The Blade & Petal Episode 3 Screencaps & Very Brief Recap [Image Heavy]

Yeon Choong’s first meeting with the assassin.

Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc3 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc2

Yeon Choong and Princess Moo Young enjoying the Dongmyung Festival. The Princess and Crown Prince always dressed-up as commoners during this yearly festival. The fortune teller predicts Yeon Choong & Princess Moo Young will have a beautiful boy if they “express their love” on a full moon. Yeon Choong escorts Princess to safety when he senses that she’s in danger.

Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc4 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc5

Yeon Choong receives a secret letter from his father who tells him that he cannot bring any disgrace to Yeon’s family.

Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc6 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc7

Princess Moo Young’s excellence sword skills.

Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc15 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc14

Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc17 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc16

Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc19 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc18 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc20

They don’t know that Princess is injured. She doesn’t want anyone to see her in pain; she always puts on a brave and happy face, although she’s hurt. Her brother, Crown Prince is incredibly worried.

Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc21 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc22


Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc25 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc24 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc23

The last day of  Dongmyung Festival; the Crown Prince is showcasing his martial art skills in front of all ministers and generals. Yeon Choong has trained him physically and mentally. Crown Prince easily defeats his opponent.

Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc30-1 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc30 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc29 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc37


Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc40-1 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc41

Father & son in the same place.



The assassin is eyeing the Royal Family as he prepares for his riskiest task to date.

Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc35 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc36

The grand celebration begins.

Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc56 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc57

Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc64 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc63

And the climax.


Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc69 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc70

Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc67 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc72

Royal Guard Yeon Choong (believe) he saves the day.

Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc73 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc74Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc75 Blade_Petal_ep3_SC_bc76

However, he is framed as a spy. Jang shows Yeon Choong’s left arm wound to everyone. Jang slashed his sword on the man who killed the survivor’s last attackers (ep 1). So this is the evidence that he’s a spy, sent by Yeon Gaesomun.


He tells everyone that Yeon Gaesomun never asked him to become a spy.


He finally confesses that Yeon Gaesomun is his father. Yeon Gaesomun also admits that he’s his son, his illegitimate son who shares his blood, but he’s never been part of Yeon’s family. He has nothing to do with his son. And if he acted as a spy, then he should be punished. But he never asked him to be a spy. Yeon Choong cut his relationship with his father and took his own path. If King Nyeong Nyu finds the evidence, then he can kill him. King Nyeong Nyu announces his decision to execute this criminal.

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