All About My Mom Episode 53 Brief Recap

Preparing loved ones for the impending death is never easy but it can get easier once they make peace with this part of life that nobody can escape from. The thought of abruptly leaving her family is very daunting for Sanok but what makes her heart aches so much is witnessing her family’s vulnerable condition as they heartbrokenly prepare for the worst. She’s preparing her family to be strong as she’s being strong herself – trying so hard not to show her pain in front of her distraught family. Jin Ae is the last one who’s told about mom’s illness and like her strong Mom, she’s holding on tightly for the sake of her baby & Mom. Hoon Jae continues to be the pillar of strength for the whole family while Hyeong Kyu’s self-blame & overwhelming guilt impacts him both emotionally & physiologically.

Episode 53 Brief Recap

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Calmly confessing she’s dying, Sanok begs her distraught daughter to stop crying. She’ll be very sorry to both Jin Ae and her baby (if something bad happens), encouraging Jin Ae to be strong like moms who protect their baby in the midst of war. She’s currently going through emotional war and she must protect her baby. Moreover, she begs Jin Ae for not blaming anyone (not even her) that nobody told her earlier. In tears Sanok praises Hoon Jae who carried this burden alone, went to so many different hospitals trying to find the cure but all his efforts were in vain. After making peace with herself & this cruel illness, Sanok decided to spend the rest of her life with her family joyfully & happily. Jin Ae begs Mom for not leaving her, don’t go please T_T

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Even though Sanok ordered Hye Joo to just sell whatever left, Hye Joo goes extra miles – learning so hard so she can improve her cooking. She’s preparing vegetables alone because Chae Ri is too busy to help her (Chae Ri has her own life too) and Hyeong Kyu is still unwell. Yoo Ja is clearly annoyed her daughter suffers alone (well nobody told her to do this) and because she doesn’t know anything about Sanok’s illness, she doesn’t have an ounce of sympathy when Hyeong Kyu comes to help his wife. As he cut the vegetables, Hyeong Kyu looks around Mom’s beloved store, wishing he could take back his insult about this store.

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Chae Ri’s design is very popular so hopefully Team Leader Yoo Hee can give Chae Ri a great recommendation when a new permanent position opens. Just then, her grandmother calls whinging about busy bee Young Sun but Chae Ri shuts grandma up that it’s true that everyone is very busy lately. Grandmother Song continues whining, exaggerating that she’s unwanted in that house. Nam Sook reports everything to Young Sun, warns her about Chae Ri’s response but Young Sun isn’t afraid. Chae Ri comes to her office and reveals that her Grandmother has tried to accommodate Young Sun (she was harsher to her late mother) but Young Sun strikes back asking if Chae Ri would take side like this if she’s her real mother.

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While her family is enjoying the food at the restaurant Hoon Jae researched all night long, Jin Ae doesn’t have any appetite but tries her hardest to eat, appreciating what Mom gives her. The atmosphere turns sombre so trying to cheer everyone up, Hoon Jae sweetly orders Jin Ae’s favorite dish. She stares at mom, tears swell up in her eyes as insulting remarks she told mom comes flashing on her mind. Before Mom sees her tears, she excuses to go to the bathroom but her caring husband knows what’s going on and follows her. Unfortunately he can’t comfort her as she hides in the bathroom, turn the water tap on so he won’t hear her cries. She pretends she’s okay, trying so hard to be strong for Mom’s sake.

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Cheol Woong pays a surprise visit to Hyung Soon, congratulating him on his promotion – pleased he kept his promise to work hard. He also asks a recommendation for the best steak meat.

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Hyung Soon and Chae Ri are having a date at Chae Ri’s house – enjoying delicious steak he cooked and a glass of wine. Hyung Soon (who still keeps their wedding rings), put the ring back on Chae Ri’s finger – vowing they’ll never take it off again. They totally forget about the steaks as he leans forward to kiss her. Well, Cheol Woong has the same idea! He took Young Sun to their hideout place aka his house and dance in his room while discussing about dividing time with his mother to make her happy.

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He feels like a newlyweds who have this whole house for themselves but… he is surprised they’re not the only ones here. Chae Ri and Hyung Soon are staring at them! Young Sun think he tricks her again (when he yells out “Chae Ri!“) but when she turns back, she realizes they’re busted!
While Chae Ri and Young Sun are arguing about why they’re here and why they’re not leaving, Cheol Woong talks straight to the point – arranging the schedules to use this hideout place. Because of Hyung Soon’s shifts, Cheol Woong & Young Sun agree to yield to this young couple.

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Another bad news is coming – President Kim put the store on the market after Sanok told him to do it. Hyung Soon cheers up his brother that it’s not his fault, perhaps Mom thought it’s too hard for her to maintain this shop.

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Sanok gifts Jin Ae the cutest handmade baby clothes – which she made whenever she had spare time. Jin Ae regrets didn’t prepare anything for mom but Sanok reveals the present she really wants is the gift of (Jin Ae) never crying. With her blood shot eyes, Jin Ae promises to give Mom this present. T_T But she soon breaks down when she apologizes for all the insulting remarks she told mom, all the hurtful things she did to Mom. Sanok reminds her about the gift she wanted so Jin Ae wipes her tears. Mom then apologizes for hurting her daughter’s feeling although she always gives her the greatest comfort and she depends on Jin Ae a lot. Sanok also thanks Jin Ae for making her happy. Jin Ae buries her head on mom’s chest as she cries her heart out.

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Hye Joo is learning so hard but she isn’t improving! Chae Ri surprises her SIL who works throughout the night but she’s not that good either 😀 At home, Hyeong Kyu is tossing & turning – unable to sleep due to his overwhelming guilt calling out Mom’s beloved side-dish shop worthless. When his wife wakes him up the next morning, suddenly he cannot speak!

