All About My Mom Episode 48 Brief Recap

Even though Sanok is trying so hard sparing her family from hearing the truth, time is chasing her. She can no longer avoid this heart-wrenching fate.. Prepare a box of tissue, this episode will tug our hearts and reminds us again that mothers are truly Angels sent by the Heaven.

Episode 48 Brief Recap

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After witnessing her youngest self-pitying himself & lacking confidence, Sanok is overjoyed he finally speaks up – tells off his hyung because he disagrees with what hyung said. His brother deserved to get beaten up! She then warns Hye Joo her heart will be hurt because of her rude husband. Sanok doesn’t care how angry her spoiled son is, she will still continue teaching Hye Joo but there’s no way she’ll pass on her shop to her who doesn’t even know how to cook. Good on you mom for telling the truth. While everyone’s still shocked in the yard, Sanok enters the house and breaks down because she will miss everything, including her kids’ petty fight. T_T

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Hyeong Kyu apologizes for throwing a rage and putting down mom’s treasured shop. Sanok understands her son is embarassed about her shop since he was young but as a mom who really loves her son, she still proudly turned up at his school despite he hated mom’s smelly (side-dishes) clothes .

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From one tiger’s cave to another, Hyeong Kyu is now grilled by Chae Ri who orders to apologize to Hyung Soon. Hye Joo annoyingly argues Hyung Soon should apologize first because he hit his hyung! Ehm, he did it because Hyeong Kyu crossed the line! But she still has something to say… she wants Chae Ri to help working at the shop after she finishes work. What did she just say? Delegating her work to her youngest DIL? Hyung Soon calmly agrees so Hye Joo quickly leaves before he changes his mind & Chae Ri realizes she’s just lost this argument. Chae Ri figures out these two are like peas in a pod.

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Back at home, Hye Joo regrets for talking too harshly to Chae Ri. As Hyeong Kyu is putting some ice on her swollen wrist, Kim San comes in wanting to sleep with Mom. Annoyed with choco bread ahjussi, he throws his jacket & his documents to the floor before stepping on it like a spoiled brat he is.

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It’s unfortunate they can’t spend their first days as newlyweds. Unlike the other couple who’s enjoying their freedom. After a romantic dance, Young Sun refuses to sleep with him but he ain’t giving up.

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Sanok continues teaching her husband to do basic household chores despite his non-stop complains. She teases that men who are good with housework chores are popular with women so his (future) young wife will really adore him.

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Sweet Chae Ri let Hyung Soon to use the money her grandma gave him – for his mother. She also allows Hyung Soon to sleep in bed, worried his back will be hurt but this clueless boy doesn’t notice what she’s trying to do. She is upset he no longer wears their wedding ring. These two guys need to stop pretending and start to talk. Chae Ri quickly hops on bed (so Hyung Soon won’t see her worrying him), Hyung Soon wakes up and fixes her blanket – wondering why she came back when she could continue pursuing her own path.

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Grandmother shares she dreamt of a puppy last night, similar with Sanok & Young Sun’s conception dreams. Jin Ae believe it’s not her (she’s not pregnant) so maybe grandmother’s dream is for Chae Ri? or … Young Sun? Maybe!

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Hoon Jae and Jin Ae stop by before leaving for work and… catch overslept Young Sun & Cheol Woong red-handed. Young Sun tries to maintain her composure (after hiding in her room out of embarrassment) that everything happened because these two kids set it up.

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Hyeong Kyu takes his sweet time in the bathroom this morning, leading to bursting Kim San pee on his pants. Things go from bad to worse when Hyeong Kyu finds Kim San scrabbled important documents he accidentally left on his (Kim San) desk. Of course he scolds this boy straight away but both Yoo Ja and Hye Joo defend Kim San although it’s clear his action was intentional.

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When he raises his voice at his wife, Kim San pushes him away! Hyeong Kyu is speechless seeing none of this family on his side so he quickly apologizes then abruptly leaves. When Hye Joo tries to chase him but Kim San whines & cries. She can only texts him to apologize especially because all these happened because he stayed back to eat breakfast as promised.

Sanok actually called Eun Ok to find out if she’s coming back to Seoul or not. Eun Ok who thought Sanok accused her wrongly, cried out to Yoo Ja who tells everything to Dong Chool.

