All About My Mom Episode 5 Brief Recap

Our OTP got into trouble because they’re too nice. Hoon Jae only wanted to help but ended up in police station with a super jealous man & his annoying friends, a resentful wife, a money-digger lawyer and an upset mother. Jin Ae helped a stranger but the consequences are bigger than she thought it’d be. Sometimes it’s best to mind our own business & not meddling into someone else’s business.

Episode 5 Brief Recap

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Sanok is angry her husband was seducing a married woman, she even accuses Hoon Jae for introducing this part time job to Dong Chool. What did you get yourself into, Hoon Jae ya? You were trying to stop the fight but it escalated to this mess. Kind-hearted Hoon Jae is locked in the cell after one guy pretends he’s dying (because Hoon Jae punched his stomach earlier) and he’s accused of using violence in the police station although he’s only trying to defend himself.

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Hyeong Kyu arrives to release his dad but unfortunately Ki Tae is out of town so Hoon Jae is left alone.

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Sanok brags her husband was released because her golden child was able to prove his innocence. It’s all about her golden child, isn’t it? As they leave the station, Jin Ae asks her oppa to help Hoon Jae as he’s dragged into this mess only because he was trying to save their dad. But he refuses to help, he’s embarrassed to be called in to save his dad who kept making troubles. If only Dad stayed quietly at the side dish shop, this wouldn’t happen. Then he blames Jin Ae for breaking her lease contract making dad took that part time job to pay her back! Suddenly Dong Chool is screaming in pain so they rush him to hospital without Hyeong Kyu who’s ordered to be Yoon Jung’s designated driver.

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Young Sun arrives at the police station just as Jin Ae & her family left. Hyeong Kyu eyes widen when he sees her (maybe because she looks wealthy?) He goes back inside, eavesdropping their conversation. After finding out their lawyer isn’t available tonight, he offers to help. Hoon Jae is released thanks to him and report from the hospital that the guy isn’t sick at all.

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Instead of making money, Dong Chool ends up spending money for hospital bills. Although Sanok grumbles he should be hospitalized longer but she’s very worried over her husband’s health. Hyung Soon stays behind to accompany his dad while Sanok goes home & Jin Ae comes to police station feeling guilty leaving Hoon Jae alone. But don’t worry Jin Ae, he’s been released.

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Back at home, Young Sun is upset her son chose Ki Tae instead of his mom who lives with him as his guardian. If he’s really wanting to be independent, feel free to move out… tomorrow!

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Sanok is worried about the bean pole at the police station. Lol she calls Hoon Jae a bean pole 😀 Jin Ae knows he’s been released so Sanok is suspicious if they’re dating but she flatly denies. She went there because she’s indebted to him. After cooking octopus porridge for her husband, Sanok pours out her heart to her late mother-in-law. Complaining about Dong Chool then asking her to watch over him, especially his health as his back is getting worse. Btw, it’s almost midnight but Hyeong Kyu isn’t home yet. Where is he?

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He drops drunk Joon Yeong home where he runs into his ex-lover Ji Eun who came after Joon Yeong’s mother called her. What a small world. That’s why he’s holding grudge against this friend. Ji Eun mocks he lives a pathetic life after he ditched her. Now their lives change: she’s with a wealthy man while her ex-lover becomes her bf’s ass wiper. That’s rude. She offers to help him to fly higher but he rejects it.

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Hoon Jae moves out to a studio near his office. He wants mom to send him off happily but Young Sun can only smile halfheartedly because she doesn’t want him to leave. It’s not gonna be easy.

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Young Sun orders Jin Ae to work at the headquarters starting from today until the presentation day so she can focus on preparing her materials. Talking about good timing. Her boss just scolded her for working on her presentation during work hours. Jin Ae’s competitors have fantastic skills and credibility, making her feel inferior. But her friend Assistant Manager Song believes she will do well because she’s Jin Ae.

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Jin Ae ran into Hoon Jae so they visit Dong Chool at the hospital together. Hoon Jae plans to make a settlement with the guys who fought with them. Jin Ae is wondering why her dad is hiding mom’s porridge, well because he’s pretending he currently has no appetite although he is enjoying her cooking. OTP moment ^^ Jin Ae slips on a plastic bag, accidentally punches Hoon Jae’s nose with her watermelon ice cream. She then offers another ice cream but it’s melted already. lol.

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She thanks him for helping her dad, promises to treat him if she passes the job at the headquarters office. Jin Ae commends her CEO for bending the rules because of her. Hoon Jae can’t help but proud of his mom. He hopes she’ll pass, fighting!

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Joon Yeong is a very mean & selfish man. He delegates jobs to Hyeong Kyu then orders him to run errands. A tough opponent for Hyeong Kyu who gradually realizes what a weaker person experiences on daily basis. He defends a little boy (Kim San) who’s bullied by his friends who couldn’t buy breads as instructed. He presents his points from lawyer’s point of view, making the kids speechless because they’re currently practicing on their acting. Kim San is playing as a local bread seller! lol. Lesson to learn: never assume anything! And don’t take out your anger on others!

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Kim San reports about this strange man to his mother who advises him to be careful of that kind of people and to avoid him at all cost. His grandma Hong Yuja is proud of her grandson Ultra Special Fighter Kim San.

Hyung Soon, Shin Jae Min, both of you are in big trouble. Cheol Woong arranges a secret dinner with Shin Jae Min’s father and him without his knowledge to help his crazily in love daughter.

