Counting down to “Pinocchio”

A brand new drama is on the horizon. As a huge fan of IHYV PD & writer combo, I have a high expection for “Pinocchio“. Though some of us are still in shock with Lee Jong Suk‘s scruffy hair (!), but hopefully we’ll warm up to his hairstyle soon because there’s a reason behind this scruffy hair.

Hero Choi Dal Po (Lee Jong Suk) is described as a handsome man who hides his physical attractiveness with his scruffy hair & his clothes. After he was saved by the heroine’s grandfather (Choi Gong Pil [Byun Hee Bong]) from drowning, 14 years old Kim Ha Young got adopted into the family. He erased his past from his memory and lives with his new identity “Choi Dal Po”. Although he’s very smart & has photographic memory, but he chooses to be a taxi driver to give the opportunity to the heroine (Choi In Ha [Park Shin Hye]) who dreams to be a news reporter to find her mother.


In Ha suffers from Pinocchio syndrome ~ she has hiccups everytime she lies. So she’s trying her hardest to tell the truth whenever she can. After she finally becomes a news reporter, she’s determined to report the truth although it may put her in a very tricky position.

Yoon Yoo Rae (Lee Yoo Bi) was idol sasaeng fan who becomes a reporter. Her experience and knowledge gives her advantages to write detailed and most updated articles. She definitely keeps in touch with “insiders” who’re able to give her juicy gossip and latest news. Yoo Rae is described as a curious yet warm-hearted person.

Seo Bum Jo (Kim Young Kwang) is a handsome chaebol who doesn’t care about his fashion reporter job. Because well… he has money, he’s handsome, people love his fashion style. Basically, he has everything he wants in life. Everything changes after he read the messages In Ha sent to her mom’s phone which Bum Jo kept. His curiosity leads him to In Ha’s world.


So far I like what I’ve seen. Four main characters have in-depth characterizations that can be develop into rich relatable characters which help us to understand the heavy burden that reporters carry everyday as they work hard to seek the truth and report the most accurate news. I expect to see their struggles as their big boss ask them to hide some truth and twist some stories around. What will In Ha do?

Pinocchio premieres 12 November 2014 on SBS.

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