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Sanok meanwhile, is having a nice massage thanks to Hyung Soon and Chae Ri who arrange this luxurious treatment for her. Before leaving to work, Chae Ri sweetly kisses her mother’s cheek. <3

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After the massage, Sanok praises her son for getting back together with Chae Ri – the best thing he’s ever done. She knows the hardship Hyung Soon had living as his siblings’ shadow the youngest child but he’s now blessed with Chae Ri and will be blessed with cute kids. Sanok tearfully knows she won’t be able to see her cute grandchild T_T But Hyung Soon tells mom she must live for a long long time. She then tells him to be confident no matter where he is. She peeks from outside seeing how hard her youngest son works and realizes her children grows up incredibly well under her strict discipline.

While doing factory visit, Hoon Jae is trapped in one dark room. Although everyone assures Cheol Woong that the security system will be up & running soon so the door will be unlock soon, he is trying to break the door because of Hoon Jae’s trauma. Hoon Jae yells out he’s fine but daddy isn’t giving up although his hand is bleeding.

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He finally breaks the door and Hoon Jae’s dreams of seeing his dad rescuing him… comes true. For Cheol Woong, he’s glad having this opportunity to act as Hoon Jae’s dad. On their way back, Hoon Jae turns up the volume then whistling beautifully. Dad then joins & whistles with him. <3

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Jin Ae reports about Chae Ri’s design to Young Sun who gives lavish praise. There’s a huge possibility her design (for 50s-60s women) will be launched. I love their sisterly love 🙂 Suddenly Jin Ae asks about the cake Mom had this morning, seems like she’s craving for it.

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Stressed out Dong Chool shares his hardship to Nam Sook who’s wondering maybe his wife is sick. Sanok actually knows all along about his chatting’s ID and the woman he’s chatting to. She knows everything. She also knows her husband lent money she kept for cabbage farm to Eun Ok. Dong Chool finally bursts in anger because his wife has been treating him as a servant but Sanok blames her husband and her late MIL for treating her like a servant! Sanok has enough, she takes down her MIL’s portrait and bursting out she has nothing to fear now!

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Out of a sudden, Jin Ae calls Mom because she’s craving for her kimchi jjigae. She’s pregnant, isn’t she? 🙂 Sanok even makes Jin Ae’s favorite bulgogi too after hearing she’s coming tonight. Jin Ae makes herself comfortable on mommy’s legs and mom’s room, feeling so grateful she can return to the house she grew up at as often as she wants.

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Upset Daddy Dong Chool is running away to the sauna as Sanok cheekily winks her eyes when Jin Ae asks about her grandmother’s picture which is now missing from the wall. Hyung Soon and Chae Ri try to drag immature daddy Dong Chool home and when he refuses, Hyung Soon almost blurts out mom is sick but Chae Ri gives him a signal not too.

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Chae Ri actually planned her grandmother to convince Cheol Woong to go home but because he refuses, Young Sun allows her to sleep here tonight – with Nam Sook. Like grandmother like granddaughter, she’s kicked out from her own bed. 😀

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Probably fed up with Dong Chool’s immaturity, Hoon Jae tells him the truth! Surprisingly, he is holding up quite well albeit in a deep shock.

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After being told his wife is dying, Dong Chool walks… walks… walks digesting this heartbreaking news before breaking down in tears T_T He can only calls out his beloved wife’s name… Ok… Ok… Ok… T_T

Brief Comments

Four family members now know about Sanok’s illness and I’m glad Dong Chool is one of them. He deserves to know because his immature action lately is quite frustrating to watch. Sanok is the family’s breadwinner who also does most of the household chores yet he whined when she allocated a simple laundry chore to him – complaining she treat him as a servant. He’s driving me crazy sometimes. Some men in this drama are spoiled brats.

Hyeong Kyu gets a taste of his own bitter medicine as the “outsider” in Hye Joo’s house. Kim San’s rebellious behavior is understandable but Hye Joo should be more strict – this boy might grow up into insensitive man like Hyeong Kyu if she continues spoiling him.

One of the highlight of this episode is Cheol Woong bravely saving his son. That scene is a bit forced but it’s okay because Hoon Jae’s dream now comes true and it brings them closer. 🙂

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