Cunning Single Lady First Teaser


Cute… Adorable… Geeky… Quirky Teaser… Love it!

The teaser introduces our heroine Na Ae Ra (Lee Min Jung), who’s juggling 5 (?) different jobs to make a living.

CSL_LeeMinJung_bc2 CSL_JooSangWook_bc2

One fateful day, she meets her “white knight” Cha Jung Woo (Joo Sang Wook) – her wink… Too cute ^-^

They decide to get married. Aww…

But their marriage life is unlike what she had expected, they struggle to make ends meet which lead them to get a divorce.

Years later, Cha Jung Woo has become a successful IT developer and one day they meet again in the police station. Aww… Cha Jung Woo, please rescue her. Or don’t! ๐Ÿ˜€ If you do, she will think that you still love her and she’ll take this for granted. ^0^


I can’t wait to see Na Ae Ra’s crazy antics (plus her sly move) in her attempt to win Cha Jung Woo’s heart back, her sly move – after she finds out that her ex-husband is now a wealthy man.

There’s still no fixed date for this drama’s premiere date although many have reported it’ll start next Thursday, 27 February 2014. I’d rather them start on Wednesday, but MBC probably want to get a head start to avoid direct competition with Three Days which will premiere the following Wednesday, 5 March 2014.

Teaser is available onย DCSangWook. A slightly different version of the first teaser can also be found on DCSangWook. I will update this post with the video teasers as soon as they’re uploaded on MBCDrama YT.


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