[Drama 2013] The Firstborn 맏이


Title: The Firstborn 맏이
Genre: Family
Episodes: 50
Broadcast Network: jTBC
Broadcast Period: 14 September 2013 – TBA
Air Time: Saturday & Sunday, 20.45KST
Director: Lee Kwan Hee (My Girl)
Writer: Kim Jung Soo (If Tomorrow Comes, Dandelion Family)
Official Website: firstborn

Brief Synopsis

Set in the 1960s & 1970s – the firstborn’s personal struggles & triumph raising her four siblings after their parents passed away. She’s going through many difficult journey to take care her young siblings and raise them to become successful people.





– Yun Jung Hee as Kim Young Sun | Yoo Hae Jeong as young Young Sun

Drama_firstborn_bc2-1 Drama_firstborn_bc2-2

Jae Hee as Park Soon Taek | Chae Sang Woo as young Soon Taek

Drama_firstborn_bc3-1 Drama_firstborn_bc3-2

Oh Yoon Ah as Lee Ji Sook | No Jung Ui as young Ji Sook

Drama_firstborn_bc4-1 Drama_firstborn_bc4-2

Jo Yi Jin as Kim Young Ran


– Kang Ui Sik as Kim Young Doo



– ?  as Kim Young Jae

Park Soon Tae’s Family: Lee Dal Hyung as Park Jae O and Yun Yu Seon as Yun Im Sun

Drama_firstborn_bc7 Drama_firstborn_bc8


Lee Ji Sook’s Family: Kim Byeong Se as Lee Sang Nam,  Jang Mi Hee as Lee Sil & Jin Hee Kyung as Aunt [Kim Eun Soon]

Drama_firstborn_bc9 Drama_firstborn_bc10 Drama_firstborn_bc11

Oh Jae Moo as young Lee In Ho



Lee Jong Won as Kong Chang Rae


Relationship Chart


 cr: jTBC & Daum

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