Childless Comfort Episode 1 Mini Recap

Childless Comfort (Childless Good Fortune) owns my heart and soul, it’s a heartwarming family drama with realistic storyline. Unfortunately, JTBC has apparently dropped the subbing project for this drama, so it’s hard for international viewers like us to follow this drama T_T Childless Comfort with English Subtitle is available on Mvibo (up to episode 25).

Childless Comfort is a multi-generation drama about Ahn family (Grandparents, 3 sons & wives, 4 grandkids + their partners).


Ahn Grandparents with their sons & wives


Grandpa Ahn Ho Sik (Lee Soon Jae) is a 83 years old grandpa who’s rich in knowledge and loves to give insightful advises. He’s picky, stubborn but adorable. His wife, Choi Geum Shil (Seo Woo Rim) is a very patient woman but her husband’s non-stop nagging drives her crazy.

Their eldest son’s family live with them. Ahn Hee Jae (Yoo Dong Geun) & his wife, Lee Ji Ae (Kim Hae Sook) and their two youngest children, Ahn Sung Gi (Ha Suk Jin) & Ahn Jun Gi (Baek Jong Min). Their eldest daughter Ahn Soo Young (Eom Ji Won) is a very successful judge and she lives alone in Seoul. Soo Young hides a very big secret from her family. She’s currently expecting her first child, and she’s not married. Ahn’s family’s world will be turned upside-down after they realize their perfect daughter / granddaughter / niece; will become a single mother, which is a taboo for today’s society. She promises she’ll raise her daughter alone, and refuses any help from her family. Will she be able to do this alone?

Their second son doesn’t want to get married, he’s not interested in marrying any woman, he only loves playing with them. His boss, Lee Yung Hyun (Oh Yoon Ah) knows about his playboy nature, so one day she playfully asks him to be her fiance.

Their youngest son is a barista, and he’s crazily in love with his co-worker, Oh Soo Mi (Son Na Eum). She’s only 18 years old, while he’s 25yo. He initially sympthasizes with her current situation as she doesn’t have anywhere to live, her uncle beats her if she lives at his place. So he wants to provide a warm place for her. The maknae makes his parents’ crazy because he wants to marry her! Her mom wants him to marry a girl from a proper family, not a homeless minor who has no parents.

Childless_Comfort_Family_Drama_bc10 Childless_Comfort_Family_Drama_Poster_bc5 
Grandpa Ahn’s second son live not far from his place. Ahn Hee Myung (Song Seung Hwan) and his stingy wife Ji Yu Jung (Im Ye Jin). Their only son Ahn Dae Gi (Jung Joon) recently married his sweetheart Kang Hyo Joo (Kim Min Kyung). Hee Myung & Yu Jung is honestly my least favorite couple in this drama because both of them are incredibly selfish & immature. They fought only because of ice cream! Hyo Joo is having a really hard time building her relationship with her mother-in-law who hates her because she takes away her only son. Dae Gi is torn between his mother and his wife.



Grandpa Ahn’s youngest son also live not far away from his parents and his brothers. Ahn Hee Gyu (Yoon Da Hoon) and his wife Shin So Rim (Kyun Mi Ri) tried to have children for years, they’ve undergone many IVFs treatment, suffered multiple miscarriages until they realized that they’re not meant to be parents. This couple is really cute and very romantic; although they’ve been married for over 25 years, but they love to shower their partner affectionately. So Rim’s mother lives with them, and she really spoils her only daughter.

Childless_Comfort_Family_Drama_bc11 Childless_Comfort_Family_Drama_bc12
Childless Comfort raises a “taboo” subject about people’s prejudice against single mothers. Writer Kim Soo Hyun explores Soo Young’s heartache as her community and her own family force her to give up her baby for adoption so she can move on with her life. The childless comfort couple, Ahn Hae Gyee and his wife sometimes believe that they’re the lucky ones because they won’t have to deal with any children-related problems.

This family drama raises many important aspects about marriage, open-communication, trust and relationship. Childless Comfort is a gem family drama that deserves lots of love =)

One-Off Recap (Episode 1 Mini Recap)

Childless_Comfort_Ep1_bc6 Childless_Comfort_Ep1_bc5

Let’s meet grandpa Ahn. A healthy, fit 83 years old, who lives his life to the fullest. When he falls down flat on the ground because he trips over the hose, he stretches out his arms & legs. Then he gets up like nothing happened.

