Cunning Single Lady released cute and inciting posters

MBC revealed two very different set of posters for their upcoming rom-com drama Cunning Single Lady. A drama about a divorcee Na Ae Ra (Lee Min Jung) who’s doing everything she can to win her ex-husband Cha Jong Woo (Joo Sang Wook) heart back after she finds out that he’s now a conglomerate.

At the moment, Korean dramaland desperately needs a fun rom-com. From the plot itself, this drama has fit the bill to become an entertaining rom-com. And I love a strong heroine! Can’t wait to see all the cute & funny antics Na Ae Ra will do to get her ex-husband’s back to her life.

The first poster is an inciting and kinda provocative. Lee Min Jung is wearing a sexy black dress as she tightly holds on to Joo Sang Wook’s tie. The look of determination on her face plus her provocative appearance & pose symbolizes Na Ae Ra’s strong temptation to her ex-husband. She climbs the table to get closer to him showing her fighting spirit. She won’t give up until she wins this battle! ^^ Laid-back Joo Sang Wook looks at a different direction symbolizing his mysterious character.


The second poster is cute, bright and colorful; probably symbolizes Na Ae Ra’s bright & cute personality.



Cunning Single Lady premieres at the end of this month, it follows Miss Korea.

Pic cr: Newsen 1 | 2

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