wealth & power to get whatever he wanted but he’s matured into a great guy who sacrificed his own happiness for the sake of the woman he really loves. Kim San’s Christmas present is so thoughtful, a combination of two things that President Kim and him really like. Hopefully President Kim realizes that he made Hye Joo felt appreciated and loved.

Chae Ri’s luck continues as she didn’t need to experience as many failed job tests / interviews like Hyung Soon. Her talent + hard work + determination plus luck landed her the internship job where she will meet with her dad’s lover every weekdays ^^ She’s blessed to have a caring supportive husband and a very awesome in-laws who adore her to pieces. Aeng Doo’s presence forces her to grow up into a considerate wife and opens her eyes that she must do her part too to keep the fire in their marriage alive.

*rant The mandatory PPL scenes and arguments with Young Sun aren’t enough to quench my thirst for our OTP. Writer-nim, please give Hoon Jae and Jin Ae more scenes. It’s a waste of Lee Sang Woo and Eugene’s chemistry >.< I was expecting to see them enjoying their first date as a marriage couple – like enjoying hot cocoa together while teasing & kissing each other or go to a theme park before retiring to their hotel room. Hopefully the writer will grant my wish and Hoon Jae’s wish 🙂 He announced he’d getting married to Jin Ae the morning after Sanok’s puppy dream which could mean that the conception dream was not for Chae Ri but for Jin Ae. Chae Ri will start her internship soon so she probably wants to secure permanent job first before becoming a mom. Jin Ae on the other hand, is more than ready to be a mom.


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