All About My Mom Episode 39 Brief Recap

This episode focuses on Hyeong Kyu who’s forced to wear the “perfect son” mask in front of his family especially his mother who dotes him to pieces. He always put on his best acting performance but he finally reaches his boiling point and blows up. After endless push-and-pull relationship, he man up to show Hye Joo that his feeling is sincere. Unfortunately Hye Joo’s soft heart is too weak to sail the rough sea together with him. She has to deal with her emotional insecurity first before she’s ready to welcome a new man into her life.

Episode 39 Brief Recap

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Perhaps because of her conception dream + sudden marriage plan (which many) would believe that the woman is pregnant, Sanok treats Hye Joo kindly. Hye Joo nods her head (with assuring nod from Hyeong Kyu) when Sanok asks if the two of them have agreed to get married. His family saw kind-hearted Hye Joo grew up so they know she has a sweet personality, Sanok even thought of having a daughter like her but after wasting 30 years imagining the perfect wife for her golden child, Sanok tearfully begs Hye Joo to reconsider. She even brings up Kim San, what if he brings home a woman she doesn’t like?

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Hyeong Kyu cut off his mom, yelling that he and Hye Joo like each other – he had a hard time convincing Hye Joo to marry him! Dong Chool scolds his son for raising his voice as Sanok is on her knee, begging & begging until Hye Joo admits defeat. Sanok and Dong Chool stop Hyeong Kyu from chasing Hye Joo who abruptly left. Sanok assumes her son likes Hye Joo because they spent too much time together and she believes what Hye Joo lied said to her sincerely comes from her heart.

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He then rushes to see Hye Joo but she’s not opening her door until he leaves empty-handed after a neighbor voices her complaint he’s been banging on the door for ages. When she finally opens the door, he’s left so she can only calls out his name. She is frustrated thing has turned out to the worst but Yoo Ja encourages she should never feel inferior only because she’s a divorcee. Hye Joo still refuses to talk to Hyeong Kyu while Hyeong Kyu refuses to talk to his parents by locking his room’s door.

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Meanwhile, the maknae couple is enjoying their supper in the kitchen to celebrate Chae Ri’s internship. Sanok is suspicious Chae Ri is pregnant because she’s been eating almost non-stop. Spoiled Madam Chae Ri misses her dad and her luxury life, indirectly making her husband who was wiping the floor – guilty.

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Young Sun asks how did Cheol Woong know she’s alone at home (I wanted to know too!) but he cheekily replies, secret! She guesses her blabbermouth cousin told him. She advises that Chae Ri was hired because of her skill, she didn’t receive any special treatment. After making tea for him, she finds Cheol Woong sleeping in the living room so she put on a blanket for him but he holds her hand, wanting them to stay together for a little longer.

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Unfortunately our OTP can’t even spend the night together without any distraction! Hoon Jae is urgently called to the office for his major project and his understanding wife let him go. Neither of them can’t believe their eyes when they see Young Sun and Cheol Woong at home. Jin Ae covers them by explaining that worried Cheol Woong came after he couldn’t reach Young Sun while Cheol Woong changes the topic praising his son for doing well on his China project. Hoon Jae nags at mom for not calling him when she’s sick, asking if there’s other hidden reason why Cheol Woong was here. Young Sun obviously lies it’s not. She then scolds Jin Ae for making up excuses because it wasn’t the situation where she covered anything up. It’s not that she’s dating Cheol Woong either. Jin Ae can only apologizes for overacting (because as a woman herself, she instinctively protects her MIL). After Jin Ae left her room, Young Sun is wondering why she’s not grateful Jin Ae helped her.

Dong Chool can’t even comfort his wife who’s agonizing over Hyeong Kyu’s choice of woman. It’s because you set your expectation too high, Sanok. And you forget that your son has his own feeling, you don’t have any right to control his feeling!

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Today is Chae Ri’s first day of work, she cutely drew Aeng Doo (crossed her face) and put the this anti-Aeng Doo magic charm on Hyung Soon’s pocket – warning she can barge into his work at any time! She then cutely hugs Sanok who lies that she cried all night long because she finally got a job. Hyeong Kyu still refuses to talk to his parents but still gives a wise advice for Chae Ri to give her best on her internship.

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She excitedly hugs her sister-in-law who drags her to the corner and reminds her to be professional because this is a workplace. When Yoo Hee greets her (they met at Nam Sook’s store once), Chae Ri coldly reveals she doesn’t remember people who don’t have any impact on her life. But she soon realizes she made a huge mistake because Yoo Hee is her team leader!

