[Drama 2014] Gapdong 갑동이


Title: Gapdong 갑동이
Also Known as: Gapdong-yi
Genre: Crime Thriller
Episodes: TBA
Broadcast Network: tvN
Broadcast Period: 11 April 2014 – TBA
Air Time: Fridays & Saturdays 20.40PM KST
Director: Jo Soo Won (I Hear Your Voice, Alice in Cheongdamdong)
Writer:  Kwom Eum Mi (Royal Family, General Hospital 2)
Official Website: http://giftmap.interest.me/View/1838

Gapdong Quotes & Narration


Based on true life story of Hwaseong serial murder cases, this crime thriller drama will follow the journey of homicide detectives, a genius barista & Webtoon writer to catch the real killer (nickname: Gapdong-yi) as he returns to make another serial killing 20 years after this murder case was closed after it reached its statue of limitation (although more than 2 million police officers dealt with this case annually but the real killer has never been captured. They believe he’s likely a psychopath).

Detective Ha Mu Yeom (Yoon Sang Hyun) is in charge of this investigation alongside Chief Detective Yang Chul Gon (Sung Dong Il). Detective Ha Mu Yeom has a painful history with Gapdong-yi, his father was the suspected Gapdong-yi and he committed suicide. Hence once Mu Yeom finds out that this serial killer returns to the crime scene, he is using all possible avenues to find & capture him. Chief Dectective Yang Chul Gon was the detective when Gapdongyi committed his serial murder cases 20 years ago, so he’s also has a lot of grudges with this mysterious killer. Will these two detectives able to capture Gapdong-yi although 2 million police officers weren’t unable to do that 20 years ago? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Ryoo Tae Oh (Lee Joon) is a barista with an IQ of >150. With his photographic memory, he’ll be a great assistant to Detective Ha Mu Yeom & Chief Detective Yang Chul Gon. But beware, he also has a psychopath side!


Detective Ha Mu Yeom: “He’s still alive… Gapdong-yi”


Yoon Sang Hyun as (Detective) Ha Mu Yeom
Kim Min Jung as Oh Maria (Psychiatrist)
Lee Joon as Ryoo Tae Oh
Sung Dong Il as (Chief Detective) Yang Chul Gon
Min Seonguk as (Detective) Nam Ki Ri
Kim Ji Won as Min Ji Woon (webtoon writer)
Jo Wang Byeol

cr: Daum
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