All About My Mom Episode 42 Brief Recap

Time is chasing after us, it’s only a fleeting moment that we shouldn’t take for granted. To love or to let go, only us know the answer. Cheol Woong and Young Sun chose to rekindle the love that’s still burning inside their heart while Chae Ri discovers that her love isn’t strong enough to conquer the storms that continuously shaking their marriage. On the contrary, Sanok’s true nature of love molds her into a stronger woman who understands her husband’s fleeting heart with another woman. Her heart isn’t wavered knowing that she’s the only woman Dong Chool loves. But this episode she finds out she might not have a lot of time left with her husband & family. A heartbreaking test result which will turn her life upside down.

Episode 42 Brief Recap

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Wiping the tears that don’t stop flowing, Chae Ri rushes outside hoping her husband is still waiting for her there. But he’s not there… He sits in the corner before taking the last look at Chae Ri’s mansion then walking home. After watching Chae Ri disappeared from his sight, he knew he’s lost her.

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Although Chae Ri left home, her wardrobe is full with the latest collection from her favorite brands – thanks to her dad. Chae Ri nods when asked if she broke up but strangely it doesn’t make her dad happy because Chae Ri returns home carrying a heartache, burying her impulsive emotional act of love deep inside her heart. After hurting her dad, her love towards Hyung Soon now has no meaning. Cheol Woong reveals that people who’re crazily in love are confident their love will last forever but the true nature of their love will be revealed when reality hits or someone disrupts their relationship.

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Cheol Woong’s sudden proposal and his mom’s loving expression when she looks at him makes Hoon Jae realize that Jin Ae was spot on. His mother who appeared to only care about her son & company, still likes her ex-love. Suddenly, his phone rings – wait is mom calling him?

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Yes, she is. 😀 He goes straight to see his mother, assuring that Jin Ae doesn’t mind because she knows Young Sun would discuss about Cheol Woong’s proposal with her son. Young Sun avoided him after the proposal last night because she’s ashamed to her son. And because he proposed in front of their family & her employees, she couldn’t turn him down but she’ll talk to him if Hoon Jae disapproves. Don’t worry Young Sun, Hoon Jae let his mom to do whatever her heart tells her. But he asks mom to give him time to try to accept Cheol Woong.

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The house is quiet without non-stop radio Chae Ri. Sanok’s antenna is up, ordering her youngest to solve whatever love quarrels he had with his wife. Hyung Soon lies Chae Ri went home because her grandmother is sick. Her mood worsens when Hyeong Kyu coolly mentions he’ll move out after his wedding.

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To a very stubborn Aeng Doo, Hyung Soon repeats Chae Ri is the only woman he loves. Doesn’t she realize that the man she loves is going through a very difficult time because of her? He is nice (to her) only because they’re co-workers, he has no other feeling despite Aeng Doo insists that she loves him and he can easily break up with his wife because they haven’t registered their marriage.

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Another crazily in love man is waiting for Young Sun in front of her company. Unlike the other employees (and Seung Hwan) who coolly greet him, Jin Ae hides thinking her MIL will hate her more. He’s confident there’s no age limit of showing his love to the woman he loves. Because he came all the way here, he just wants a comforting hug. 🙂 Young Sun wants to quickly leave but he hugs her and whispers I love You.

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After finding out from Young Sun that Chae Ri returned home, Jin Ae scolds her. But Chae Ri has enough. Her husband spent the night with Aeng Doo on the day her Dad invited them dinner for the first time. She doesn’t want to hear his explanation because she knew what he’d say. She’s upset Jin Ae blames Chae Ri but she’s his sister so obviously she’s on Hyung Soon’s side. When Jin Ae urges her to resolve their argument, Chae Ri reveals the more she think about what happened, she gets angrier and hates Hyung Soon more. She believes Hyung Soon’s heart has changed as he willingly took a picture with Aeng Doo. Meanwhile, Hyung Soon totally ignores Aeng Doo.

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Because Sanok lived in the same room with her late MIL and husband, she once vowed that her daughter-in-law would not live under the same roof with her. But she still feels betrayed over Hyeong Kyu’s plan to move out.

She’s going somewhere but pretending she’s going on a date like someone in this neighborhood –  a curly hair man who walked over fallen trees with his woman. Dong Chool nervously gulps, avoiding his wife’s sharp stares.

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Sanok is actually going to see a doctor because she’s been having cold lately and isn’t well. The doctor shows a lump on her neck, urging her to see a specialist at a bigger hospital.

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While thinking about what the doctor said, she bumps into a gleeful Yoo Ja who’s busy preparing for their kids’ wedding. She promises to give whatever Sanok wants so Sanok cheekily asks for expensive clothes & jewelries. Yoo Jae then reveals Kim San will live with her so Sanok doesn’t have to worry.

