All About My Mom Episode 53 Preview

We’re approaching the final week of weekend family drama All About My Mom, let’s prepare for the worst while still hoping for the best (and miracle for Sanok).


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*rough translation

Jin Ae pours her heart out (to Hoon Jae) after returning from their hot spring trip. In the middle of the night, she feels an excruciating pain on her lower abdomen. Hye Joo diligently learns from Sanok these days but her cooking skill stays stagnant, Hyeong Kyu agonizes as Sanok is being too hard on herself…


credit: KBS


Video Preview

English translation cr to Viki

JA: Why didn’t you tell me? My poor mom, what am I going to do? T_T

HJ (to her MIL): You are thinking of quitting the side dish business?

Sanok: Of course I won’t. But since there’s no owner, how can the store operate?

JA: I’m bleeding, I’m bleeding. What can we do? Our baby… T_T


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