[Drama 2014] Pride and Prejudice


Title: Pride and Prejudice (오만과 편견)
Previously Known As: Lawless World
Episodes: 21 (originally 20, extended by 1 episode)
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: 27 October 2014 – 13 January 2015
Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00PM KST
Director: Kim Jin Min (God of War, Time Between Dog and Wolf)
Writer: Lee Hyun Joo (School 2013)

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Very Brief Synopsis

This drama is about the lives and ambitions of people who work in the legal service industry.


 photo MBC_Pride_and_Prejudice_ChoiJinHyuk_bc1_zps0bfc7581.jpg
Choi Jin Hyuk as Koo Dong Chi

 photo MBC_Pride_and_Prejudice_ChoiMinSoo_bc1_zpsf5ad7401.jpg
Choi Min Soo as Moon Hee Man

 photo MBC_Pride_and_Prejudice_BaekJinHee_bc1_zpsfd7ba8d3.jpg
Baek Jin Hee as Han Yeo Mool

 photo MBC_Pride_and_Prejudice_LeeTaeHwan_bc1_zpseac922ed.jpg
Lee Tae Hwan as Kang Soo

 photo MBC_Pride_and_Prejudice_SonChangMin_bc1_zpsec1f5313.jpg
Son Chang Min as Jung Chang Ki

 photo MBC_Pride_and_Prejudice_ChoiWooSik_bc1_zpsc3560fb5.jpg
Choi Woo Sik as Lee Jang Won

 photo MBC_Pride_and_Prejudice_JangHangSeon_bc1_zpsa29c0f0d.jpg
Jang Hang Seon as Yoo Dae Ki

Kim Na Woon as Kim Myung Sook
Baek Soo Ryeon as Baek Geum Ok
Jang Hang Seon as Yoo Dae Ki


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