Meanwhile, grandma is angry her friend accused her of killing her daughter-in-laws. The first one, Chae Ri’s mother passed away. Her second DIL got divorced while her youngest DIL moved overseas. That’s why she wants Cheol Woong to quickly get married so she can prove to others that she’s a great mother-in-law.

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Although Chae Ri is supposed to keep it a secret, but she texts Hyung Soon asking for some tips to win over his father. Panicked Hyung Soo quickly warns Jae Min who knows nothing except that he’s invited to dinner. He bumps into his father and Cheol Woong so it’s impossible to escape but he still begs Hyung Soon to help him for the last time. Hyung Soon runs like a sprinter to save his friend who’s very anxious waiting for the good news inside. Fortunately, Hyung Soon runs into Chae Ri outside the restaurant so he can deliver the great news to his friend who excuses himself there’s an urgent surgery at the hospital.

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Chae Ri is upset Hyung Soon can’t stay due to emergency at the hospital but she’s happy at least he’s here. But surprise suprise… He abruptly hugs her! Chae Ri doesn’t realize he did it because Jae Min’s father came outside to give his son’s car key that Jae Min left inside. As he hugs her, Hyung Soon can’t hide his real feeling. Jae Min is clearly shocked. Is his friend in love with Chae Ri?

These two young guys dodged the bullets but until when will they play this dangerous game? Hyung Soon is in trouble because he left his part-time job so he sprints again although he can go there with Jae Min’s car.

HS Fashion offers study abroad for their planning team’s employees. It’s the reason why Jin Ae works hard to get into this team, a rare chance for her to leave this house.

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Jin Ae is going back to work to retrieve important paper she left at the printer but she heard someone in Hyung Soon’s room. Who is it? Jin Ae and Sanok both grab their fighting weapons 😀 then burst inside to find… Dong Chool! He’s scared his wife will go crazy if she sees him so he hid there after he’s got discharged from hospital. Sanok is frustrated her husband couldn’t think of a better job. Why Dong Chool ya? Why?

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In the dark office, Jin Ae is looking for her paper where she bumps into someone (her branch manager). The documents he carried scattered on the floor. He’s acting suspiciously lately, in contact with someone and hiding something. President Hwang’s secretary spots her helping him with the documents. He quickly escapes but Jin Ae chases him because he dropped USB flash drive. She loses him when she runs into President Hwang who invites to her office.

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Young Sun admits she feels uneasy & upset because of her son. It’s hard pretending not to be upset, trying to be cool. Jin Ae understands it well because she’s experiencing it herself. Pretending not to know although she knows exactly how her mom feels. At times she feels sorry but pretending she’s not hence she frequently fights with her mother. Jin Ae believes her son will feel exactly the same as hers. Because people who know but hiding their feelings in order not to worry their mothers are… their children.

Tonight is apparently Young Sun’s confession time. She confesses she wants to be a fair CEO but she’s secretly rooting for Jin Ae to do well on her presentation. She’s cheering on her.

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Today is the big day for Jin Ae. She’s not wearing the outfit mom bought her because she doesn’t like it (well we all know she’s pretending here). Dong Chool who spotted a smudge on her high heels, offers to clean it for her. Aww… Sanok smiles although she grumbles he only does it for his only daughter. Everyone (including her oppa) is cheering on her to do well. Fighting, Jin Ae ya! Sanok wants her to wear the one she bought so she’ll shine more brightly.

But… the presentation is cancelled due to unfortunate accident! The other applicants are whispering it’s because of Lee Jin Ae!

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President Hwang’s secretary points out it’s cancelled because of her! OMG… Because of what happened last night?

Hwang Young Sun walks in, stares at Jin Ae then asks, is it true?


When I saw Jin Ae helping her branch manager, I knew she’d be in trouble. But it’s unfair to accuse her groundlessly. Even if the secretary saw her that night, it doesn’t mean she’s the accomplice. President Hwang, please trust her. Please.

This drama’s plot moves fast so although this conflict is overused & frustrating, sooner or later Jin Ae will have to face opposition from other jealous employees. She received President Hwang’s favor (not because of any connection but because of her skills) but of course jealous people are too blind to see her capabilities. But we know Jin Ae will be okay, let’s keep cheering for her! Her friendship with Hoon Jae is cruising nicely, it’s nice to see them resolving their earlier misunderstanding & continue to support each other as friends.

Jin Ae and her mother ongoing tension can be easily resolved when both of them stop being pretentious. At least we know that both of them love, respect, understand each other but nobody is bold enough to admit the truth to protect them from getting hurt & worried.

Yoon Jung is a mean boss who takes advantage of Hyeong Kyu. But I can’t entirely blame him, Hyeong Kyu needs to humble himself to achieve his bigger dream. He also has to control his temper and anger. The kids gave him a good wake up call, I love them 😀 Kim San is a cheeky boy who’s loved by his beautiful mom. Let me guess… Hyeong Kyu will fall in love with her 😀

Talking about love, Hyung Soon is clearly falling for Chae Ri. He would never help his friend again if he’s not. They’re a cute couple, their interactions are so sweet. Ah young love 🙂 But please stop deceiving her. Be a man and admits that you’re Lee Hyung Soon, not Shin Jae Min. Be ready to accept any consequences because the longer he’s dragging it out, the more painful it’ll be.

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