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[Drama 2013] Empress Ki 기황후 [MBC 52nd Anniversary Drama] – Updated with 2nd Teaser


Title: Empress Ki 기황후
Previously Known As: Hwatu 화투
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 51
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: 28 October 2013 – 29 April 2014
Air Time: Monday & Tuesday, 22.00KST
Director: Han Hee (Dr Jin, Over the Rainbow)
Writer: Jang Young Cheol (Incarnation of Money, History of Salaryman, Giant), Jung Kyung Soon (Incarnation of Money, History of Salaryman, Giant)
Official Website: empress


The beautiful talented Lady Ki who came from Goryeo, captured the Emperor’s heart with her singing, dancing & poetry talent. This drama will portray Empress Ki’s tribulation & influence in the Yuan Dynasty as well as her ardent effort to shape the future of politics in her own country. It will also depicts Empress Ki’s beautiful yet sad love story.



Ha Ji Won as Empress Ki (Ki Seung Nyang)



Joon Ji Moo as King Wang Yoo



Ji Chang Wook as Emperor Huizhong of Yuan



Baek Jin Hee as Tanasili

– Kim Seo Hyung as  Empress Bayan Khutugh

– Jung Woong In as Yeom Byung Soo

– Jin Lee Han as Tal Tal

– Yoon Ah Jung as Princess Kyung Hwa

– Lee Won Jong

– Kim Young Cheol

– Kwon Oh Joong

– Jin Yi Han

– Choi Mu Seong

Relationship Chart


Script Reading Pictures



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  1. Irilight says:

    Loved Ha Ji-won in Hwang Jin Yi… Looking forward to seeing her in a new historical drama.

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