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A year ago, writer Kim Eun Sook set her eyes on Song Joong Ki to be the hero for her next project Descendants of the Sun although he was still serving in the military. He’s indeed an excellent choice! So many viewers are falling in love all over again with his acting & charm. Together with Song Hye Kyo, they have sizzling chemistry which set our inner fangirl on fire. Kim Ji Won & Jin Goo also drive us crazy 😁

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This drama’s cinematography is pleasing to our eyes and the dialogues are witty (though at times a bit cheesy, but it’s okay – we love cheesy lines! :D). Thank you writer Kim Eun Sook & Kim Won Suk! 

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“Doctors don’t have boyfriends because they’re too busy.” -Captain Yoo Si Jin-
“Soldiers don’t have girlfriends because it’s too hard (too much work).” -Doctor Kang Mo Yeon-

“Don’t worry. Protecting beauties, elders, and children is my rule.” -Captain Yoo-

“This is the most exciting moment of my life – I’m with a beautiful lady and the lights are about to go off” -Captain Yoo-

“What I want to hear is explanation not apology!” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“I fight for life but your fight to protect others through death” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“I believe I fight for the peace & freedom for the land we live” -Captain Yoo-

“Go easy, avoid hard work and all will be well” -Captain Yoo’s motto-

“No one can have the whole world!” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“A woman should be backlit. The flame will make me look pretty” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“Don’t move! I calculated the angle of your gaze before placing it” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“Guns aren’t like dogs, they don’t recognize their owners. If I shoot, you’ll get hurt” -Captain Yoo-

“He decided to stay (in the army) because he’s a real soldier, that’s why I love him and can’t let him go” -Lieutenant Yoon Myeong Joo-

“Don’t give up just because you don’t know what to do” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“If you ruin the wedding (of your ex-gf) your way, the woman will be glad she got rid of you. But if you take me (to the wedding), she’ll regret all night long” -Yoon Myeong Joo-

“Have you ever been bewitched?” -Kang Mo Yeon-
“I have and I think you know” -Captain Yoo-

“The doctor will save her patient and I will protect what I have to (protect)” -Captain Yoo-

“You should never believe anything without checking it yourself with your own eyes” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“Today, every call my superior office made was right, justify & honorable” -Sergeant Major Seo Dae Young-

“I ran away because it was an order, it wasn’t my own will” -Seo Dae Young-

“Don’t you think you worry about too many men? Don’t be such a flirt! As of this moment, you can only worry about me.” -Captain Yoo-

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“Take ownership of your actions!” -Yoon Myeong Joo-

“You can’t be happy if you have regrets” -Seo Dae Young-

“You might not win but you can get even by… turning the rumor into a fact” ㅋㅋㅋ -Seo Dae Young-

“I was thankful you trusted me” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“War is easy while peace is always an issue. Perhaps that’s why dictators always live long” -Captain Yoo-

“A life chasing after money is better than being chased by money” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“Soldiers always live with a shroud on. When they die in a nameless land for the sake of their country, the place of their death become their grave and their uniform become their shroud. This should be every soldiers’ mindset everytime they put down their uniform. Therefore, be honorable at every moment – there’s no reason to fall short” 

“No matter how big or small, all my decisions include my comrades’ honor, glory and their call to duty” -Captain Yoo-

“I should avoid planning on watching a good movie when I’m on a date (with a guy) because I kept seeing articles about that movie and those article reminded me of you because that movie equals to Yoo Si Jin” -Kang Mo Yeon-

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