[Drama 2014] Secret Door (updated with Highlight Video)


Title: Secret Door – Record of a Murder (비밀의 문 – 의궤 살인사건)
Genre: Period, Politic, Mystery, Action
Episodes: 24
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: 22 September – 9 December 2014
Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00PM KST
Director: Kim Hyung Sik (Suspicious Housekeeper, Ghost, I Am Legend)
Writer: Yoon Sun Joo (The Great King Sejong, Hwang Jin Yi, Immortal Admiral Yi Sun Shin)

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Very Brief Synopsis

This drama brings a new light and reinterpretation about what happened between King Yeongjo and his son Crown Prince Sado. How could King Yeongjo kill his own son?


 photo SBS_SecretDoor_HanSukKyu_bc1_zps5f053006.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_LeeJeHoon_bc1_zpsabd12198.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_KimYouJung_bc1_zps74d305e3.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_ParkEunBin_bc1_zps29ce524a.jpg
Han Suk KyuLee Je HoonKim Yoo Jung & Yoon So HeePark Eun Bin
as King Yeongjoas Crown Prince Sado [Lee Sun]as Seo Ji Damas Lady Hyekyeong
 photo SBS_SecretDoor_KimMinJong_bc1_zpsc498b11e.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_KimChangWan_bc1_zps86b4e48b.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_LeeWonJong_bc1_zpsf6bf259d.jpg
Kim Min JongKim Chang WanLee Won Jong
as Na Chul Joo as Kim Taekas Park Moon Soo

People around Crown Prince Sado

 photo SBS_SecretDoor_ChoiWonYoung_bc1_zpsd662ad14.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_KangSeoJoon_bc1_zps26cfe261.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_SuhJoonYoung_bc1_zpsaf835d06.jpg photo 1752d6a0-3397-484e-a856-272a224d1254_zpsef202fbc.jpg
Choi Won Young Kang Seo JoonSuh Joon YoungChoi Jae Hwan
as Chae Je Gongas Min Woo Supas Shin Heung Bokas Heo Jung Woon

Government Officials

 photo SBS_SecretDoor_KimMyungGook_bc1_zpsca44b68d.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_JangHyunSung_bc1_zps76d64c4b.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_KimHaKyoon_bc1_zpsa3bca2ea.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_UhmHyoSup_bc1_zps6937e3eb.jpg
Kim Myung GookJang Hyun SungKim Ha KyoonUhm Hyo Sup
as Hong Bong Hanas Hong Gye Heeas Kim Sang Roas Min Baek Sang
 photo SBS_SecretDoor_JungMoonSung_bc1_zpsc20cd68a.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_JunGookHwan_bc1_zps3168973c.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_KimSeungWook_bc1_zps972c8a11.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_BaekSeungHyun_bc1_zps6d21841d.jpg
Jung Moon SungJun Gook HwanKim Seung WookBaek Seung Hyun
as Byun Jong Inas Lee Jong Sungas Jo Jae Hoas Shin Chi Woon


 photo SBS_SecretDoor_SonByungHo_bc_zpsb53cfa3f.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_KimTaeHoon_bc_zpsc5319349.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_LeeWonJae_bc_zpsb65cddea.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_KimKangHyun_bc_zpsb8fbf2b2.jpg
Son Byung HoKim Tae HoonLee Won JaeKim Kang Hyun
as Kim Sung Ikas Kang Pil Jaeas Kang Seo Wonas Eunuch Jang
 photo SBS_SecretDoor_ParkHyunSook_bc_zps64865194.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_KimMiRan_bc_zpsd7943b2a.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_LeeMiYoung_bc_zpsc516b39b.jpg photo SBS_SecretDoor_ChoiWonHong_bc_zpsf8eea448.jpg
Park Hyun SookKim Mi RanLee Mi YoungChoi Won Hong
as Court Lady Choias Court Lady Kimas Court Lady Minas Uhm Jae Sun



Character Posters

 photo SBS_SecretDoor_HanSukKyubc2_zps19e5556c.jpg  photo SBS_SecretDoor_LeeJeHoon_bc2_zpsb50159b8.jpg

 photo SBS_SecretDoor_KimYouJung_bc3_zps9a4fdf46.jpg  photo SBS_SecretDoor_ParkEunBin_bc2_zps3f56a956.jpg

 photo SBS_SecretDoor_ChoiWonYoung_bc2_zps261576a6.jpg  photo SBS_SecretDoor_KimMinJong_bc2_zps8b54b558.jpg

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