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“A married man’s face in broad day light isn’t important, everything will be good once the light is out” ㅋㅋㅋ -Choi Woo Geun-

“You kept breaking up with me because you loved me” -Yoon Myeong Joo-

“Sergeant First Class Seo returned at 20:00. Currently at 21:00 he’s good-looking. At 22:00 he plans to still be good-looking & he’s planning going to sleep while being good-looking. End of report” ㅋㅋㅋ -Kim Beom Rae-

“My first choice is Yoon Myeong Joo. If there’s a price to pay for my choice, then I will gladly pay for it” -Seo Dae Young-

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“All the times I ran away equal to hundreds of my words. Those ruthless times I couldn’t answer your phone calls equal to thousands of discussions (for me).” -Seo Dae Young-

“It’s not an understanding I need to receive, but an acceptance. I hoped Commander would choose me because of who I am not because his daughter wanted (me)” -Seo Dae Young-

“If you are going to be miserable with me, just be happy… on your own” -Yoon Myeong Joo-

“Whether it’s the North or the South or whichever side you’re on, the only one who can save you is a doctor” -Captain Yoo-

“You shouldn’t live your one and only life recklessly- Kang Mo Yeon-

“Quickly go & hold on to her, she’s a woman you risked your life for. Don’t make her wait too long” -Big Boss to Seo Dae Young-

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“Why are we always being thankful (to each other) for saving each other’s life? Other couples are thankful for giving each other rides home, celebrating anniversaries; something like those.” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“If you really are sorry to me, don’t ever show up covered in blood” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“We didn’t know who fell asleep first. It was a long & tiring day, and I was in his arms. Lying there, I sparked all night long like a woman being loved. I wonder if the movie we didn’t get to see had a happy or a sad ending.” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“While thinking about him (Seo Dae Young), please think of the father who always think about his daughter” -Lieutenant General Yoon-

“Let’s be on the same side even when we (do) fight” -Captain Yoo-

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“We did it (saying I love you) with our bodies instead of with words. We held hands, even kissed without saying (I love you) to one another” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“Life is more important than profits – I’ve realized there is no profit worth more than life” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“Dating is when things that ‘I can do myself’ are done by the other person” -Captain Yoo-

“My answer is very… late. I won’t break up with you. Even if I die, I will never break up with you” -Seo Dae Young-

“A soldier who cannot protect himself cannot protect his nation nor the beauties.” -Kim Ki Bum-

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“It snowed for the first time in 100 years and you returned alive. I used up all my luck in my lifetime so all I have left is… you” -Yoon Myeong Joo-

“If the story’s hero might die, there is not one soldier who would be interested in it” -Captain Yoo-

“To avoid high cholesterol, it’d be good to have a boyfriend who I could exercise with but I don’t have one… because I’m too busy” ㅋㅋㅋ -Kang Mo Yeon-

“‘You’re seriously being too harsh – it’s not like I committed a deadly crime’ is something a foolish man would say to worsen the situation but I’m going to bet my hopes on my best efforts & your glances” ㅋㅋㅋ -Captain Yoo-

“The man that I’m drawn to lives as a soldier of the only divided nation in the entire world. He still believes that the old, the beautiful and the children should be protected. He’s an honorable Major of the Special Task Force.” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“For 157 days I’ve pondered how I should kill you – that means the entire time I was on dispatch I only thought of you. And then… I missed you so much I could die. But I came back alive, isn’t that admirable?” -Yoon Myeong Joo-

“From my teens through thirties, you’re the only one in my life” -Song Sang Hyun-

“I know my own feeling – there’s no doubt that is love” -Song Sang Hyun-

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“When your fighting power is weak, a preemptive strike is the answer” -Yoon Myeong Joo-

“I think the country shouldn’t lose a soldier like me. I will take off my uniform honorably when the time comes and will find another way to be acknowledged by you” -Seo Dae Young-

“The country has already acknowledged Sergeant First Class Seo Dae Young and as the Commander, it’s an honor to have Sergeant First Class Seo Dae Young as my son-in-law” -Lieutenant General Yoon-

“My plan was always to run away. You…who is braver than anyone else loved me, who is more foolish than anyone else. For that, I am grateful and sorry. If you’re reading this will, this stupid me is hurting you to the very end. Don’t forgive me. And as much as I thought of you, I hope you’ll be happy. I love you dearly Yoon Myeong Joo – whether I live or die, it’ll never change.” -Seo Dae Young-

“I wrote it over a hundred times because over a hundred time, I wanted to go to you” -Seo Dae Young-

“Hippocrates said… a bunch of things, this and that. Some words stuck in my mind and some remained in my heart. Even though I may face danger, I won’t retreat from any disaster. Even when faving threats, I shall protect the peace of the country. Today, countless Yoo Si Jins & countless Kang Mo Yeons solemnly vow to do that. I hope those solemn vows to be kept throughout the whole earth, beneath the sun.” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“My life became bright all of a sudden” -Captain Yoo-

“You must come to meet me in the next life as well” -Kang Mo Yeon-

“Please let this man kiss me… will it come true?” -Kang Mo Yeon-

Yoo Si Jin: “I love you. It’s a question” 😀
Kang Mo Yeon: “I love you”. That’s my answer”

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“Don’t you like this kind of ending? We overcame all life’s misfortunes with love & lived happily ever after for a long, long time” -Chi Hoon-

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