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“If I had known I would die like this, I should honestly confessed my feeling – I was kissed by an awesome man and my heart was fluttering the whole time” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“Music changes a lot of things” -Daniel-

“It’s an honor to be in your will” -Captain Yoo-

“Stop dumping me. Do you know how many times have you dumped me?” -Captain Yoo-

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“Doctor isn’t a tv channel, you can’t switch it whenever you want” -Song Sang Hyun-

“I’m not worried about his job, I’m afraid to be apart from him so there’s nothing to worry because we’re together now” -Yoon Myeong Joo-

“Don’t feel embarrassed just because I found out you like me – it doesn’t change (the fact) I like you more” – Captain Yoo-

“I want our relationship to be a melodrama but it turns into a blockbusters” -Captain Yoo-

“In the morning, you’re very pretty but in the afternoon, you’re awfully pretty” -Captain Yoo-

“Getting help from others making me feels like I’m running away. I’ll try to cope on my own for now and I’ll ask help if it doesn’t work out” -Chi Hoon-

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“My target is too pretty – this is a shot of love” -Captain Yoo-

“I will hold on to this hand, I won’t let it go” -Seo Dae Young-

“I’m shutting your mouth in a sexy way” -Captain Yoo-

“I, Seo Dae Young have been commanded to date Yoon Myeong Joo. I report to you. Salute!” -Seo Dae Young-

“I love you the way you are, it doesn’t matter to me whether you’re in your uniform or not. Don’t take off your uniform without my consent!” -Yoon Myeong Joo-

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“Win your battle so I don’t have to worry” -Captain Yoo-

“Captain Yoo: what’s your blood type?
Kang Mo Yeon: Your ideal type. 😀 A beauty? 😀 A doll? 😀 The type that would get me locked up in your heart? :D”

“If the nation is indifferent to a single person’s death, that seems more problematic. I’m not sure which nation you serve but I WILL serve my nation” -Captain Yoo-

“Let me use your last card. I need a chopper and… have a date again” – Captain Yoo-

“I got scared thinking I was alone but then I welcomed you with my arms open!” -Captain Yoo-

“I understand that the lies you tell are not lies I can challenge, fight about lying or whine about breaking up because behind the lies you tell, someone’s life depends on them, politics & diplomacy get involved and the country takes actions about it. Your jokes were made to hide those unspeakable things” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“Every word from you is important to me” -Captain Yoo-

“I know, I believe you but… I can’t say those things to a person who blocks a bullet with his body” -Kang Mo Yeon-

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“I will try my best to deal with the way you are so you should also try your best to deal with my chattiness. Please promise one thing in return: give me the right to be insecure. When you’re going to do something that’ll make me worry – please let me know” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“What kind of man has the homeland as a mother-in-law and the nation as a sister-in-law?” 😀 -Kang Mo Yeon

“As of now, I like Yoo Si Jin the most out of all the men that exist in this world. I wrecked three cars with him, almost drowned, overcame infectious disease together and got a bullet wound from his gunshot. Despite all that, Yoo Si Jin is the guy I like the most because he’s never cowardly, is honorable in every moment (I see) and is handsome everytime I see him.” -Kang Mo Yeon-


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