[Gallery] Angry Mom Press Conference

On 17 March 2015, MBC held the press conference for their newest Wednesday-Thursday drama Angry Mom. Kim Hee Sun, Kim Yoo Jung, Ji Hyun Woo, Oh Yoon Ah, Baro, Kim Hee Won, Kim Tae Hoon, Go Soo Hee gathered at MBC New Building in Sangam-dong.

Angry Mom is a human drama about a mother who enrolled in her teenage daughter’s school after finding out she’s bullied. It premieres tonight 10PM on MBC. The expectation for this drama is high because the script won MBC scriptwriting competition last year. Hopefully it’ll deal with school bullying issue realistically.

Ji Hyun Woo, Baro, Oh Yoon Ah, Kim Yoo Jung, PD Choi Byung Gil, Kim Hee Sun, Kim Tae Hoon, Go Soo Hee, Kim Hee Won

 photo MBCAngryMom_PC_bc1-3_zpswg0wryvz.jpg

Kim Hee Sun challenges herself to play as a mom (Jo Kang Ja) who disguises herself as a student (Jo Bang Wool) in her daughter’s school to fight the bullies. After she found out the dark harsh reality of school violence, she’s determined to fight for it.

 photo MBCAngryMom_PC_bc2-1_zpsz2brqgkv.jpg  photo MBCAngryMom_PC_bc2-2_zpsregzldkb.jpg

Kim Yoo Jung‘s character Oh Ah Ran is bullied after she befriends school outcast Jin Yi Kyung

 photo MBCAngryMom_PC_bc4-2_zps8bz0rwog.jpg  photo MBCAngryMom_PC_bc4-3_zpsdquymutk.jpg

Lovely mom & daughter ^^

 photo 933d05f6-d6e0-4d23-b8b7-2e76cd175e49_zpsiovgtune.jpg  photo MBCAngryMom_PC_bc3-1_zpsu2l1ldzu.jpg

Ji Hyun Woo plays as a sweet literature teacher Park No Ah, Kim Yoo Jung’s homeroom teacher

 photo MBCAngryMom_PC_bc2-5_zpsgaydaylm.jpg  photo MBCAngryMom_PC_bc2-6_zpsnmd0lphm.jpg

Baro will show his new side acting as chaebol son rebellious Hong Sang Tae who pretends to be a model student and is known as the school gangster.

 photo 5201e9eb-d1e4-4c80-b80b-18088a6d66ab_zpsnmscv45w.jpg  photo 41369e7c-09d1-4ec8-9a48-7b5ed47530d3_zps1jiqw3w7.jpg

Oh Yoon Ah’s character Joo Ae Yoon is the heroine Jo Kang Ja‘s friend

 photo MBCAngryMom_PC_bc6-2_zps2ud41pyy.jpg  photo bc08d696-4b86-4d6c-b857-815fabe5bbb5_zpstxccxvmw.jpg

Kim Hee Won, Kim Tae Hoon

 photo MBCAngryMom_PC_bc8-1_zpsntxkecgw.jpg  photo MBCAngryMom_PC_bc8-3_zpsfzboaq27.jpg

Go Soo Hee

 photo MBCAngryMom_PC_bc9-1_zps0niin9lb.jpg

 photo MBCAngryMom_PC_bc10-1_zpsbtjdth3n.jpg

PD Choi Byung Gil

 photo MBCAngryMom_PC_bc10-4_zpseo96mwf2.jpg

pic cr as labeled

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