[Drama 2014] Dr Frost


Title: Dr Frost (닥터 프로스트)
Genre: Mystery
Episodes: 10
Broadcast Network: OCN
Broadcast Period: 23 November 2014 – TBA
Air Time: Sundays 23:00KST
Director: Sung Yong Il (Hero)
Writer: Heo Ji Young
Based on Dr Frost webtoon by Lee Jong Bum

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Very Brief Description

Dr Frost is an excellent crime solver, psychology professor, counselor at the university by the day & bartender at night. He’s working with Yoon Sung Ah in the counseling center. Professor Song Sun is a cold psychology professor, working at the same university. Detective Nam Tae Bong works together with Dr Frost to solve crimes. Because of the injury Dr Frost had when he was a child, he can’t feel some people’s emotions. Cheon Sang Won helps him as his loyal supporter & mentor.


 photo 57e1d5b6-b910-4171-bba5-457bcfd69d1a_zps70e22e38.jpg
– Song Chang Ui as Professor Baek Nam Bong (Dr Frost)

 photo b956a493-c78a-46d2-be4e-312ff9655c4f_zps955ea1be.jpg
Jung Eun Chae as Yoon Sung Ah

 photo 2abc7526-4771-48a3-8ebb-7b22937a2b8e_zpsacac5d80.jpg
Lee Yoon Ji as Professor Song Sun

 photo 9526ad0a-ccd5-463e-888b-95af95baf623_zpsf7e8b3fa.jpg
Sung Ji Roo as Detective Nam Tae Bong

 photo 1916b4e7-0cd5-49d7-a264-b75b4f0bb716_zps10dc5391.jpg
Choi Jung Woo as Cheon Sang Won


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