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She then greets CEO Hwang who reveals that she was hired not because of Jin Ae but because of her good portfolio. When Young Sun stares at Chae Ri’s beautiful face, she realizes Cheol Woong’s late wife must be pretty too.

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Meanwhile, Hyeong Kyu’s mood worsens as Hye Joo hands her resignation and advises him to date Seo Hyeon so he realizes that his feeling for her is just out of compassion. He is frustrated Hye Joo easily gave up, did she forget his promise to only look at her even though she’s a single mother? She replies they are not the only two people living in this world, there’re his family, Kim San, her family so why make everyone’s life difficult by liking her! In contrary, he wants the two of them to overcome hardship & obstacles together however they won’t be able to if she loses her confidence & let his hands go. She challenges him to return to his old arrogant past, making Hyeong Kyu lashes out in anger that he will marry a woman for money!

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Although Sanok has never said it, Yoo Jae is aware she’s upset that she’s trying to take her precious son away from her by setting her daughter up with Hyeong Kyu hence she explains she never intended it to happen. Sanok is too upset to argue back, moreover, after witnessing Young Sun’s harsh treatment to Jin Ae, she knows how Yoo Ja feels. Dong Chool and Eun Ok have been MIAs lately, are they… together?

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Yes they are! She embroidered a handkerchief and put it on his neck, making his heart beating so fast. Despite his conscience reminds him he can’t do this, it looks like he’s enjoying her company. Like father like son, Hyung Soon continues helping Aeng Doo after a rude sunbae keeps calling her. Chae Ri’s anti Aeng Doo magic charm clearly doesn’t work!

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Chae Ri keeps pigging out during her lunch with Jin Ae, she blurts out the truth that her sister-in-law rarely helps out at home. Jin Ae admits it’s true. They then go to Nam Sook’s store to see her grandma who warmly greets her granddaughter-in-law. Grandma really wants to meet her grandson whom she shed a tears for, but she can’t meet him.

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Chae Ri worked tirelessly, she doesn’t realize everyone including Jin Ae has left work. She tries to call Hyung Soon but he’s busy mixing onion marinade and as usual, Aeng Do flirts with him. She even licks his finger when he told her to taste the marinade. He finally answers Chae Ri’s call and soon realizes the anti-magic charm is missing. Aeng Doo annoyingly yells out in a very annoying tone, making Chae Ri suspicious but he covers it up well.

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Until he bumps into Aeng Doo on the way of meeting Chae Ri. Her face is bruised, what happened? Suddenly Aeng Doo’s sunbaes appear behind him, blaming him for making her leaving her team and taking their one million won. Hyung Soon refuses to give them this a million won so they beat him up.

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After the sunbaes left, Hyung Soon asks if the one million won she stole from him is for them and where’s the money now. She promises to return it back as he wipes the blood on her face. He knows Chae Ri is waiting for him but what are you doing, Hyung Soon?

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Aeng Doo suddenly plants a kiss on his lips right in front of Chae Ri!

Meanwhile, Hyeong Kyu is drowning his sadness with alcohol. He can only apologizes to Seo Hyeon for abruptly cancelling their parents meeting but he refuses to answer her question if he has made his mind about Hye Joo. So she calls Hye Joo to get the answer – blaming her for breaking her promise to help her. Hye Joo can only apologizes, making her mother scolds her in frustration. What did her daughter do wrong here?

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Yoo Ja confronts Hyeong Kyu for continually making Hye Joo suffers after all the hardship she went through. He can’t say anything, except apologizing. Well he tried so hard to accept her, to like her sincerely but Hye Joo doesn’t have the confidence to accept his love T_T

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He walks home defeated. To his worried mother, drunk Hyeong Kyu reveals he hasn’t done anything right. He didn’t bring home a woman his mother likes. But Mom doesn’t have any right to send off Hye Joo harshly. Didn’t she forget how upset she was sending Jin Ae off? He confesses it was burdensome living as the perfect son for his mother and witnessing his sister’s resentment every single day. He’d rather die when his leg was burnt instead of giving Jin Ae & his mom a scar for the rest of their lives. He was afraid of disappointing his mother and her high expectations!

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Dong Chool slaps Hyeong Kyu who doesn’t realize his mother suffered so so much T_T Sanok begs Dong Chool to stop hitting her precious son as Dong Chool tells him to die! T_T

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