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Sanok and Dong Chool think there wouldn’t be any side dishes left to sell today but they’re shocked to find Hyeong Kyu’s been helping out since yesterday. So did Chae Ri. Hye Joo believes she can improve as she keeps practicing 🙂 Dong Chool is excited to taste her food but unfortunately it’s still taste as bad. But where is Chae Ri? She’s at home – peeling homogeneous amount of garlic! Wearing her weapons, sunglasses wrapped in plastic, the obedient girl wants to help Hye Joo to succeed as she reveals her regret that nobody can’t keep up with Sanok’s cooking skill so she had no other choice but to put the store on the market. Chae Ri and the whole family don’t want to lose the shop Sanok has tirelessly managed & worked.

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As expected, Jin Ae blames Hoon Jae for keeping Mom’s secret from her. Why didn’t he tell her? After trying so hard to be strong in front of her mother, she finally breaks down in front of her loving husband. Young Sun overhears Jin Ae’s cries as she brings fresh fruit for them – wondering what’s going on. Hoon Jae finally tells his parents when he comes downstairs to get water for his wife. Young Sun is in disbelief that Sanok is dying and her son had to carry the burden alone.

Dong Chool wants to discuss about the side dish shop but Sanok tells him to shut up. Sanok is worried about Jin Ae but Dong Chool believes their mentally strong daughter will be okay. He cutely reminds Sanok who was fragile but became so strong after having Hyeong Kyu. Jin Ae will be like her mother too.

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Thinking about her lacking cooking skill which hasn’t improved no matter how hard she practiced, Hye Joo is upset seeing her husband in bed and hasn’t said anything. Suddenly he gets up, grab her hand and with a hand gesture asking for a pen & paper. He writes down that he can’t speak since this morning! She hugs him, realizing he suffers from psychological stress due to overwhelming regret. He can only silently cries, regretting all the hurtful things he did to Mom – knowing he can’t turn it back T_T

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Jin Ae wakes up in the middle of the night with an excruciating pain. She goes to the bathroom and comes out when Hoon Jae panicky calls out for her. She falls to the floor, crying out she’s bleeding T_T Meanwhile Sanok suddenly wakes up as she keeps thinking about Jin Ae. Although Dong Chool assures her Jin Ae is fine, he called before they went to bed but Sanok insists to call Hoon Jae now. Mom’s instinct always right, isn’t it? Hoon Jae isn’t picking up the phone, making Sanok more worried.

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Jin Ae is rushed to hospital but fortunately despite the bleeding on her uterus, Jin Ae and her baby are doing okay. Young Sun & Cheol Woong are relieved, Hoon Jae plans to accompany Jin Ae tonight when his phone rings – Dong Chool continues calling him because of Sanok. Although Hoon Jae assures them Jin Ae and the baby are stabilized, Sanok & Dong Chool come to the hospital to see their daughter who tearfully assuring Mom that she’s strong and will protect her child just like Mom protected all her children. Sanok keeps massaging Jin Ae until she feels a pang of pain on her chest and excuses herself to go to the restroom. Jin Ae wipes her tears as she instinctly knows Mom is really sick but doesn’t want to show her pain T_T

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Instead of going to the restroom, Sanok goes to the emergency exit. Blaming herself for being sick when her daughter really needs her. Suddenly, a hand gently touches. It’s Young Sun! A strong woman comforting equally strong woman, assuring Sanok she’ll take a good care of Jin Ae when Sanok voiced her worries. And with a comforting eyes, she kinda tells Sanok that she’s here for Sanok whenever she needs a shoulder to cry on.

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Dong Chool, Hyeong Kyu and Hoon Jae accompany Sanok to her regular doctor appointment, looking so sad and hopeless. Sanok assures them she’s feeling better so Hoon Jae positively believes her test result will be good. Hyeong Kyu still can’t speak so Dong Chool asks Hoon Jae to escort Sanok to get her test result. Both Hyeong Kyu and Dong Chool nod giving their encouragement before Sanok enters the doctor’s room. Dong Chool then holds his son’s hands (Hye Joo has told him what happened). Everyone is going through difficult phase but he believes they can overcome it. Hyeong Kyu nods confidently.

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The doctor is confused looking at the scanned result. Sanok tightly squeezes Hoon Jae’s hand, assuring everything’s going to be okay. Fortunately, her tumor didn’t spread and her condition has stabilized! She’s not getting worse and is doing okay so she can live longer at this rate. Relieved Sanok hugs her pillar of strength son-in-law, I’m so so so happy. After telling the anxious men outside about her great test result, Sanok begs her son for not torturing himself and not blaming himself. Mom is doing better now so hopefully it’ll help keeping his heart at ease.

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Both Dong Chool and Jin Ae are elated hearing the news. Jin Ae’s baby is growing healthy too. Relieved Young Sun offers to cook anything Jin Ae wants before giving her DIL a comforting hug. Awww… I love these two strong women.

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The news about Sanok’s improved condition has traveled fast. Kim San cutely points out good news should be spreading as fast as possible. Yay. They plan to celebrate the great news together and Sanok begs Hoon Jae to stay behind although he’d prefer to go home (to be with his wife). Hye Joo has told her family about Sanok and they all cheer him up to be strong. He still can’t speak though.

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Hyung Soon teases people will think Chae Ri is pregnant because she keeps eating. After he leaves, something pops up on her mind… The whole family arrive home and are looking for Chae Ri. She greets everyone nervously, with a pregnancy stick on her hand! Two lines, she is pregnant… for real this time! Thank you writer Yoon Kyung Ah for giving this family many reasons to celebrate after so many heartbreaks. Sanok can’t hide the joy on her face, she keeps smiling – she is very happy & treasuring this happy moment.

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