All About My Mom Episode 52 Preview

Regret always comes too late but fortunately for Hyeong Kyu, he still has time to be filial son & treat his mother better. spoiler alert – he found out mom is sick at the end of episode 51, he rushed mom to hospital after finding her unconscious in her room.

About Jin Ae – spoiler alert she’s upset that Sanok politely insisted her daughter should continue staying at her in-laws’ home although both Grandmother Song & Young Sun gave their permission (for her to move back home). She’s currently suffering from morning sickness and only mom’s home-made cook can bring her appetite back. To Sanok, Hoon Jae promises to take a really good care of his wife


*rough translation

Lee Hyeong Kyu regrets hurting his mother in the past, overwhelmed with immense guilt. Meanwhile, Sanok gives recipes of Jin Ae’s favorite food to Hoon Jae, plans to (finally) let Jin Ae know and asks him to arrange for a place where they can meet & talk…

*there’s no video preview for episode 52


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