[Drama 2014] Glorious Day 기분 좋은날


Title: Glorious Day 기분 좋은날
Also Known As: Feel Good Day
Genre: Family
Episodes: 50 44
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: 26 April 2014 – TBA
Air Time: Saturdays & Sundays 8.45PM KST
Director: Hong Sung Chang (King of Dramas, Smile Mom, You’re Beautiful)
Writer: Moon Hee Jung (I Miss You, Can You Hear My Heart)

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Very Brief Synopsis

A novel writer & single mother Han Song Jung raised her 3 daughters (Jung Da Ae, Jung Da Jung & Jung Da In) on her own. But she’s facing difficulties to marry them off to great men.


Kim Mi Sook as Han Song Jung

Choi Bul Am as Kim Cheol Soo

Park Se Young as Jung Da Jung (Second Daughter)

– Lee Sang Woo as Seo Jae Woo

Son Chang Min as Nam Goong Young 

Hwang Woo Seul Hye as Jung Da Ae (First Daughter)

Go Woo Ri as Jung Da In (Third Daughter)

Kim Hyung Kyu as Seo In Woo

Kwak Si Yang as Jung Hee Joo

Lee Hong Bin as Yoo Ji Hoo

Jeong Man Sik as Kang Hyun Bin


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