[Gallery] Actor Bae Soo Bin Wedding Press Conference

Actor Bae Soo Bin (37) held a press conference few hours prior to his wedding ceremony. The handsome groom was a bit nervous when he first faced the media, but his nervousness soon turned into smile as he couldn’t hide his joy and happiness. Bae Soo Bin met his fiancée, an accomplished graduate student who is 8 years younger last year through a friend; they started dating earlier this year. He announced his engagement in May.

Actors Jung Jin Young & Lee Kwang Soo will host the wedding for part 1 & part 2 respectively. Singers Eun Mi Lee and Kim Yeon Woo as well as cellist Kim Kyu Sik will sing / perform the celebratory songs.

Congratulations Bae Soo Bin and his lovely fiancée. May you remember the love you feel today, look back on it daily and measure how much it’s grown. =)



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