Grandma Choi who thought their front lawn was thirsty left the tap on to water their front lawn. Her husband nags that she’s wasting water & money. He advises that it’s better to water the garden at night because the sun absorbs the water if they do it during the day. That way, they can save energy & money, and it’s environmentally friendly.

Childless_Comfort_Ep1_bc8 Childless_Comfort_Ep1_bc9

The Ahn brothers are trying Hee Myung to tell them what happened during his holiday as he looked upset ever since he came back from this vacation. He and his wife love to fight about every small things, and obviously they fought during this holiday too. Their son, Dae Gi, gave this holiday to their parents, hoping that they will rekindle their dull marriage life.

Although Hee Jae tells him that he doesn’t need to say if he doesn’t want to, but he finally speaks up.

His stingy wife didn’t let him to eat his favorite food, Pork Cutlet & Ice Cream. She said it’s too expensive. So they ate ramen! He worked his whole life and his wife didn’t allow him to eat these inexpensive food. He feels like life is too harsh. Both Ha Jae and Hee Myung are retired, but unlike Hee Jae who’s financially stable, Hee Myung is still struggling with his finances. He’s distressed that his wife is stingy although it’s his own money. But Hee Jae advises him that it’s much better than she’s spending his money for unnecessary stuffs. Of course it’s a relief that she’s not a shopaholic. It’s laughable & immature that a 58yo man got upset over ice cream & pork cutlet.


Their wives are shopping in the town. Oh only the eldest & youngest are shopping, Yu Jung (the stingy wife) didn’t want to spend any penny because she already has lots of clothes. The youngest, So Rim, is the wealthiest among the Ahn Family, she loves expensive clothes. But Yu Jung tells her that she can buy 10 (unbranded) clothes for the same price. Quality -v- quantity, who’ll win here?

So Rim teases her that it’s weird and she might feel a bit disappointed that she’ll go home empty-handed. So the maknae treats her an ice-cream.

Yu Jung finally speaks up about that vacation from hell. She complains that her husband of 30 years treated her like a stranger and was super friendly with the tour guide. The wise Ji Ae knows that he wouldn’t act like that without any reason, so she asks if Yu Jung did something to him. The culprit behind this argument: she didn’t let him buy ice cream / pork cutlet. And she doesn’t understand why he got too upset only because of this silly reason. She’s very conservative about money, she knows they don’t have much, so she’s trying to save, save, and save. And she doesn’t want to depend on her son. She calculates how many years they can live with the money they have now. Ji Ae advises her that she can’t live holding on to every cent every day and just go along with life. But of course Ji Ae doesn’t need to worry as grandpa Ahn gives her income and she’ll inherit the house as reward for taking care her parents-in-law.

Then, Ji Ae’s eldest daughter, Soo Young, calls her mum letting her know she won’t make it to Dae Gi’s welcome dinner tonight. She has missed so many family events in the past few months, citing her work for her reasons.


But they don’t realize that Soo Young is currently at the same shopping town. Her auntie So Rim is surprised & happy to see her here, but she’s shocked when she looks at Seo Young’s big belly. Her niece is about 8 months pregnant.

Soo Young asks a big favor and asks her to keep it a secret. So Rim knows this is going to be a bomb that will blow off sooner or later. She understands that nowadays people do this kind of thing, but she didn’t expect her perfect niece did this. Soo Young announces there’s no father and refuses to answer any other question. She has left her job as a judge and asks So Rim to pretend nothing happens and that she never saw her. She wants to keep this secret until she gives birth next month.

Panicked, So Rim can’t do this, she meets Ahn family every day (the family come to their parents’ house every day and record their attendance in the book). She pleads Soo Young to tell her the baby’s father. Her husband & her will meet him and talk to him. She coldly tells aunt he’s died. Is your life a drama, Soo Young? The man knocked her up and then he died? Why is this happening? And how can she keep the secret for one whole month?


It’s incredibly hard for Soo Rim to keep quit, she keeps throwing clues to her sister-in-law on their way home; that she met someone who looked like Soo Young earlier. She also asks why 36yo Soo Young still hasn’t settled down. Ji Ae never mentions “marriage” to her eldest daughter because she has warned her mom that if they nag her about marriage, she’ll be single forever. Marriage is not a self sacrifice, right?

