All About My Mom Episode 8 Brief Recap

The Heaven will never leave kind-hearted people alone, they will bless them with unexpected surprises that sometimes beyond their wildest dream. Lee Jin Ae’s kindness is paid off with an offer that she would’ve never imagined. Thanks to President Hwang, her mother isn’t worried about her daughter anymore, she even smiles proudly. Sanok may look strong & tough from the outside, but this episode we see her softer side for her only daughter.

Episode 8 Brief Recap

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If Sanok isn’t carrying heavy vegetables, she would’ve hit Jin Ae’s CEO who wrongly accused her daughter but is now hugging her in the street. Meanwhile Hoon Jae is flabbergasted his mom came here & ruined his dinner plan. He secretly follows them to the chicken restaurant where they’re supposed to meet, Jin Ae totally forgot about Hoon Jae until Young Sun mentions she and her son love eating chicken when his son was young. He peeks at them, panicky rejects her call then sends a text that he has something urgent came up so he can’t make it tonight. Same old excuse, Hoon Jae ya.

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Young Sun and Jin Ae toast, for Jin Ae’s happier life and as a token of accepting Young Sun’s apology. They don’t realize there’re two jealous people watching them, Hoon Jae & Sanok! Jin Ae has never eaten out with her mom while Hoon Jae is supposed to be sitting there with Jin Ae enjoying chicken & beer ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

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Hyung Soon think mom is here because she wants to eat chicken but he doesn’t enough money. Fortunately he bumps into Hoon Jae who kindly offers to buy it for him. Hoon Jae is indebted to Hyung Soon’s brother for helping him the other day, it’s fate that he and this family are indebted to each other 🙂 Jin Ae introduces him to her President who also offers to pay his take-away. But he kindly refuses, cheekily teases her to treat him with more expensive meal or stuff (^∀^)

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Jin Ae’s family is relieved her accusation has now been cleared but Sanok viciously scolds her for being a real saint. Hyeong Kyu arrives home, bragging he already suspected it was her manager so of course mom praises her golden child’s lawyer instinct. Jin Ae reveals someone else (Hoon Jae) helped her, unfortunately she can’t say out loudly who is this person (for now). Mom is curious if everything was resolved well and wondering why her daughter easily forgave her CEO, not asking for any compensation. Jin Ae is touched her CEO believed her but acted coldly towards her so nobody would get jealous over her golden treatment.

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Young Sun stops by at her son’s office as he still lives her & hasn’t moved out yet. Her suspicion grows as Hoon Jae can’t stop smiling & staring at his phone. Is he currently dating? If he is, please be honest because she doesn’t like her son hiding his girlfriend from her. He promises he will tell her after he finds a nice girl. Young Sun threatens if he hasn’t moved out to a nice studio within a week, his independence will be revoked & he has to move back home.

According to Dong Chool, great people have slow start. Just like what Jin Ae experienced. Today is a brand new day, new spirit, new happiness for Jin Ae who goes to work cheerfully without any heavy burden.

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Cheol Woong’s family is enjoying the side dishes, Chae Ri sweetly think about the cook’s son who’s blessed to have a great cook as his mom. It reminds her of her mom who’s also a great cook. Her grandma teases she should marry to someone whose mother cooks well. Great idea! Well her boyfriend‘s mom made this (.͡° ڡ ͡°.) It gets even better, Grandma suggests inviting this great cook to cook for them & Chae Ri’s boyfriend who’ll come to their house this weekend.

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Hyeong Soon hasn’t finished rinsing two big bowls of cabbages, the life of unemployed man. Sigh. Chae Ri calls him, of course he lies that he’s getting ready for a surgery so she quickly hangs up after quickly mentioning he’s coming to her house this Saturday. lol.

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Young Sun’s senior secretary is going abroad for study and recommend to hire someone from their company instead of training a new person. She decides to hire Jin Ae as she has skills & experience to boot.

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Grateful Dong Chool wants to treat Hoon Jae for a meal but knowing he’s a busy man, he brought side dishes to his office. He overhears Ki Tae’s scolding Hoon Jae for putting his apartment for sale & using the money to win penthouse project bid. When he sees Hoon Jae’s luggage & bed in the corner, suddenly an idea pops up on his mind.

