Cheese in the Trap Quotes and Narrations

Quotes and narration from tvN Monday & Tuesday webtoon adaptation drama Cheese in the Trap.

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“I should not have run into him like that. That was the beginning…” -Hong Seol-

“I should not have argued with him. Behind his smile, there was a frightening double side he kept hidden – but I didn’t know about it back then” -Hong Seol-

“Get a hold of yourself, you can’t fall for that smile” -Hong Seol-

“You made this happen so you take care of it” -Yoo Jung-

Why do you live your life losing out to others? Don’t worry about others, take care of yourself first because nobody is gonna acknowledge you for your troubles. ” -Yoo Jung-

“If you are going through something hard, talk to me.” -Yoo Jung-

“I have sensitive personality so sometimes I misjudge and misunderstand people but I’m gonna fix it” -Hong Seol-

“Do you think everything will happen the way you want it? Do not manipulate people behind their backs like a coward!” -In Ho-

“Living in society isn’t something you can do alone.”  -Professor Kang-

“Management = Communication ~ it means communication is everything!” -Professor Kang-

“Since the others couldn’t do as well as you, you gave up on them and did everything by yourself because it was easier, right?” -Professor Kang-

“I had no time to look sideways. I looked straight ahead so I wouldn’t fall. And I thought I had lived harder than anyone else around me.” -Hong Seol-

“What went wrong if everything wasn’t other people’s fault but a problem which lies within me” -Hong Seol-

“The only thing I can do is… doing what needs to be done right now” -Hong Seol

“Dating is timing” – Bo Ra-

“The moment when your mask comes off – this is the moment I like best” -In Ho-

“What am I to you? Is this what a relationship is?” -Hong Seol-

“He doesn’t like to make a fuss – even if he gets misunderstood, he will not explain until asked. That’s the way he is. So let’s forget the past like he said and start anew.”  -Hong Seol-

“I didn’t want to get used to receiving from others all the time as without realizing, I was always receiving something from him. What angers me more is I was shaken by his words that it was all for me” -Hong Seol-

“You saw, sneered and judged me whatever you wanted and you turned your back on me. I am not strange, Seol ah” -Yoo Jung-

“You received everything and now you say I’m the bad guy. How perfect do you expect me to be?” -Yoo Jung-

“But one day – that becomes a habit and gets taken for granted so even when I make just a tiny mistake, it feels like a very big mistake” -Hong Seol-

“‘You’re doing great’ – it was something I had wanted to hear [at least once] from someone” -Hong Seol-

“I don’t know what’s in store for me (in the future) but since I have Sunbae, things will be better, won’t it?” -Hong Seol-

“Back then I didn’t know what it was to give up on a dream. What that meant… what it feels like when you think of a dream you’d forgotten” -In Ho-

“How do I work hard? I just do” – Hong Seol-

“Teach him that perseverance is true talent” -In Ho’s old teacher-

“The little things in life flow like shallow water. It is still shallow water, like all people do – it can be endured” -Hong Seol-

“Once you start working, youl realize you’re no longer the center of the universe, you realize there’re many people who are better & scarier than you and you need to accept that you cannot control everything.” -Yoo Jung’s dad-

“You know the girls say no even though they like you, right? Seol likes you too but she’s just playing too hard to get” -In Ha-

“No matter how much you impersonate and struggle to try, you can’t become the same. Haven’t you already realized this?” -Jung-

“I don’t know why you said those things but my grades, my friends… and everything else, none of those came easily to me” -Hong Seol-

“People who play victim will always end up like that, losing what they have as they attempt to gain what isn’t theirs” -Jung-

“You should try to win when you get into a fight” -In Ho-

“I cannot run. But I cannot accept him and I cannot commit. Yetwhen things get hard, I wish Sunbae was by my side. And I miss him” -Hong Seol-

“Nothing’s changed. You’ve always been okay on your own but sometimes… even I…” -Hong Seol-