At home, Ji Ae and Hee Jae are discussing about Yu Jung & Hee Myung’s issue from their point of views & from what they heard. Of course Ji Ae defends her sister-in-law and Hee Jae defends his brother. The story didn’t match up, as Hee Myung forgot to mention about him hurting his wife’s pride by being super friendly with tour guide in front of 30 other couples. It’s not big deal that he couldn’t eat his favorite food, because everyone knows how stingy his wife is. Unfortunately, Hee Jae can’t share the money he received from his father.

Hee Jae’s lightbulb moment: even though he can’t give money, but he can give ice cream to his brother, right? So he asks his son, Sung Gi to buy the best ice cream for his uncle.

At Soo Rim’s house, she complains that her mom cooks bone soup every day. She whines back that her daughter never pays her although she cooks, cleans the house and does everything for her & her husband. Her daughter treats her like a maid. But of course, it was mom who moved in to her daughter’s home.

Childless_Comfort_Ep1_bc12 Childless_Comfort_Ep1_bc11

Her husband Hee Gyu comes home, ignores his mom-in-law and runs straight to the arms of his loving wife. They’ve been married for 25 years but still act like newlyweds. So cute & adorable.

She couldn’t keep the secret from her husband, so yes, she spilled the bean. Uncle Hee Gyu is furious and wants to find this man who impregnated his niece. And stunned when he finds out that this man died. But So Rim knew that this man is alive, he dumped her and Soo Young wanted to erase this man from her memory. Soo Young is a very smart woman, how could she date a married man? (okay this couple love to make their own conclusion). So the truth is, Soo Young is a foolish woman.

Hee Gyu holds his wife’s hands as he tells her that it’s good that they don’t have kids.

Hee Gyu wants to tell his brothers, but his wife convinces him to keep this secret until Soo Young gives birth. If they tell the family, it will jeopardize Soo Young’s plans and nothing good will come out from it.

Grandparents Ahn are enjoying their healthy dinner with Hee Jae and Ji Ae. Grandpa Ahn starts talking about the end of the world due to shortage of food. People just use water freely now, unaware of the consequences. He nags his wife for wasting so much water as if she thinks water is limitless.


Hee Myung finally takes the first step and apologizes to his wife. He’s upset with his wife’s treatment and he wanted freedom after working so hard in the last 33years.

Sung Gi comes and brings the best ice cream for Hee Myung.

Yu Jung is furious that her husband told everything to his brother. She knows that his family will think that she’s at fault here. His blabbering mouth always bring them lots of troubles.

Ji Ae is angry that her husband adds more oil into the burning fire. How can he send Hee Myung an ice cream? It’s the culprit behind their argument. This couple was trying to communicate and resolve their issue, but this ice cream ruined everything. They’re back on square one now.

Ahn’s youngest grandchildren, Jun Gi, is learning hard to be the best barista.


Meanwhile, grandma Choi who’s fed up with her husband’s nagging, is shoving the lawn in the middle of the night! She believes her husband doesn’t deserve to have a lawn. They spent $5000 for this lawn and she ruins it in one night. She tells her sons & daughter-in-law that if she dies, it’s because of her husband’s unending nagging. But her husband tells her that she’s lived a long life already.

Childless_Comfort_Ep1_bc16 Childless_Comfort_Ep1_bc17

Dae Gi, Hee Myung & Yu Jung’s son, who is on his honeymoon calls his parents to ask about their Japan vacation and their day. Dad & Mom take turn complaining about their vacation to their only son. But Dae Gi is not enjoying his honeymoon too. He broke his wife’s heart and fought because he wants them to live with his parents. His wife Hyo Joo is upset that he never mentioned this very important fact prior to their marriage and Dae Gi feels like she’s selfish & couldn’t make any sacrifice. Hyo Joo knows that her mother-in-law hates her, and she doesn’t want to live with them. If her husband insists, let’s break up.

Childless_Comfort_Ep1_bc18 Childless_Comfort_Ep1_bc19

Meanwhile, Hee Myung & Yu Jung are arguing about their sleeping arrangement. Ju Yung tells him to sleep in the office, because their couch will get ruined if he sleeps there. And Hee Myung who purchased every single furniture with his hard-earned money is agitated with his wife’s treatment. When he was working and brought home money, his wife never complained and nagged. But now, she can’t stand him. Is money the culprit behind their marriage breakdown?

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