All About My Mom Episode 45 Brief Recap

Time for everyone to have their own panic moments after Sanok deliberately left home to clear her mind. Regrets start creeping in so does guilty trip. But none of them could figure out the root of Sanok’s troubles until an observant & caring Hoon Jae adds up suspicious clues about his mother-in-law. Meanwhile, Young Sun and Cheol Woong’s relationship is facing another roadblock as his mother is too stubborn to let her 60yo son go with the love of his life however today’s Young Sun isn’t the old Young Sun who easily accepted defeat. She has the upper hands now, why does she have to be mindful of someone who totally ignores her feeling in the first place?

Episode 45 Brief Recap

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Dong Chool panicky searches for Sanok everywhere but she’s gone, leaving only a short note that she’s gonna get a fresh air. Her phone is off so he turns to Jin Ae who looks annoyed because it’s not the first time mom left home. Eavesdropping her sis-in-law’s phone call, Chae Ri recalls Sanok’s plea for her to come back because she’s the only one who can ‘wake’ heartbroken Hyung Soon up. Sanok revealed she left home after fighting with her husband but she always came back. Even though Sanok was disappointed with Chae Ri’s answer, she still nagged at her to dress warmly like a mom would.

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Dong Chool remembers their last argument before Sanok left. She confronted him, wondering what he likes about Eun Ok and why he only feels sorry for Eun Ok, not for his own wife. He tried explaining he didn’t have that kind of relationship with Eun Ok but Sanok haggardly told him to bring that woman here after she dies and to live happily with her. If he won’t do it, he can remarry any woman otherwise he will be lonely. Because of this non-ending argument, Dong Chool nodded, agreed with his wife’s demands just to make her happy. He didn’t mean it. But it made Sanok incredibly sad.

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Adding more salt to his wound, Yoo Ja accuses Sanok of running away because she can’t bear seeing the newlyweds returning from their honeymoon today. Jin Ae & Hoon Jae are talking about Sanok so the news spread fast.

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Young Sun insists she won’t live under the same roof with Cheol Woong’s family because she’s not marrying him for his mother’s sake. She gives ultimatum the marriage is off unless he put in extra effort now. Like a little kid, Cheol Woong asks: “should I move in with you then?”

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The newlyweds are back from their honeymoon, dragging their luggage whilst holding hands. Cute. Yoo Ja teaches Kim San to start calling choco bread ahjussi “dad” but he’s too shy to do it so caring Hyeong Kyu let this cutie to take his time to get used to having two daddies. Kim San blurts out his grandmother left home so they rush to pay their respect to Dong Chool to find out what happened.

Hoon Jae guesses if Sanok left home feeling depressed after sending all her children off. Hyeong Kyu can’t hide his disappointed face that mom isn’t here to welcome him back so Jin Ae harshly reprimands her oppa for continuously thinking about himself first! They bicker again until Hyeong Kyu blurts out Jin Ae called out Mom for help the other day!

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While the siblings are arguing, Hye Joo calls Sanok & thankfully she picks it up. Sanok apologizes she left home on the day they returned from their honeymoon as she mixed up their return date, assuring she’s okay & will return home in a few days. Jin Ae put the phone on speaker so everyone can hear & talk to her. Sanok is aware her son is upset so Jin Ae adds that her brother hates mom to death. 😀 Hoon Jae asks her whereabouts so he can escort her home. Awww… She abruptly hangs up & switches the phone after Hyeong Kyu nagged at mom. Well done, Hyeong Kyu ya… Everyone hates him now.

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He steers away their glaring eyes by assuring that mom is doing well so let’s eat! The new daughter-in-law is working hard preparing dinner for the whole family. When Jin Ae asks her brother why he’s not helping his wife, he makes excuses that he’s grilling the meat. Dong Chool is thankful that despite the uproar in their household, Hye Joo is working tirelessly like a pro. Hyeong Kyu can only smile when everyone praises she’s a good cook before even tasting her food. 😀 But they soon realize that she can not cook although she’s been helping her mother in the kitchen since she’s young! Hoon Jae, Jin Ae and Dong Chool’s expressions are priceless but they try hard to be as polite as they can but when Hye Joo’s not looking, their eyes are on the grilled meat! It’s Hye Joo’s sincerity and thoughts that count, right? ^^ If only Chae Ri and/or Sanok is here, Hyeong Kyu would have to shield his wife from their harsh critique.

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Of course Cheol Woong’s mom and Chae Ri accuse Young Sun when he brings up he’ll move out after his remarriage. Chae Ri is annoyed her Dad didn’t fulfill her late mom’s wish to live separately because she’s scared of her MIL, but although she was unwell, she still endured all her filial duties. Both of them believe Cheol Woong would never thought of moving out if not because of her.

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Young Sun is worried if Cheol Woong’s mom hears about her thought so Nam Sook advises to stop minding about grandmother’s feeling because she’s not mindful of Young Sun’s feeling in the first place. But they’re not prepared with the storm that’s coming their way – Cheol Woong’s mom is here, accusing her of controlling her son after she swallowed her pride to apologize to her. Young Sun boldly expresses she won’t live under her in-law’s control but she doesn’t control Cheol Woong. Grandmother, he may be the world’s filial son for you but your “Woong” is a 60 years old man who has his own thoughts and opinions! She believes her son will never disobey her and everything is Young Sun’s fault. In frustration, Young Sun explains that she never seduced her, it’s him who’s pursuing the love of his life and moving away from his mother’s shadows! Until when will she continue meddling in her son’s love life? She caused them to split up 30 years ago and because of her own stubbornness, she & her son lost Hoon Jae. It’s only because she is sorry towards Hoon Jae that she could forgive Young Sun but the wound on Young Sun’s heart still hasn’t healed.