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Hyeong Kyu and Ji Eun meet again at the hotel to secure the deal. She will give him Cha Kang Group’s top secret document to Hyeong Kyu if he accepts her marriage proposal. About her relationship with Joon Yeong, it’s her own business to deal with. She tempts If this case is successful, he will take over Joon Yeong. And if he becomes her husband…. Suddenly he kisses her! OMG. That’s his answer! Joon Yeong finds out about their secret relationship! Wow that’s fast.

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Oh no Hye Joo is fired because of her poor performance 🙁 She put box of her stuffs on top of Hyeong Kyu’s car trunk as she picks up her son’s call, lying she’s currently on break because she doesn’t want him to get disappointed. Unawarely, Hyeong Kyu drives away. After realizing what happens, she runs chasing him, asking him to stop driving. What is this fate? Why they keep bumping into each other?

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She remembers he met with Ji Eun and although she shouldn’t butt into other people’s life but she advises that wanting something that belongs to others isn’t good because it’ll be painful to other people and to himself (when it’s found out). Thank you for slapping him with the truth! I love her straightforwardness.

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Cheol Woong requests Yoo Ja to send the lady who cooked side dishes to cook for a special guest this Saturday. She begs Sanok, lying she’ll be a cooking treacher and there’ll be helpers.

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Hyung Soon receives a message that his student loan is due in a month before it accrues interest but he doesn’t want to burden his noona again. He never thought it’d take this long to secure an employment. Dong Chool suggests to rent out Hyung Soon’s room to Hoon Jae but let’s keep it a secret from Sanok. It’s adorable he asks for Jin Ae’s consent first (of course he doesn’t say Hoon Jae will move here).

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He screams out in joy after Jin Ae told him she’s promoted to be her CEO’s secretary. Soooo cute everyone’s jumping for joy, including Sanok who looks incredibly proud. Sanok proudly thanks her mother-in-law for helping Jin Ae, she hopes she’ll help her to get married. Awww… She’s a real softie inside.

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She proudly brags about Jin Ae to Hyeong Kyu, asking if things are going well to him too. She wants him to introduce her to his CEO because she wants to make delicious side dishes for him. Somehow she feels things aren’t going well for her eldest son.

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Finally today is Saturday! Chae Ri is happy her oppa is coming today while Hyung Soon is told to go for apple picking with a salary of $100 for a whole day. It’s a tough work but the farm supplies their store’s vegetables so he has to go. Well it’s a better excuse for not coming to Chae Ri’s house, right?

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Grandma isn’t happy Hyung Soon can’t make it although the elders invited him. Urgent business trip is more important? Chae Ri is chasing him of course but unfortunately she must go by taxi because her car is currently in service. A taxi arrives, it’s Sanok! She quickly enters the taxi, rudely grabbing Sanok’s arm ordering her to get off & steps on her hanbok.

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Grandma points out to Sanok that her hanbok is ripped. Oh no.. 🙁 Because the lunch is cancelled, Cheol Woong tells her to make dishes the two of them will enjoy. Sanok is annoyed Yoo Jae lied that she’s used to work at her house.

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Chae Ri surprises Hyung Soon at the apple farm, she then changes her clothes to help oppa picking apples. She keeps chasing him around while he tries to get away from her.

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During the break, Chae Ri gives him a nice cold back shower after he said he’s hot. The elders are enjoying this sight 😀 It’s so cute they’re playing with water. Happy happy time. As Chae Ri is trying to run away from Hyung Soon’s water slpash, she trips! Fortunately Hyung Soon reacts fast.

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It’s time to go home, Hyung Soon drags her to the car, relieved finally she’s gone. But no… she’s still here. LOL. They end up spending the night together. She put her head on his shoulder, he’s curious why she likes him. She replies because she really likes him and he likes her too based on his eyes & facial expression. He can’t no longer lie. 🙂

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After her mom passed away, Chae Ri is lonely so she acts rude but after meeting him, she’s no longer lonely. It’s touching. Knowing his lies will break her heart, he asks a hypothetical question  if someone he knows unintentionally lies to his girlfriend, will this friend be able to receive forgiveness? But Chae Ri is too tired to answer.

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Hyeong Kyu receives a lavish cozy office from Ji Eun who promises to help him. But someone is taking their pictures!

