Song Yoon Ah, Lee Yoo Ri, Jang Hyuk and Shin Ha Kyun are contenders for 2014 MBC Drama Awards Daesang

MBC passed on the baton for deciding the coveted grand prize (Daesang) winner to the viewers this year. Out of the other two channels, 2014 is definitely MBC’s year. Their weekend dramas (Jang Bo Ri is Here, Mama, Legendary Witch) and many their mini-series topped the ratings game. Expect MBC to generously award actors, actresses and staffs who gave their best this year. If we look at last night’s entertainment award, MBC’s love towards their artists is amazing, though I still don’t get the point of “Highest Rating Award”.

Back to MBC Drama Awards, Grand Prize nominees will be announced at the beginning of the ceremony tonight. After the daesang nominees are announced, the viewers will be able to cast their votes through text messages. Although the nominees haven’t been released yet, but Song Yoon Ah (Mama), Lee Yoo Ri (Jang Bo Ri is Here), Shin Ha Kyun (Mr Back) and Jang Hyuk (Fated to Love You) are the strong contenders.

Lee Yoo Ri’s portrayal of antagonist Yeon Min Jung make the viewers despise and hate her character (scary & intimidating). I watched few episodes of Jang Bo Ri is Here and the most memorable character for me is Min Jung.

After four years acting hiatus, Song Yoon Ah made her comeback in MBC weekend drama, Mama. A touching drama about a single mother’s sacrificial love, friendship and unexpected beautiful love. Song Yoon Ah’s performance as Han Seung Hee is amazingly solid that make you cry, laugh with her. So did Moon Jeong Hee and Yoon Chan Young who played as her son, Han Geu Roo.


Jang Hyuk reunited with Jang Na Ra in romantic comedy Fated to Love You (adapted from Taiwanese drama of the same title). His comedic timing is spot on, so does his emotional acting. His ability to portray various raw emotions captivated the viewers, still can’t forget Gun’s signature laughter or his cries when he tried to forget about the “snail”.

Mr Back aired it’s last episode last week. Shin Ha Kyun’s acting as 70s CEO Choi Go Bong and 30s Choi Shin Kyung is fantastic. Rom-com is not an easy genre. Actors tend to overact, which he did in the beginning, but he settled in well. His “eyes acting” is amazing, viewers can feel the sorrow, the happiness from his eyes.

Who do you think deserve to win Daesang award? The choice is now in Korean viewers’ hands who’ll be able to vote tonight.

Voting for Best Couple Award & Netizens’ Choice Award (Popular Actor, Actress) closed on 24 December 2014. Those awards will be decided by 100% viewers vote and the winners will be announced tonight.

This year’s MBC Drama Awards will be held tonight starting from 8:55PM KST and will be hosted by Shin Dong Yup and Choi Soo Young.

Pic credit: OSEN

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