[Drama 2015] Blood


Title: Blood 블러드
Genre: Fantasy (Vampire), Medical
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: 16 February – 21 April 2015 (TBC) | 2 March 2015 – TBA on KBSWorld
Air Time: Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00PM KST
Production Director: Ki Min Soo (Good Doctor, Ojakgyo Family)
Writer: Park Jae Bum (Good Doctor, God’s Quiz S1-4)

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Production Company: IOK Production Co

Brief Synopsis

Our hero Park Ji Sang is a surgeon who got infected with a vampire virus yet using his “superhuman abilities” he tries his best to bring justice to terminally ill cancer patients as he struggles to suppress his craving for blood. He works at TaeMin hospital with Yoo Ri Ta, successor of this hospital & her uncle, TaeMin hospital chief Lee Jae Wook. Blood is a fantasy medical drama about 30s vampire surgeon who has a youthful look of a 20s young man.




 photo KBSBlood_AhnJaeHyun_bc1_zpscdd102bc.jpg photo KBSBlood_KuHyeSun_bc1_zps68e4d4fd.jpg photo KBSBlood_JiJinHee_bc1_zps71b52d5d.jpg
 Ahn Jae Hyun Ku Hye SunJi Jin Hee
 as Park Ji Sang as Yoo Ri Ta as Lee Jae Wook

People around Park Ji Sang

 photo KBSBlood_JungHaeIn_bc1_zps62eb0b3a.jpg photo KBSBlood_RyuSooYoung_bc1_zpsa21f978b.jpg photo KBSBlood_ParkJooMi_bc1_zpsd5909e58.jpg
 Jung Hae In Ryu Soo YoungPark Joo Mi
 as Joo Hyun Woo as Park Hyun Seo as Han Sun Yeon

People around Yoo Ri Ta

 photo KBSBlood_KimKapSoo_bc1_zpsb433973b.jpg
Kim Kap SooSon Sook
as Yoo Seok Juas Ahn Sil Bia

People around Lee Jae Wook

 photo KBSBlood_ParkTaeIn_bc1_zpsacdec78f.jpg photo KBSBlood_KwonHyunSang_bc1_zpsdf7700c7.jpg photo KBSBlood_LeeJiHoo_bc1_zpsf59821ee.jpg
Park Tae InKwon Hyun SangLee Ji Hoo
 as Seo Hye Ri as Nam Chul Hoon as “J”


Taemin Hospital

 photo KBSBlood_SonSooHyun_bc1_zps19aba457.jpg photo KBSBlood_KimYooSuk_bc1_zps39163448.jpg photo KBSBlood_JinKyung_bc1_zps961bec4b.jpg photo KBSBlood_JoJaeYoon_bc1_zpsdde424c0.jpg
Son Soo HyunKim Yoo SukJin KyungJo Jae Yoon
as Min Ga Yeonas Jung Ji Taeas Choi Kyung Inas Woo Il Nam
 photo KBSBlood_JungHyeSung_bc1_zps7136559b.jpg photo KBSBlood_JungSukYong_bc1_zpsa5f9f113.jpg photo KBSBlood_GongJungHwan_bc1_zps971a965c.jpg
Jung Hye SungJung Suk YongGong Jung HwanPark Jun Myun
as Choi Soo Eunas Lee Ho Yongas Gerald Kimas Lee Young Ju

– Robot Luuvy   photo KBSBlood_Luuvy_bc1_zpsce540f93.jpg


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