All About My Mom Episode 54 [Final] Preview

♥♥♥♥♥ Happy Valentine’s Day ♥♥♥♥♥


All About My Mom Episode 54 Text Preview

*rough translation


Hyeong Kyu is going on a date with his mother for the first time. Pregnant Chae Ri suffers from antepartum depression, missing her late mother. Meanwhile, for Sanok who’s never worn a wedding dress, Dong Chool prepares a special wedding together with his children…



I’m excited for the final episode tonight, hopefully it’ll be as heartwarming and touching as the past episodes. Won’t give too much spoiler, but if you’re seen episode 53 or curious about what happened – feel free to highlight the texts below ^^

Thank God the writer decided to let Sanok to live longer. Miracle does happen 🙂 Her condition is stabilized, she’s better! I’m also relieved Jin Ae’s baby is fine and her relationship with her MIL is getting so much closer – Young Sun spoils her like her own daughter. Chae Ri is… pregnant… for real this time. Hopefully we’ll get to see Sanok holding her two (or even three) grandchildren on tonight’s episode. ^^


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