[Drama 2013] Golden Rainbow 황금 무지개


Title: Golden Rainbow 황금 무지개
Genre: Family, Drama
Episodes: TBA
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: 2 November 2013 – TBA
Air Time: Saturday & Sunday 10.00PM KST
Director: Kang Dae Sun (I Do I Do, My Princess)
Writer: Son Young Mok (May Queen, The President)
Official Website: goldrainbow


Brief Synopsis

A family of 7 orphaned siblings (not blood-related) who truly love each other like real siblings as they grow up in the same family with loving father Kim Han Joo. Their bond is stronger than blood bond relationship, but everything will change when Baek Won found out about her real family [Kim Han Joo kidnapped baby Baek Won who is his first love’s daughter from Baek Won’s grandmother – but they were unable to return Baek Won back to her birth mother) and Baek Won will have to fight against her own grandmother. This drama is revolved around the marine (seafood) industry.

Teaser (TBA)


Uee as Kim Baek Won [100 won]

– Kim Yoo Jung & Lee Chae Mi as young Baek Won


Jung Il Woo as Do Young

– Oh Jae Moo as young Do Young



Lee Jae Yoon as Kim Man Won [10000 won]

– Seo Young Joo as young Kim Man Won



Cha Ye Ryun as Kim Cheon Won [1000 won]

– Song Yoo Jung as young Kim Cheon Won



Kim Sang Joong as Kim Han Joo


Relationship Chart


Cr: Nate & MBC 
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