All About My Mom Episode 54 [Spoiler]

Managed to live stream tonight’s episode. Brief recap will be posted on Tuesday / Wednesday but if you’d love to be spoiled, then here’s the spoiler (live recap) 🙂

Episode 54 Live Recap

Hyeong Kyu and Sanok go on a date. While Mom is getting a makeup done by a cosmetic shop assistant, he belatedly regrets not realizing that his mother is a beautiful (yet fragile) woman. After noticing his hair is quite long, Sanok offers to give him a haircut, things she did in the past. He chokes up when Mom cut his hair.

Chae Ri who’s missing her late mom finally calls Young Sun ‘mom’. Young Sun’s relationship with her MIL is also getting better.

Sanok hears her unborn granddaughter’s heartbeat as she accompanies her daughter on her ultrasound appointment.

After seeing Sanok talking about wedding dress (when she watched a wedding on a drama), Dong Chool, their kids and their daughters-in-laws beg her to go to a bridal shop and try a wedding dress. She looks so so pretty.


Witnessed by the whole family & their closest friends, Hyeong Kyu walks his mom down the aisle, giving her a surprise kiss on the cheek. Remember the day Dong Chool received flower bouquet? Well it’s true he’s getting married… to Sanok (again) 🙂 Flashback of this family’s happy moments remind us the beautiful memories that this drama has given us for the past 53 episodes.

After their touching wedding, Dong Chool surprises his wife with a honeymoon suite where he proudly proclaims his love to Sanok. They then join the family who ask Mom to sing 🙂

After a really fun day, the boys all crash in Hyeong Kyu’s room while the women in Hyung Soon’s room. Sanok takes a peek at everyone – relieved everyone’s happy – before retiring and sleeping beside her husband.

While the boys are busy making breakfast, letting their wives to sleep in – Dong Chool sweetly wakes his wife up. But Sanok isn’t waking up! OMG. Sanok T_T Sadly the miracle we’d hoped for, didn’t happen. She passes away.

One year later

Everyone misses their mom but she will never be forgotten. Life goes on. Jin Ae and Chae Ri are moms & successful career women. Hyung Soon and Hye Joo take over Sanok’s side-dish shop. The family grows – everyone has kids now. Dong Chool proudly introduces their grandchildren to Sanok – whose picture is hung on his bedroom. He really misses his wife.

Sanok proudly looking over her family who’s enjoying dinner together. She really misses her family yet she’s relieved everyone’s doing so well & looking happy. Thank you for everything, Sanok. <3

The drama ends with Sanok calls all her family members’ name and saying her goodbye. Annyeong…


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