“There were many things I wanted to ask Sunbae when I see him again but the fact that he’s with me right now, and that I can see his face and hear his voice and feel his warmth. Those things alone are reason enough that I cannot break up with him” -Hong Seol-

“I thought it was about you but now I realized – it was me. I didn’t tell you my inner feelings and demanded you to be honest about your feelings but I won’t do that anymore. So please do the same, don’t hide your feelings because I want to see you the way you are” -Hong Seol-

“Why is it that people always want what belongs to other people? Then they delude themselves thinking other people’s things are theirs when in the end they lose what’s their own.” -Jung-

“Do you even know what it means to like someone?” -Jung-

“It was hard to bear the thought that people I’d thought as friends were monitoring me” -Jung-

“Sunbae, we didn’t get along well in the beginning. We both hated each other and treated one another like strange people. But if I think about that now, we weren’t weird but different.” -Hong Seol-

“I don’t think you have many chances to be honest (with other people), it must’ve been really lonely for you so don’t have a hard time on your own from now on – we’ll go through it together. I really want to know you.” -Hong Seol-

“I was scared that you might leave me if you found out who I truly am” -Jung-

“There are ups and downs in relationship but maintaining longevity is hard” -Baek In Ha-

“I won’t put you through this pain again. From now on, I will always be by your side” -Jung-

“No matter how rock bottom you are, you shouldn’t bring harm to people who care about you” -Jung-

“I don’t know how other people view you but to me, you’re a good person” -Hong Seol-

“I don’t want to break up with you, I wish you could always be by my side. That’s why I couldn’t date you, dummy! I don’t want you to date other girls, I don’t like you becoming an adult without me either. But I would hate breaking up with you. I honestly don’t know what I should do!” -Bo Ra-

“I won’t date other girls, won’t go anywhere on my own. I won’t get sick, I won’t die without your permission. I promise you that we will never break up so noona, let’s date!” -Eun Taek-

“People’s relationships are more difficult than studying” -Hong Seol-

“I know what happened and why you did it. How you’re feeling right now, I think I now. So don’t be anxious as I will not run away” -Hong Seol-

“At one point, I began to think that it’s ok as long as Sunbae is not like that to me. But you know that hurting someone means that it will come back to you. I’d like it if you did not do that to other people. You are such a good person to me so you could be that way to other people too, right?” -Hong Seol-

“Don’t put up walls and look down on people because among those people, there are some who sincerely wanted to be friends with you” -Sang Chul-

“I cannot lose this easily, I fought so hard to protect it” -In Ha-

“I wonder why I grabbed Sunbae’s hand that time. Even though I’d known something was off with him and I was scared of him. I may have acted like it wasn’t the case but I guess I was paying attention to him. Behind that sweet smile, he was cold, lonely and child-like. I guess I was curious about Sunbae who had a completely different side that he only chose to show to me”-Hong Seol-

“Don’t start things if you cannot finish them properly” -Jung’s Dad-

“The more I got to know him, rather than being unfamiliar and scary… He made my heart flutter and made my heart hurt.  So I did not want to leave him alone” -Hong Seol-

“At first, I didn’t know either that I’d grow to love someone. Or how frustrating or scary it’d be. I just wanted to be with you… for as long as I could. I thought all I needed was you to be with me. I could not understand why people looked at me with those eyes, why they hated me. But now… I think I know. I trampled their hearts & their feelings – and I know how much that hurts.” -Jung-

“Don’t say anything… I know what happened and I know why. I know how you feel right now” -Hong Seol-

“Don’t feel uneasy because I will not run away” -Hong Seol-

“You’re not alone. Don’t give up like your life is over” -In Ho-

“I want to figure out myself what kind of person I am” -Jung-

“While you were struggling on your own, growing tired and getting hurt, I didn’t understand why you did it. The problem is mine and I was the one who should have been making the effort” -Jung-

“I don’t want to regret anything so I hope you can do that too” -Hong Seol-


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