All About My Mom Episode 7 Brief Recap

All About My Mom is cruising nicely as a heartwarming family drama. It’s hard to forgive and forget especially when Jin Ae is being falsely accused. But after she finding out the truth, she chooses to be the bigger person. Her relationship with her mother and older brother is slowly improving although Hyeong Kyu still hasn’t changed much. We still have 43 episodes left, so let’s give him time to change. 🙂 I super adore Hoon Jae and Jin Ae’s friendship, it looks like Hoon Jae is already falling in love with her but she only treats him as her knight of shining armor, friend whom she can share her hardship with. It’s understandable and realistic, they should develop their love slowly and naturally. Unlike our OTP, Hyung Soon and Chae Ri’s relationship moves on a lighting speed. Will Hyung Soon continue denying his feeling?

Episode 7 Brief Recap

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Hoon Jae ya, thank you so much for being there for Jin Ae on her darkest day. He quickly searches his car for a clean towel, helps her to dry her wet hair so she won’t get sick. Then he runs to nearby convenience store to buy hot food & clean blanket, totally forgetting about his dinner appointment with mom! When Young Sun calls, he lies an urgent work suddenly came up hence he won’t be able to make it tonight. He gives Jin Ae a space after he sees her crying in the car.

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After calming herself down, she’s wondering where he went… She cleans foggy’s window then he cutely appears. I love him 🙂 They eat bloated instant noodles & fishcakes he bought then he put a brand new blanket on her shoulder. There’s a butterfly on my tummy 🙂

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Young Sun drives pass – wondering why the white car parked on the side of the road looks so familiar so she stops. Fortunately, Hoon Jae’s car windshield (the passenger’s side) is fogging up, they’re not 100% busted 😀 Young Sun gives her son another chance to tell the truth by calling him. He stutters, his lying continues, I haven’t finishes work Mom, no I haven’t eaten yet but I’m going to eat now (as he wipes his mouth ლ(´ڡ`ლ)). Jin Ae instinctively knows it’s his mom calling.

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He drops her near her home, urging her to share her hardship because (he knows) something happened at work but she refuses. Young Sun wasn’t the only one who spotted them, Dong Chool who came out bringing an umbrella to wait for Jin Ae also sees them. But at least he knows Hoon Jae (^◡^ ) He asks for Hoon Jae’s business card so next time he can treat this kind man for a meal as this honest hardworking man has been helping him and his daughter.

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Sanok is worried sick, thinking about Jin Ae that she couldn’t even concentrate making her favorite cucumber soup & she starved waiting for her daughter. But as soon as Jin Ae arrives home, she stabs her mom’s heart saying she already ate 🙁

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Dong Chool is proud his brazen wife spoke to Jin Ae’s CEO, defending their daughter. She isn’t afraid to show to people how precious her child is to her. So what if she didn’t dress up? She didn’t come there to date her CEO (◔౪◔ ) Jin Ae shouldn’t be embarrassed of her mom’s appearance. Hyeong Kyu offers to help, to sue her company for defamation of character but it’s no use because of the latest evidence. Of course Jin Ae doesn’t say someone framed her by using her computer to send emails to the competitor. As she steps out her parents’ room, Sanok’s lavish praise to her golden child starts. It’s all Hyeong Kyu, Hyeong Kyu, Hyeong Kyu. Just then, Jin Ae receives a phone call from police station requesting her to come tomorrow.

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Young Sun is visibly upset her son blatantly lied to her but look who’s here? Her handsome son who’s pretending he’s starving after finishing his urgent work ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧* She saw him eating instant noodle so she cheekily gives him another bowl of rice, telling him to eat a lot. Hoon Jae can’t refuse but Mom feels bad when he’s rubbing his tummy so she takes the bowl away advising that eating too much is not good for his health. He smiles, nods. 😀 Thank you, mom! ٢ ` ౪´ ì

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Jin Ae figures out one day she didn’t log off after Manager Yang told her to urgently fix machine in the workroom. But she doesn’t think Manager Yang would frame her. From mom, Hoon Jae finds out what happened to Jin Ae.

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Hoon Jae sends Jin Ae a message, advising her to massage her eyes so it won’t be puffy when she wakes up tomorrow (as she ate ramen before). Cute (๑•́ ౪ •̀๑) She replies with cute emoticons, he can only smiles thinking that this woman pretends to be okay although she’s having a hard time. Young Sun is curious seeing her son smiling at his phone so she revokes his newly-gained independence. No more living by yourself, Hoon Jae ya. Young Sun instinctively think her son is now dating. Hmm… You’re spot on, Young Sun! Your son is madly in love 😀

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Dong Chool is a very supportive father. He believes everything will be cleared up soon because his daughter is an upright person and she has her family behind her. Although Dad may not be able to do everything but he will defend his daughter. If he can, he’ll take away her sadness now. She tears up .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

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Chae Ri is curious if her dad is currently dating because they’ve been getting delicious side dishes. But Cheol Woong tells her to bring her boyfriend. She’s jumping for joy, hugging her grandma. After ChaeRi tells her, Hyung Soo is panicked. Meeting her family? Oh no >.< Dong Chool who eavesdropped advises him to cut it off at the right moment, pretending won’t do either of them any favor. Based on Hyung Soon’s reaction, Dong Chool asks if he likes her. It’s cool that the parents in this drama have great instincts! Hyung Soon quickly leaves before Dad becomes more suspicious.