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She politely asks Grandmother to leave but Hoon Jae & Jin Ae come home so she cries her heart out to Hoon Jae who looks confused. Didn’t she forget she cruelly told Young Sun that she would never accept her even if she’s carrying her son’s child??? After escorting grandmother to her car, Jin Ae who notices her MIL’s pale face is clearly curious but she’s aware her MIL doesn’t trust her enough to share her secret. Hilariously, Young Sun think alike – she wants to know why Sanok left home but believes Jin Ae doesn’t confide her.

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Jin Ae’s eyes brimming with tears as she recalls mom sleeping on the floor beside her bed T_T She tells Hoon Jae the truth after they find lunch boxes in their drawer, Sanok didn’t eat anything that day. Adding clues together, Hoon Jae hands her the pills he picked that night, looks like it’s Sanok’s? Jin Ae’s heart is filled with regrets, she sends mom a text – apologizing and asking her to come home soon. Meanwhile, worried Chae Ri tries to call Sanok too but her phone is still off.

I wish Yoo Ja would stop stirring things based on her own POV. Sanok left not only because of Hye Joo and Hyeong Kyu’s marriage! She agrees with Hyeong Kyu not to force Sanok to come home because the more they force her, the more she’ll insist. While Hyeong Kyu believes time is the best medicine, Hye Joo argues that her mother-in-law is suppressing everything inside her heart because she can do nothing about it and time will not solve this.

Hyeong Kyu thanks Hye Joo for preparing dinner but she’s disappointed everyone only ate meats, maybe because nobody liked the food she made? Her oh so sweet husband lies it’s not the true 🙂

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Tonight is their first night in this house. He gently kisses her forehead, nose, lips and cheeks before carries her to bed. Awww… After swirling her around, he’s ready to take her to bed but… soon they realize someone else (under the blanket) is here! It’s Kim San who wants to sleep with mom tonight. Yoo Ja drags her grandson out but Hye Joo breaks Hyeong Kyu’s heart and makes her son smiles instead by allowing him to sleep with them tonight.

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Thinking the clueless boy is sleeping, Hyeong Kyu stretches out his hand to hold his wife’s hand but Kim San asks mom to hold his hand. She can’t refuse her son’s plea so she holds his hand with her left hand whilst her right hand is holding Hyeong Kyu’s hand. Awkwardly Hye Joo sings a lullaby for Kim San but she stutters. Their first night at home is ruined.

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Bored and annoyed the place is dirty, Sanok cleans up the room until she starts coughing & her chest is aching. She then checks her phone to find countless missed calls from her children, husband and children-in-laws, Hyeong Kyu called mom the most. Her eyes brimming with tears reading Jin Ae’s message so she convinces herself to stop being angry and enjoy the remaining time she has – like a child who’s having fun at her favorite amusement park until she has to leave when it’s closed.

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To welcome Hyeong Kyu into the family, Yoo Ja and Hye Joo prepare a lavish breakfast for him. He quickly swallows the food before lying proclaiming it’s good! He’s shocked that everyone except him enjoying the food – their taste buds are clearly the opposite of him or he’s used to mom’s delicious dishes.

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Hoon Jae recalls bumping into Sanok at the hospital so he continues calling her until Sanok finally answers her phone. He wants to pick her up from her friend’s house in the countryside – unable to lie anymore, Sanok whispers it’s in Seoul. Hoon Jae then takes her to a nice restaurant where he reveals Jin Ae and Hyeong Kyu were very worried when Sanok went missing. After eavesdropping Jin Ae’s phone call with Hoon Jae, Chae Ri who submitted her design to design competition leaves work early to see Mom at the restaurant. In tears she apologizes for making Sanok upset the other day (she thought it’s one of the reason Sanok left home).

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Suddenly Sanok writhes in pain. She quickly excuses herself to go the bathroom & takes the medicine from her bag. Observant & worried Chae Ri spots Sanok taking medicine from her bag so she searches her mother-in-law’s handbag & hands pills with “Korea Hospital” label to Hoon Jae who notices it’s the same pills he found on his room! Hoon Jae also finds Sanok’s doctor appointment letter. Although Sanok lies she’s going to see her friend in the market, both Hoon Jae & Chae Ri know she’s going somewhere else. Dong Chool is crying in relieved because Sanok finally answers his call.

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While Sanok’s in the midst of doctor appointment, Hoon Jae burst in & refuses to leave. The doctor nods her head, allowing her guardian to lend his support. Unable to hide this secret from Hoon Jae anymore, Sanok finally tells him the truth. He is in shock! His eyes are red, he’s so upset Sanok hid her illness herself and hasn’t told anyone. His heart breaks when Sanok asks him to keep this secret only between them because she doesn’t want her family to be in pain. 🙁 Of course he refuses, her family needs to know!

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Little do they know Chae Ri is eavsdropping their heartbreaking conversation and is trying so hard suppressing her cries too.

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