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Because there’re lots of things Jin Ae needs to learn, she comes to work on Sunday much to Young Sun’s surprise.

She finally tells Hoon Jae about her promotion, he’s upset she didn’t tell him sooner. But after they hang up, he suddenly feels quite empty. Should he be happy that a woman he likes becomes his mother’s secretary?

When Young Sun calls, he brags he already found a nice place. Hoon Jae ya, you don’t even have money to move. What did you lie to your mom? He texts Jin Ae to congratulate her as he forgot to tell her earlier. Probably due to shock ( ◠‿◠) Young Sun who saw Jin Ae smiling on her phone is curious if she has a boyfriend because she’s acting suspiciously like her son. Thankfully she doesn’t know anything about Jin Ae and her son.

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When Hoon Jae is having trouble finding a new place, Dong Chool calls offering him a room! It’s a small room so Dong Chool advertises the house amazingly. He even brags that Hoon Jae can have side dishes he brought him earlier because the woman who cooked it lives here. He can eat anything he likes here. Hoon Jae is wondering if the owner is close to Jin Ae. Dong Chool maintains his poker face. Finally Hoon Jae is convinced, he agrees to move here.

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Because he’s busy, Dong Chool offers to bring his luggage, a free service! Awesome! Hyung Soon arrives home so Dad drags him to secretly move Hoon Jae’s luggage. They didn’t read the note pasted on their shop that Sanok is currently home. Oh no (ಠ_ಠ)

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When he hears his wife’s voice at home, he orders Hyung Soon to distract his mom while he put Hoon Jae’s luggage in his room. Sanok is happy her son gave his pay to him. Poor Dong Chool though, his back is already hurting yet he carries heavy luggage.

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Hoon Jae arrives at his new place, curiously looking around but nobody’s home. He’s pleased his luggage is already in his room, must’ve been hard for Dong Chool. He rests as he waits for Jin Ae who’s currently still at work to meet at the chicken shop later.

But he oversleeps! Jin Ae is wondering why Hoon Jae isn’t at the chicken shop. Maybe he forgot?

She arrives home and spots her youngest brother’s shoes in front of his room so she sneaks in & tickles his feet to wake him up to help their parents at their shop.

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Hoon Jae is annoyed a stranger woke him up. Jin Ae isn’t giving up though. So she tackles him, tickles him again but he still doesn’t want to get up. In the end she pulls his blanket until he wakes up, belatedly realizing he’s not Hyung Soon.

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Hoon Jae innocently stands up, only wearing a short pants (underwear?). Jin Ae screams out calling her parents \(⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒)/


Hahaha, Jin Ae ya. It’s his payback after he saw you changing clothes last time 😀 I’m just kidding. Thank you Dong Chool for making Hoon Jae moving to your house, he’ll be there whenever Sanok gives Jin Ae a hard time. I can’t wait to see him defending & protecting Jin Ae.

Sanok is still giving gold-digger vibe because she’s easily distracted with money & Jin Ae’s job promotion. Even it only lasted for few seconds but her proud smile towards Jin Ae proves that she’s a real softies who only wants the best for her daughter so her future mother-in-law won’t look down on her like her MIL did in the past. Little did she know her future MIL is her CEO.

Hyeong Kyu is playing with fire to achieve his greedy ambition. It’s not going to work well, Hyeong Kyu. Ji Eun is only using you like you’re using her. So please stop now & listen to Hye Joo’s advice before it’s too late. Watching Hye Joo got fired is like watching Jin Ae before she finally gets recognized for her talents & hard work. She’s as kind & pure as Jin Ae, the only difference is she doesn’t want to disappoint her son. She’s a great mom and hopefully she’ll meet a great man (Hyeong Kyu after he changes to a better & mature man?).

Although Hyung Soon is still having trouble finding a job but his pure heart won Chae Ri’s heart. Probably she hasn’t met any man who defended her in front of her friends & fill the emptiness in her heart since her mom passed away. These two young people are crazily in love with each other but Hyung Soon needs to tell the truth soon. Maybe he’s embarrassed and probably wants to secure a great job first before telling her but it’ll be more painful for both of them if he drags it. Be a man and tell her, Hyung Soon. If she loves you as who you are, she’ll understand although she may be mad & upset at first. But it’s better rather than continue lying.


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