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Hyeong Kyu comes to the police station where Jin Ae is currently being interrogated. Thank you, oppa!

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There’s a top star scandal which will raise up Hyeong Kyu’s reputation so he makes a plea to his ex-girlfriend to help him handling this case, in return, he’ll give her anything she wants. If that’s what he said, then… she challenges him to marry her. The same woman who said she didn’t want to marry him back then because he didn’t have anything, now changes her mind. Wow… Such a gold-digger.

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Seon Hye Joo delivers room service. She apologizes once again to Hyeong Kyu. She’s wondering why an engaged woman Ji Eun is in the same room with a funny man 😀

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Hong Yoo Ja is very happy Cheol Woong calls her, wanting more side dishes (for his mom). But she can’t cook so Sanok to her rescue! But she’s not her servant! Yoo Ja then visits her friend’s shop, flirting with her first love Dong Chool before Sanok scolds them. Sanok takes pride in her side dishes so unless Yoo Ja admits that those side dishes are made by Sanok, she won’t make them. She finally agrees.

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Hyung Soon doesn’t want to meet Chae Ri again but after he secretly listens to her conversation with her friends, he changes his mind. Her friends are only using her (wealth), they’re rude friends who don’t deserve Chae Ri’s friendship. He confronts them! Awesome. Sarcastically teases them for not having a boyfriend like Chae Ri. Awww… Chae Ri always has a hard time making friends because she’s spoiled & looks rude hence although she knows they’re only using her, she sadly doesn’t have anyone else but them. Hyung Soon is getting heated up, wondering why because she’s kind & pretty! ♥‿♥ Chae Ri is surprised hearing his sincere words. Busted! 😀

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It’s so cute she keeps following him and although he scolds her but he secretly smiles. He’s panicked when he turns back & can’t see Chae Ri who took a shortcut to surprise him! 🙂 Adorable couple.

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Jin Ae is suspicious Manager Yang might be behind this because he wears the same shoes as the mysterious guy she bumped into that night. He urgently left the office, will be having his vacation starting from tomorrow and already moved from his last known house. She can’t contact him either, making her frustrated.

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After finding out Jin Ae was investigated by the police, Hoon Jae waits near her home. Pretending to get upset he didn’t receive any news from someone indebted to him, urging her to treat him today. It’s chicken & beer night. Hoon Jae promises to help her as an outsider. At home, he calls someone at HS Fashion to find Manager Yang’s wife’s workplace but he’s directed to a hospital instead.

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As he enters the hospital, he spots Manager Yang. Jin Ae rushes here to talk to him but Hoon Jae advises her to give him time to take care his wife before confronting him. Manager Yang insists it wasn’t him even though he accidentally blurts out he bumped into her that night. He’s already stressed out because his wife is sick, Hoon Jae knows he suffers but it’s best to confess truthfully so the punishment will be lighter. Jin Ae feels bad for Manager Yang so she’s giving him one more day before she’s taking any action.

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She asks her parents’ POVs about how she should treat someone she really hates. Dad: hit him (╯°□°)╯ Mom: feed him as much as you hate him then you’ll see him eating your food deliciously. Awww mom. She has this love and hate relationship with her husband. Jin Ae follows her mom’s advice, she brings porridge & side dishes for Manager Yang & his wife.

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Hoon Jae also brought health food for them. Before he enters their room, he sees kind-hearted Jin Ae feeds Manager Yang’s wife. He’s touched seeing her kindness. Manager Yang is pondering, thinking about his wife’s advice for him to be an upright person.

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The next day, Manager Yang confesses, he did it to pay for his wife’s hospital bills. Jin Ae tears up in pure happiness. Her accusation has now been cleared up. Everyone runs to Jin Ae, apologizing for wrongly accusing her. Manager Yang also sends a text apologizing & thanking her for the delicious food, the most delicious food he ate in such a long time. He’s grateful she gave him time to turn himself in.

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Hoon Jae is in Jin Ae’s neighborhood, waiting for her to treat him. But before she meets him, her President greets her. She came to apologize for giving her a hard time, for not trusting her. So let’s start with a clean slate. Jin Ae is touched T_T When Hoon Jae spots her, he almost yells Jin Ae… Fortunately he sees his mom so he quickly hides.

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Sanok is envious seeing a mother & daughter hugging in the streets, she think Jin Ae wouldn’t do that. But then… she realizes… It’s her daughter!

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