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Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo are already looking for an apartment near Kim San’s school although Hye Joo doesn’t mind to live with her in-laws especially because she’s their eldest daughter-in-law. They go to the second bedroom where the sun shines brightly, Hyeong Kyu states this will be Kim San’s bedroom. Hye Joo is contented he’s thinking about Kim San, turning him into an angel 😀 He cheekily praises himself to the sky before asking her to kiss him. As her lips almost touches his cheek, the real estate comes back to the room. They quickly split up, pretending inspecting the walls & balcony door thoroughly. ^_^

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After spotting Eun Ok giving money to the woman who came looking for her the other day, Dong Chool gives the rest of his emergency fund to Eun Ok. It’s less than $200 but this is the last time he’s helping her. He also returns the poetry book she gave him, hoping she will live prettily from now on.

Following his advice, Eun Ok decides it’s time for her to leave. She bids her farewell to Sanok & Yoo Ja. Dong Chool who sees her leaving, texts his chat friend Madeleine aka Nam Sook that it was just a fluttering heart, not an affair nor even a fling. He feels sorry to his wife.

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Hesitantly Chae Ri picks up Sanok’s call, happy that her mom is missing her. Sanok clearly misses her non-stop chattering. Hyung Soon who came to her office, tries to clear up the misunderstanding but for Chae Ri, it’s clear that he chose Aeng Doo over her who gave up everything to be with him. They are blaming each other until Seung Hwan calls Chae Ri to return to work. No, she’s not coming back to Hyung Soon’s home until she decides he’s someone who deserves to receive her love.

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Yoo Ja put Kim San in a very difficult position. Although his mouth tells mom he’s going to live with his grandmother but from his expression, his heart tells otherwise. So Hyeong Kyu decides they all will live together… he’ll move in to Hye Joo’s room!

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She stops him from telling his mom, afraid Sanok will get upset. But he won’t separate his woman from her son. Her face lights up when he called her my woman.And he already said he’ll move out anyway so it doesn’t matter where they’ll live, right? Wrong!

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After handwashing and ironing Hoon Jae’s undergarments since he had eczema, Young Sun hands this over to Jin Ae. Fortunately he’s no longer suffering from eczema so she doesn’t have to handwash it. Young Sun feels like a heavy burden of her shoulder is lifted up but she clearly will miss the hard work she did for her only son.

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Of course Sanok is mad her golden son ignoring his mom’s feeling, continue deciding things according to what he think best for Hye Joo. On the contrary, he’s frustrated because Mom gave her permission for him to move out but Dong Chool adds that he forced mom to agree. Sanok is upset her son is falling in love with a single mother! She feels like her heart explodes.

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Screen color suddenly changes, is this Sanok’s dream or a flashback? Sanok is embroidering Jin Ae’s hanbok, hoping she can give it to her for her wedding day. Sanok praises Jin Ae for making it to the top 10 of her entire store, allowing her to go to college to do the major she really wants. Don’t worry about Hyeong Kyu’s college fee nor any hardship at home. Spread your wings, Jin Ae ya. She even tells her that she likes her daughter the best (this is clearly a dream, right? T_T). Sanok promises to make beautiful things for Jin Ae as her late mom couldn’t do it for her. Suddenly Jin Ae disappears and her late mom appears. She begs her poor baby Sanok to go with her but Sanok explains lots of things still needs to be done for her family. Tightly holding her daughter’s hand, her late mom apologizes. Sanok gets up, trying to relinquish mom’s grip because she doesn’t want to leave with mom yet.

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Sanok murmurs I don’t want to go yet, Mom – waking her husband up. She’s scared, she’s afraid. She misses her mom a lot so it was nice seeing her even if it’s only on her dream but is it a bad sign? Though she understands but she’s still disappointed her husband’s heart fluttered (because of another Ok). As he comforts her, he apologizes – it was because he was lonely.

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Following doctor’s order, Sanok goes to see a specialist at another hospital where she bumps into Hoon Jae who’s visiting his friend. He assures Jin Ae is living well, even taking control over him 😀 She politely tells him to leave as he wants to escort her to the consultation room. Before leaving, he surprises her with a kiss on her cheek before giving her the biggest love shot. So so cute.

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The doctor’s face suddenly turns pale when she sees the xray pictures, prefer to discuss the result with her guardian. Sanok lies that her family members are living abroad hence it’s okay to tell her the result now. Sadly, it’s a bad news. She has a big tumor, a rare cancer which is very hard to treat. The doctor predicts she only has six months left or even shorter. She then urges Sanok to call her family back to support her because her pain will get a lot worse. Can she still see blooming spring flowers next year?

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When her worried husband calls, she yells at him as usual (trying her best to suppress her tears). Dong Chool wants to eat bean curd stew Sanok makes but she tells him to make it for her instead. She gives him a detailed instruction on how to make as her tears can’t stop flowing.

She begs mom for not taking her away this soon. Because she still wants to make her husband’s favorite food for a long long time.

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    And here I am begging the writer for miraculously heals Sanok because neither she nor her family deserve this rare almost untreatable cancer. Noone, no family should go through this evil illness T_T

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